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First One Ever

First One Ever

By Stoneypoint - May 15, 2010 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 29967 Floundering away, her hair whisked all around her as her tits carried on. Her face winced and willed her to the exemplary orgasm. His cock was hard. Her loins were tight and as the two thrashed at each other, fucking for the umpteenth time, Thomas and Darlene couldn’t have done this any better then they were doing. She kept at it. He loved that the plain looking, boring personality of a woman found it more then pleasurable to have him as a sex partner when she never once walked away with that personality.
Short dark hair, she was as plain as the nose on her face. She wore nothing out of the ordinary. Her clothes were usually dresses or skirts and plain tops along with flat shoes. She wore almost hardly any makeup, but the woman somehow found a way and a cove in his large office. She exuded herself as a one hell of a good fuck he discovered. She was skinny. Her boobs weren’t too big, but they impressed Thomas enough, when her clothes came off her shoulders. And as for her ass, it stood out and when these two did it, it was good.
She plopped down on the floor next to him, her chest heaving, like his. “Ohhhhhh Thomas” she began to say until she could get enough air into it again. “Wow…ooohh wow” she said, her eyes blinking out of control. “I keep this up… I won’t need anything anymore.” He agreed. She was a good ride. But he didn’t say it that way. He was also breathing heavily. His hand slid over. It touched the side of her body. She felt it, didn’t move an ounce. He slid it up and over. It lay on her belly. His eyes closed. It was feeling her flat softness. “Mmmmmm… Are you saying you want to go at it, again?” she said.
“Oh I don’t know…could we even do it…like that again? ”
He could and he knew he could. There was silence as the two fleshy pockets of desire held against one another closely. Silence. No words were spoken. Just two naked beings against one another in a small office with its door closed. After 6 in the evening, almost no one was around. Almost. Everyone, almost, had gone home. She had nobody to go to. He had brothers, a sister, parents if he wanted to, but he preferred this, her, and her body especially. He looked over at her. God, she wasn’t pretty…but she wasn’t dead ugly either.
There was a knock at the door. “Good night Thomas. Have a great weekend.” He quickly put his hand on her mouth and told the stranger who knew he was there to do the same. “Who was that?” Darlene said. He shrugged and told her he wasn’t sure and it didn’t matter. It was a sign of respect. “You’re not married, right?” Darlene asked. He told her no and had no plans to get married. “Hmmm good” she said. He asked why. “Ohhh no reason… Just thinking…that’s all” she told him. He wondered.
There was one more knock at the door. “Can I see you a minute?” the voice said.
God the two of them were still naked. He looked up. Then he looked at her. God, she was naked. He would be done, for sure. He’d be fired, for sure. That’s if anyone found out. He jumped up. Like a cowboy, he jumped up and slipped on everything in record time. She watched. Amazed, she watched his naked body get dressed.
Awwww, why did he have to go and do that, she thought. “I’ll be right out” he told the woman’s voice. This wasn’t good. It never was. If he’d been found out, if it was discovered he was fucking in the office, on company time then what would it look like to everybody? They sat down and talked briefly. “Listen…let’s talk about this on Monday. My brain isn’t working anymore…to be honest. Let’s discuss this at the first of the week.”
He went back inside. She had on her panties and bra and was grabbing her dress. Mmmmm what a nice ass she has, he told himself… What a nice ass. “Stop. Hold up” he said. She stopped getting dressed. She turned around as she held the dress to her body. “Here” he told her. He wrote it down. “I don’t have a thing going on tonight. Do you?” he said. She said, in a quiet voice, she didn’t. “This is my address. I’m stopping by the store. Help yourself inside. You’ll need this” as he handed her his key. “I’m assuming you’d love to what we just did, again… Like we did?” She smiled, finally, as she nodded her head. “Well, guess what? Me too… See you in a little while then?” he told her.
“Umm do you mind if I go home and change?”
“Nooooooo not at all” he said. “Whatever you’re comfy in…put on, except pajamas.” She giggled even. It impressed him. He liked this woman. Boring, Plain. But what a body. And how she fucks? Whoa… The way she fucks. She began to walk towards the door. “Darlene?” he said. She turned, still smiling, and asked what. “Are you always that good?” He was smiling.
“You thought I was good?”
He nodded his head as she disappeared around the corner. He wondered. Man, can she fuck. I mean her hair, her titties, her body… He sucked in air… Whewww and then he blew it out…ooooooohh. He thought about that small shapely ass as he blew out the air. He liked the feeling developing in his pants and grabbed at it as he locked up. “Yes that woman can fuck. Man, can she do it” he told himself.
