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By Don Brown - Jan 26, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 38074 I was sitting and reading the paper when the phone rang.
It was one of our best friends Brian.
He rang me to say he was having trouble with his wife Carol, at work, and could she call round, as he was away on business for another 4 days.
Carols boss, Brian’s golfing partner, had rung him to say her work and attitude to work was lazy and she was abusive to the rest of the work force.
He had the idea that as he was away for so much she had taken further refuge with a bottle.
Brian, like me had always tried to keep a strict household.
He and Carol were career people and never had time for children but always admired the good manners of our girls.
Carol on the other hand was always a bit of a loose canon.
So I reckoned she deserved a good whipping for the things in the past, so I was delighted to oblige.
She had been rude to us on numerous occasions when we met for dinner, Brian always assured me she would feel his belt when they got home.
More than once he had her knickers down in our dinning room after one of her outbursts.
One year we holidayed with them in Cyprus and she had too many drinks and he said she would feel his belt.
Sure enough the next day she showed strap lines on either side of her bikini bottom.
He even once turned her over his knee behind a shop opposite a restaurant we had just visited. She had made quite an exhibition of herself inside.
He said to excuse them and we sat on the promenade listening to slap after slap as he spanked her bottom. We could see him doing it, but it was too dark to pick out any features.
On their return to the promenade she was tearful and apologized to us for being spanked in our presence.
Carol duly arrived looking very smart and sober. We talked through her work problems and I explained Brian thought she needed more discipline.
I suggested to Carol that she should visit my study for a little over the knee time.
She said normally she would agree to Brian’s wishes but felt her embarrassment at work was the catalyst she needed to sort herself out.
We talked over further what she had done and decided she would need to behave or else she would be visiting my study.
The following day I got a call from Carol to say that she had once again had problems and perhaps if she could come round again and talk things through.
Carol arrived saying she and Brian had talked over the phone and he has asked if I could punish her as I thought fit as Jane did not cause this sort of trouble by our disciplinarily methods and he was still away for another 3 days.
She arrived about 7 and we began by telling her how to change her ways, Jane explained that the answer was not drink. She soon got abusive saying she did not have and never had a drink problem. I stopped the conversation there and then. I told Carol we could help but not force our help onto her. She apologized and asked what she should do.
I told her to go and wait by my study door till I came.
I followed her down in a couple of minutes and asked her to come in.
I told her that I was going to start by giving her a sound over the knee spanking. I said I would return in 5 minutes by which time she should have her trousers and knickers off and be facing the wall, in the corner, with her hands on her head.
I returned to the lounge and spoke to Jane, explaining what would happen and asked her to accompany me back to my study. I have always believed that embarrassment is a good discipline in itself.When we got back to my study Carol turned round and saw 2 of us.
So 2 perverts she said both want to see me naked.
Carol was a beautiful looking lady.
Around 40 years old, five foot eight tall with shoulder length brown hair.
A toned sunbed bronzed body and perfect dress sense.
I grabbed her arm and spun her round and over my knee.
I gave her possibly the hardest hand spanking ever and she shrieked like crazy.
After maybe 50 or 60 slaps I stood her up. Her face was a mass of tears and she jumped about holding her red sore bottom.
I told her she was rude and abusive and would soon learn.
She was told she would next receive a whipping with my senior strap.
Through a sobbing mouth she said, thank you.
I then bent her over my chair and walked to the locker behind the door where apart from ink, paper etc. I kept a few punishment implements I used to use on the girls.
The senior strap was about 2 foot long, 2 inches wide and ¼ inch thick. I had made it from a belt handed down from my father when the buckle had snapped.
I told her to prepare and hit her clenched bottom with the first welt.
She yelped and jumped up rubbing her poor bottom, she jumped from foot to foot screaming.
Jane, I said, would you please help me return Carol to the chair, and hold her so she cannot jump up.
Jane grabbed her arms and held her as tight as she could and I continued and gave her another 5 licks; the next one I aimed at her slit to punctuate the punishment. This was followed by another 5 cuts with another to her throbbing slit. The slit strokes really made her shriek and I told her to keep still or more may wander off target.
I had to then decide had she had enough or should I give her 10 strokes of the cane. If I had been alone I think I would have caned her too, but as we were in company I decided she had had enough. I did not want to appear as though I was enjoying it.
I stood her up and she was crying and jumping around holding her red striped bottom. Under her jumper her tits bounced with every jump.
I told her the next time it would be far worse. If she wanted to act like a baby she would treat her like one.
She had the cutest brown puffy slit with lovely fine hair just whisping around the lips and a nice brown covering above; she obviously took great care of its looks.It was also very red from the well-aimed strokes and was glistening in the light.
