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First Times

By stoneypoint - Jun 21, 2009 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 34082 She calls out from the shower thinking it might be her sister. Her sister is due to come in town, but Ellen has no idea when. Then she hears a low voice, a man’s voice. She grows concerned then anxious and then the chaos of it all hits her. It’s him. First she smiles then she realizes the implications of what to do as emotions and thoughts run through her veins. Initially they course like a Colorado River. No he is not a terrible man. She likes him. She’s crazy, wild about him, and hopes he likes her too. It seems that way, but as her mother always told her, sometimes appearances can be deceiving.
As he calls out, he mentions to her the front door was open and he recalled she once told him to come in if it is if ever he stopped by. But then she wishes they were lovers. She wishes he is there, with her in the shower exactly as she is, and holding her naked form against his. She looks down. She’s nervous, excited, and imagines him naked as he steps in with that smile of his.
She calls out to him with an uneasy tone. It is the result of past fantasies she’s had of him and her. She’s told no one only because he is 37. She is only 22. She feels it grow within. She rinses quickly, her nipples growing and hardening. She feels the tingly sensations from the excitement beginning to fester within. He is there, in her house, down the hall, and in her living room. Handsome and tall with those soft fair brown eyes and she loves his gentle amicable smile. And even better yet is he appears to like her too. They’ve texted and emailed and occasionally left messages on one another’s voice mails. Now that’s put the spark in her. His voice, his words, and the way he’s said certain things to her…
“Loved the text message the last night” it said. Another one said “…I would love to get together too. You know, just hang out, wing it, and see how it all plays out.” And another one telling her “So let’s get together…really soon, okay. I mean it.” There was smile behind the messages. The last one she heard said “Let’s see what’s really going on tonight or tomorrow, sometime this week alright, please?”
She listens to them over and over and over. She smiles at the sound of his voice. He is mannerly and sweet and funny and intelligent too. How could a girl like her not want a guy like him, but then again why isn’t he already married with lots of children?
She rinses off, tells him she’ll be right out. She hurries herself, quicker then usual, and throws on underwear, a matching lace bra, and then one of her nicest tees and recently ironed shorts. She comes out, still anxious, smiling, and with brushed back with wet hair. He stands up, a smile on his face, and right then she feels the double thunder hit her, hit her legs. Her pulse quickens. Her legs are shaky. She wishes at that moment he could come over and take her into his arms, and hold her and hug her and…and kiss her lips.
The excitement and nervousness is there. She wants to tell him. If necessary she will plead with him to be her lover. She is ready to take him and kiss his lips letting him know she is ready to make love to him. He seems flawless and despite he is older, he is so damn hot and sexy to her. So why wouldn’t a girl think what she thinks and feels?
“You look upset or nervous” he says, the smile making his eyes twinkle.
She stutters, but gets it out. She tells him she isn’t. He knows better. He looks at her and despite her dark wet hair she looks pretty as always. Her brown eyes are big. They are a feature which attracted him to her in the first place. Her figure albeit, modest is appropriate for the 22 year old he assesses. Moderately wide hips with approximately 32C size breasts it is her personality which he loves about her. He knows he would love to make love to her, but when was the question.
So she asks herself, why hasn’t he tried to kiss me, make love to me yet? I want him to, ohhh god I would love that. I’m pretty aren’t I? Yes, of course I am. A guy like Pete doesn’t just come by like this unannounced unless he sees something in the woman.
Am I right, she contemplates? He saw her thinking as they held a conversation. He asks her what’s on her mind as the conversation flows freely. She says nothing, but his instincts tell him otherwise. They go on and on and finally in his charming, subtle way he invites her to dinner, maybe dancing too. Never has he considered himself out of touch with today’s music and today especially with her as his friend does he feel that way.
Without a second’s hesitation she says yes and hops up. He smiles and watches her body and listens to her tell him to give her a few minutes to get ready. He tells her she looks great, but she wants to change anyway. He never has disapproved of her appearances. She always dresses and looks good. At least in his opinion she has.
He waits for her. Now is the right time. He’s waited for ten minutes, almost. He can not figure out what is taking her so long. In her room she’s tried on several different combos. No, no, and again no as she throws one blouse or another back into the closet on the floor. Skirts or pants or what, she’s asked herself. She does not know and again, in her panties with another blouse on, she is fumbling with the tiny buttons. Ellen is keyed up as ever. She can’t button the blouse. She’s found the right skirt, a short black piece which does utterly wild things for her body. She swears. Half way down, she finally gets through the fourth button. Two more to go and then finally she can put on her skirt.