“Wow” she said. Her two hands were on the steering wheel. She sat there. Her car was started. She was thinking. God, how else can I…can I arouse him. Maybe… Maybe he’d like a blow job. “Hmmm, I wonder if I’m up to that. I’ve never ever done a…ewwww” she said aloud knowing she didn’t like blow jobs. “God…what’s a cock feel like in a person’s mouth?” Her face contorted in several grotesque positions. She hadn’t ever given anyone a blow job in her life. And she’s had sex with him, at the office, six times. Finally, she pulled away. On the road she found she wanted his body more and more. She had no good clothes. She had nothing to wear which was fancy. That’s if you excluded the attendants dresses she was awarded for her sister’s wedding. “Maybe I should stop and... No, I’ll just put on something casual, something nice. He won’t care. He only likes me for sex… I think.”
She went home and must have tried on more then enough pants and tops and other assorted outfits, but she came up with one. One which fit her like a glove, one which fit her to a tee, and one she knew he’d, as a guy, would be eyeing almost every second she was there. She redid her short, boring hair. She brushed her teeth. And she added a bit of makeup, but not too much in her case. She wasn’t big on it and these two really didn’t have much of a relationship, other then some good old sex. She was finding that out, but it was okay with her. He was good. He had a nice cock. How many others… Nah, never mind; it didn’t matter. He was doing her. He was letting her do him. She liked cock. She really never had cock before in her life. And to finally get some with this guy was terrific.
He wasn’t going to be home, yet. She drove over. Once in his neighborhood, which was nice, and definitely better than hers she slowed to find his home. There it was. She stopped and looked at it. She could feel them, the two of them, cuddling, and holding each other naked in his bed. His naked body, hers too, and after making love to him, having sex with him she could feel herself wanting him more and more…and more. She moaned, quietly. Her loins ached, slightly. Finally, as they slightly throbbed, she pulled in and pulled all the way to the back of the driveway. They ached more. She wanted to feel it. She wanted to touch that throbbing. She wanted to remove her slacks and feel her pussy like the way any all American girl feels hers. Her eyes closed. Her hands, again, were on the steering wheel. Feel it. Touch yourself. Rub it…rub it hard and stroke it. Make it wetter then wet for him
He pulled in behind her. She looked up once she heard his Blazer. She tried smiling. She couldn’t. Not yet she wasn’t able, but she would. He came around to her car. Smiling he carried two large bags in his arms. “Are you alright?” he asked. She looked up at him. She had a sickened look on her face. But all she felt was his cock, inside her cunt. It’s all she could feel. He motioned her to put down the window, or get out. She opened the door to her car. “Are you feeling alright?”
She said yes and finally smiled. What could she say? She was horny now and all she wanted to do was have sex with the man. All she wanted was his naked body up against hers so she could fuck him, madly.
“Yes” she told him.
Her face was different. He never saw it like that. He wanted to know what was wrong. He didn’t know. I want you…now! That’s what she wished she had the balls to say at the moment.
“Want to go inside now?”
He followed her inside. She walked in as if she knew exactly where everything was meant to go and took the bags from him, laying them on the counter, and she turned around. Darlene looked him in the eyes. He realized something was on her mind and asked what was going on.
“I want to do it again. Now, Thomas as in right now. I’m horny. I’m crazy about having or doing this with you. I don’t care about food or dinner or… I just want your body and I want it right now. God, I can’t even… I can’t believe I’m” but then she suddenly realized how rude and impolite she sounded at another person’s home.” She looked away. He asked what was wrong this time but pleasantly. “I shouldn’t have said any of that to you.”
“Any of what?” he said. “That you are horny? That you’re crazy about doing it with me” he said as his hand crept towards her snatch to rub it. She felt it. It threw her off and she jumped back, momentarily. “Why feel bad?” he asked. “Isn’t that why we’re here? For sex…don’t you want to have sex tonight?” They gazed into one another’s eyes. “I mean I know I want you. I’m assuming…I’m assuming you want me? Isn’t that…right?” She nodded as she felt his hand caress her crotch. Her eyes closed as it stroked it. She moved towards his body while he fondled her patty. “I mean, help me put all this away that needs putting away and we can go lie down. We can lie together, undress each other, and we can play all night long. And in the morning…who knows? All right?” he told her.
She didn’t say a word and followed his instructions to the tee. She wasn’t experienced like he thought she was. She didn’t know left from right when it came to sex with a man. She didn’t. She only went on what she thought was the right thing to do. So far it had been working for her. God this was good. God he was good. God, fucking his cock... it was… it was stupendous, she thought. She smiled and leaned in, allowing him to still rub her cunt, and as she did she stole a kiss from his lips. “Let’s make love” she whispered.