He stands up. He starts to head down the hallway. He’s about to call out her name, but doesn’t. He hesitates. The door is half open. Curiosity gets the best of him. He allows his eyes to peek through the opening. Initially with no ulterior motives, he didn’t set out to do what he did. It couldn’t be prevented. He smelled it when she first sat down. He smelled it more when she went back to her room. He closed his eyes. He took deep whiffs of it. It smelled so nice to him. The herbal soaps and fragrances they left behind once she was out of the shower were too delightful to not say something to her. Could he have waited to tell her? Yes, he could have, but why not break down? Why not let some demons control you instead of you controlling them sometimes? All things considered, he figures, maybe she wants to make love.
He pushes the door open, slowly. He steps in, quietly, but only a few steps. She wears only the blouse, a bra he figures, and the adorable panties. From behind she looks marvelous, stupendous, and an assortment of other wonderful and positive adjectives too.
He smiles more. He thinks of things he knows he should not think of in the presence of a lady or woman. But seeing her standing there, her arms over head like they are as she puts on her necklace, he sees her underwear. He sees the covered cute butt cheeks. He sees her long naked thighs.
Now she has gone and done it. Seeing her in the position she is in, she now allows him to be tantalized. All the buried feelings and thoughts and desires he has had towards her have now surfaced. He knows what he wants and is unable to contain it.
And he tells himself he wishes he could remain a gentleman with her.
But he can not any longer. He walks towards her, his eyes on her everywhere, and he smells the surrounding air. She smells breathtaking as ever. Low, gently he speaks to her as his arms reach around her front to hold her, take her all in. He breathes and smells her scents. He tells her she smells incredible. She wants to hold him, but cups his arms with hers. She wants more…more then she ever wanted anything before.
Like him, her body begins coursing with incredibly overbearing desire. He carefully, strategically places his lips on the nape of her neck. One kiss, another, and then another as they moved cautiously and gently from back around to the side, he hears her. She murmurs. She murmurs again and again and again.
He feels her squeeze his arms again. This is good, he thinks. This is right, he tells himself. He kisses her lips, once, twice, again, and again, and they hug and he pulls her into him as their lips embrace passionately. It goes on and on and she wants his clothes. She tugs at his shirt. Pulling and tugging, slowly it comes out of his slacks. His back is smooth as her hands run slowly upwards underneath it. He lets her undress him. He does not want to force it, but she is accepting and she undoes one then another and from the bottom up. Finally it is open. He sees her flesh. He sees her bosoms. He sees her bra. He sees her beauty. He looks into her eyes. He smiles into them. He lets her know he wants her. He wants all of her and he leans over lifting her into his arms. He carries her to her bed and lays her body on it.
This is her first time. It is there first time. It is her first time ever making love to an older more mature and very handsome man, but it is the best ever in her life.
Standing beside the bed he neither smiles nor does he frown. He looks at her with devotion. He gazes upon her as he undoes his shirt, takes off his slacks, and removes everything but his tight briefs. He looks good. Tall, wavy brown hair, and soft tender eyes that smile when he smiles.
He climbs in slowly and right against her. Her bra and panties are still on, but she looks equally as sexy with or without them. She looks delectable. She feels the same towards him. She wants to kiss his body as much as he does hers.
He leans into her. She turns toward him. He can not resist her and kisses her body beginning at the base of her neck. Easing his way down her, he kisses into the settled cleavage then goes around one breast under and over and tenderly kisses his way around the other. She is relaxed. Her eyes are closed. She feels his warm breath and lips lightly rustling against her.
Mmmmm, it feels soooo nice she tells herself. She utters soft sounds to indicate she is happy, aroused, and is enjoying what he is doing. He kisses on down. Over her flesh, he crosses. He kisses her lightly and lovingly against her flat stomach then over to one side. Up then down, across then the other, and proceeds the same way- up then down and back to her stomach. And all the while fantasies come to life and new fantasies grow inside her.
“Ohhhhhh Peter” she sighs quietly. “Peter oh Peter…make love to me…I want you more then ever. I want to hold you…I want…I want to be entirely naked with you. I want you inside me Peter.”
He looks up. He gets up. He pulls her to him. He wants her too. He wants her a lot. He takes her, he removes her bra, and her breasts hold their place. He finds them energizing and wants them more then he ever realized. Laying her down again, he pulls off his briefs. He looks at her panties and smiles at her. He slips them off her. He sees she does shave. He smiles at her. He looks her body over. He sees it. Smiling more, he sees her camel toe. It is flawlessly gorgeous.