She was all over the man’s body, more then she ever had been, and to that she kissed and petted and fondled every portion of it before even coming close to having sex the old fashioned way- just doing it. And wow, once he or they just did it, once they were on one another, once they were through with any and all fondling, he kissed her breasts. He held them and kissed them and he fondled them deftly and then in a manly sort. They may have been small, but when he went hard he had her put them together. Once together, he slipped his hardened cock up between them. Whether or not she enjoyed it didn’t matter because he loved it. It was exotic. And she played along. And her tits were cute and smallish. Her eyes would close then open. She wanted everything to be exactly right.
“I want to suck your cock, Thomas. Would you like that?”
Would he like that? Hell. Is a river muddy? Well it depends as far as a river goes, but as for this, as for having his cock sucked…of course he would. He looked into her eyes and told her sure as long as he can suck on her tits. She didn’t tell him this was her first ever time doing this. She couldn’t do that. She would fake it. She would fake it big time. He knew something was up, but what was it. He looked into her eyes as they left to the bedroom to have sex.
But before he realized it, her hand had reached around him. It had calmly placed itself on his zipper and before he realized it, he was being stroked nicely and gently and in the most womanly manner a man could be caressed. He moaned in a pleasant sounding voice. She smiled and asked him if it felt good. He said yes…yes it did feel good.
“It feels great” he told her.
“Good” and she eased off his pants. Once undone, she pushed them down, and they dropped to the floor. “I love your butt” she told him. He felt her soft hands on the sides of his legs. He closed his eyes and laughed lightly while her hands moved and eased down his thighs. She hesitated. He didn’t know. She wanted to feel it in her hands. She wanted to feel its softness. She wanted to feel it as she needled it between her fingers. She moved her hands to the waistband of his boxers. He waited. Come on, he thought… Come on, do it. A finger, two, and then the rest had eased inside his boxers. She loved his boxers too too. He closed his eyes, waiting. “I love your penis even more” she told him
God, do your thing, he thought. Do my cock… Suck it woman… Suck it, do it, and make me…cum. You and I can sex each up…later. I wanna cum and I wanna cum all over your face, he told himself. I hope you’d like that. I do.
They moved around, feeling his cheeks. They eased back the other direction, feeling his strong legs as each did and she closed her eyes as she slowly came towards the front. Several inches more and she’d be on it. She’d be holding it and doing whatever it is she can do. Come on, he thought. Come on… Do you need help doing this? Holding me and fingering and playing with my cock… Is that what you need help with?
“Ohhh ohhhhhhh” he uttered finally. Her hands took hold of it. He breathed in deeply, waiting and feeling his member being held and dangled by her soft delicate fingers. She was not deft and experienced in this at all. He didn’t know it. He couldn’t tell. She was plying what she thought was the right way to do all this. It was working. Thomas was horny, already. She could feel its growth between her fingers. He could feel however she was doing whatever she did was making his member aroused, stronger, and longer. “Ohhh man wow” he told her. “Uhhh…ohhh” and he breathed in more. “Yeah…ohhh yeah Darlene, ” he told his short silky haired and not as attractive mate for the night “keep it up… Keep doing that.”
“Really, you like that?” she asked.
“Oh yeah…oh yeah… I like it a lot. I like whatever you’re doing very much.”
And so it was. She slipped her hand and fingers over the growing and hardening piece and caressed and rubbed or fingered the shaft, not knowing exactly what she was up to throughout the whole time, but he liked it. He moved slightly. He gyrated to a degree. He loved it. She wasn’t behaving as if she was a pro at all. She wasn’t doing any of it like she’d done it a thousand times before. She only toyed with his hard cock. She was only getting a feel for it in her hands. Never had she ever done this in her life. Never had anything like this ever occurred to her before. So to be able to give back to him and offer him a hand job, to be able to give him a blow job, she nosed her way in by doing what she was doing, and soon those boxers would be off his body. Soon he would be naked as life is sometimes. Soon she would have to put her lips and her tongue on his cock.
“Do you like what I’m doing?” she said but not self-assuredly. He couldn’t tell and told her yes. “Oh. Good” but that’s all she said.
He wished and hoped to feel her lips, her mouth on him now, and as he did she stopped. She wanted to be naked for this. He didn’t care. They could worry about it later. She walked around him. Facing him, he saw her undoing a button on her top. He casually raised his hands. Shaking his head, he more or less told her not to worry. He didn’t tell her not to undress. He told her to just continue, just keep doing what she was doing. He needed and it needed the physical attention down there. Grab it and take it, in your hand, and stroke the god damn thing woman, he told himself. Get me more excited woman. Come on, he practically said aloud.
The other hand slid down over it. She maneuvered, adroitly, again. Wow, she acted as if she’d done this before he thought. God…ohhh god…yeah, he thought. Do me. Do it. Take it and…make me cum. Baby, oh yeah. Yeah…ohhhhhhh yeah” he finally grunted. “Ohhh Darlene…Darlene” he told her. “Yeah, wow” he went on to tell her. “Thaaaaat feels sooooooo…good…sooooooo soooo good!”
“Does it, really?” she asked.
“Ohhh yeah. It does” he replied. His head had fallen back into her upper chest.
As she smiled her hands eased along the long and sleekish casing. He wanted Darlene’s mouth and tongue on it and all over him for that matter. He wanted her all over his crotch. He wanted her doing it all to his cock. Whatever she knew how to do, he wanted it done. She fiddled with his tip. She loosely tinkered with the underside of it. He loved how she seemed to know it all. He loved how her fingertips tinkered up and down and down and up, and around it. But still Thomas had to have more. He had to feel those wonderful lips and that awesome tongue on it that had kissed his lips all these times.
Naked, he pulled her around to his front. She looked at him, mystified. She asked what was wrong. He said nothing; only that he wished she’d suck it, take it in her mouth, and he smiled the perfect smile as he said it.
“Okay, alright…lie down” she told him. She hoped she was doing it all correctly.
He lay down. He spread his legs out accordingly. She looked at him and dove right in and the cock disappeared inside her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh crap, wow…uh ohhhhhhh” he said before he knew it. He felt useless. He felt wonderful. Her tongue was all over it. Underneath, it was down at his ball, licking and she was practically swallowing them. “Whoa” he said quietly as his balls were vacuumed inside his mouth. Her tongue and her mouth seem to be naturals at it all. She held his cock as she swayed everywhere along his scrotum, balls, and the tip of his hard riveted cock. He rose and he rose further off the mattress. He’d drop down, but was up again swaying and readying himself to purge his body of any cum which had built up inside. “Ohhhhhhh…my…god” he told her.
She went at him like the pro she didn’t realize she was. She was good. She brought out the beast in him. He pushed himself deeper into her mouth. And she swallowed it with the greatest of ease.
I’m going to make him cum. I am going to make him cum. I will make him cum. I will make Thomas cum, she had said to herself. God, this is fun. This…it’s great she thought. Wow, why hadn’t I done this before? Why…why haven’t I sucked his cock before?
“I’m going to blow” he told her. I wanna blow on your face. Can I, ” he said. “May I blow it on you?” he said to her. As he said it, she thought about it. “Darlene” he said, abruptly. “Darlene, are you with me here?” She didn’t answer him. She was somewhere sucking his cock feverishly and furiously. She was down on it. “I wanna blow my load on your body, honey” he said.
Out of nowhere, she used her hands to undo her top. She pulled it off as she sucked him off. She took off her bra while still sucking off his cock. Naked from the waist up, he saw her nice medium sized boobs. He wanted to cum on them, if not on her face. He wanted his cum to go somewhere worthwhile. And her body…well it was as good as it got that night.
“Gosh you are beautiful. You’re really beautiful” he said.
“Then cum on my boobies” she replied. “Then we can take a shower, afterward?”
“Yeah ohhhhhhh yeah… Now that sounds great girlfriend” and he turned himself and positioned his body around so he was over hers. His cock, still harder then ever, and thumping and banging his hands ripped down along her boobs. She watched it as it exploded out of his cock and ripped lines across her boobies. She loved how he sprayed it across her tits. And once he was finished, he dropped almost on top of her, kissing her lips and kissing her upper body to thank her for a job very well done.
“Thank you” she said softly, almost in a whisper.
They lay side by side. He stole looks at the small warm woman’s figure as they lay holding hands while saying nothing to one another. But they were holding hands. That was a good sign. She liked his hand. In fact she loved it. She even loved sucking his cock. She wanted to do it again. She wanted to do it all the time, if that was possible.
“Sure” he told her as they walked to the shower. She had told him how she loved sucking his cock, and even more then anyone’s she ever sucked although she never sucked anyone’s cock in her life, until Thomas came along. “We ought to do it in the shower. Sometimes it can be a great time in there. May I ask you a personal question?”
“In the shower?” she asked. You’ve…you’ve uhhh…you’ve jacked off in here? Wow!”

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