“You’re perfect you know” he tells her delicately.
She trembles. Inside, she’s too excited, but knows she wants all of him. She tells him thank you and leans in one more time and kisses his lips intimately. “I have to tell you something else” she says. He asks what it is. She gazes at him, looks him up and down, and gets the courage to say it. “I’ve been crazy about you, but this is something deep within me saying this. And I’ve already…I’ve said it once before, but I want you deeply. I want you in me, on me, and I want your cum Peter. I want to feel it everywhere. I want to hold it in my hands, feel it on my face, and I even…I even want to feel it and taste it in my mouth. Make love and cum on me… That is what I want…because I love you more then I’ve ever loved anyone” she told him.
They look at one another. They hold the others gaze. This felt serious now. He knows he adores her and she feels exactly the same way about him. They are both easily charged up by the recent turn of events, loving kisses across her body, but especially what she has said to him.
He crawls over her and she smiles enthusiastically. Nervous and wound up she can not wait to feel it. It is growing. Harder, thicker, and more solid he finds she is already wet. She is already prepared. It slips in, pushing and moving against swollen internal flesh, he smiles. She does too. He groans quietly arching his back as he feel the heat of her inner walls. He tells her this is good, this is incredible.
She needs more. She needs it badly. She pushes. She winces. She grimaces. She needs much more. He pushes back. She pushes. He pushes again. They find rhythm. Pushing sinking it goes deep within her glorious abyss. Pushing back, deep it comes inside her.
“Ohhhhhh Peter…Peter, yes…yes ohhhhhhh Peter” she moans.
“Ugh, ahhhhhhhhhh” he comes back. “Ohhhh Ellen…Ellen…you’re so perfect for me.”
More pushing, more groaning, more yes’, and more yelps and shouting. Up and down, back and forth they go at one another. He is ready, she is not, but he is too horny to sustain it with her.
“I really like you Ellen” he calls out, “but if you want me to cum like you say you do then now is the time honey…now is the time.”
She screams breathlessly.
“Really…you are? You’re ready?”
He nods and smiles and pulls out from inside her. He masturbates, briefly. He explodes. He comes at her like a wild man. Cum pours at what she deems is a “catastrophic” like effect. It gushes and flows wildly out of his dick as it spreads its own glory. And she tries desperately to catch some of it in her hands while the remainder flies passed her head, into her hair, against the pillow, then into her face. But as she wishes it hits her bosoms. Everywhere he looked was cum.
But in her cupped hands is an off white milky substance, a puddle…a large one at that. And Ellen smiles gratuitously and says “This is just one thing I love about you Peter” and she sips it like wine as she tilts her hands and her lips swallow it all down. She licks her palms afterward and sighs.
He is exhausted. He is spent. Cum drips or holds at the tips opening. He is happy. And she is too. He slides in beside her and lies against the naked warmth of her flesh and it is good, very good. She breathes, she purrs as his wondrous frame holds against her as if caressing her body. His hands feel her breasts. Slowly they touch each one. His eyes and hers are closing and she feels his limp, spent dick against her, against her back. It is nice. She is thankful and wants to tell him so many thoughts running through her.
He rubs them more. She smiles easy. He rubs her tummy. She enjoys it. She cranes her neck backward as if telling him to feel more of her. He knows. He touches more of the glassy like stomach.
His hands rub her thighs and she opens them up allowing him the freedom he justly deserves. He toys with the inner sanctum of her thighs, pleasuring them, and pleasuring her while easing his way towards her warm and still horny pussy. He begins to feel inside it. She opens wider as he starts to finger her with his longest finger. She breathes easy, but that changes and he hears the changes as she attempts to make her feel aroused.
She is and he speaks to her softly arousing her by his tone, by his words.
“I need to make sure you are happier then me” he tells her.
Quietly she responds and says. “I will be. I will…because by tomorrow morning you and I will have finished what we’re about to do this time.” He smiles, she laughs quietly. Each understands. And the 37 year old cradles the 23 year olds gorgeous willing physique in his arms and hands as he feels the thunder suddenly become alive again. Slowly it attempts to salvage what remains from its last explosion. He is happy, more then happy to do this again with her. He is happy, more then happy to pleasure her and be pleasured and see Ellen’s body give its all as it dances and bounces and he hears her wail for she has become special to him. He wants it. He finds he wants it so much more then he expected.
“Peter?” she says breaking the silence. “Are you and I ever going to make real love?”
“Yes and sooner then I think” he comes back as he presses his stiffness into her back

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