I wondered if it was from excitement or had she nearly wet herself
I said I wanted to see her tomorrow tonight at 6 and we would discuss her attitude a little further and determine whether or not she had learnt her lesson.
She apologized to me and I told her to say sorry to Jane too.
I stood her in the corner with her hands on her head showing a well-spanked striped bottom. I said she could have 10 minutes to herself and when I returned she should apologize again and ask permission to put back on her knickers and trousers, we then left the room. After 10 minutes I returned to my study alone and found Carol was still sobbing.
I took her arm and whilst she was still stood up delivered 6 fast hard smacks to her already red hot bottom and told her I had a good mind to put her back over my knee due to the upset she had caused Brian.She pleaded with me not to so I asked if she had anything to say.
She said she was very sorry indeed and could she please put back on her knickers and trousers.
I said yes, and then go to the bathroom to freshen up.
Sally entered the room with her head hung down deciding she would rather stand than sit.
Jane said that we thought it best if she returned the following evening and we could progress her state. We emphasized no drink. She agreed, kissed us both on the cheek and although still sobbing thanked us both very much for caring.
When she had left Jane thought I had been a little lenient with her. I explained as it was the first spanking I had given her I needed to find her limits, knowing full well that tomorrow night I had the chance again. At ten to six Carol arrived back to our house. I asked how her day had been and she said ok. I asked what her work mates had said when she had apologized and she replied she had not spoken to them.
I told her I was disappointed she had not spoken and apologized to I told her to go and wait by my study door.
When she left the room both Jane and I thought she had obviously not learnt the lesson fully yet and still needed more correction.
I would go to my study and ask her to get ready then return for Jane to witness the spanking. Jane asked was it ok if she did not go to my study? She felt I was better dealing with it on my own on a more personnel level and if Carol had a problem may share it with me.
When we were in my study I told her of my disappointment of her not apologizing to her fellow workers and would give her another spanking.
I told her Jane would not be returning with me for her punishment.
I wanted to make her understand her bad ways. I told her to remove her knickers and skirt. She should then stand in the corner with her hands on her head and await my return.
I returned to the lounge to find Jane in deep conversation on the phone so after a few minutes I returned to my study to find Carol facing the wall, com completely naked with her hands on her head.
I asked her why she had removed her blouse and bra and she turned to face me and said that yesterday her blouse cut into her when she was over my knee.
And your bra?
I thought it may please you and you may be a little more lenient.
Her tits were the size of a large grapefruit with fantastic ping rosy nipples, both stood to attention, her slit had been cut into to a perfect triangle and it looked as though her lips had been shaven since yesterday.
They had a fantastic sheen on their edges, perhaps already tampered with.
I had better lock my door I said, I do not want you running out during your punishment, knowing full well it was to keep people out, not her in.
I asked Carol if she now knew what was to happen to her and why.
She replied she has been a really naughty girl and deserved a spanking over her "Uncle Dons knee" and if I felt she had not learnt a lesson, perhaps a few strokes of the cane.
I could hardly contain my excitement and she must have noticed the huge bulge in my pants.
So how should I play this, a spanking and caning like I used to give my wife and the girls as a punishment, or a hard sexual spanking I gave to Jane.
Before I could make up my mind Carol grabbed my hand and put it on her slit and was over my knee.Her clit was engorged before I gave her the first slap.
I worked her clit and slit as I spanked and after only 10 slaps she came.
After a slight pause, which gave me time to stroke her bottom, I carried on working her till she started grinding against my hand. I spanked her moderately till I felt her rising to another climax then I really hit her hard, she shrieked and once again had an amazing climax.
I did not want to waste any of her precious juices so lifted her across my desk and worked her with my eager tongue, the scent and taste was divine and I got my reward when she came again on my face and mouth.I stood up and removed my belt; please don’t whip my slit she said as she fully opened her legs.
I brought the belt down gently at first and increased the force till I could see her wince.
Ok over the chair and stick that bottom up. I let her play with herself as I administered 20 hard cuts of the belt and stopped just before she came again.
I moved to the front of her and dropped my trousers and pants. She eagerly took me in her mouth and sucked my cock professionally as she brought herself to climax with me following. I did not want to shoot in her mouth but she left me no option as she kept it rammed in her welcome mouth.
I stood her up and needed her fantastic tits. The nipples were like bullets and she responded by dropping to her knees and taking me back into her mouth.
I squeezed and nipped her nipples tightly and in her mouth I was soon hard again.
She once again brought me to a climax.
She had tears in her eyes and had been crying from her spanking and subsequent belting. I sat her on my knee and alternated from her tits to her cunt. Her slit was red swollen from the belt but was so shiny with her juices. Whilst I saw to her tits her fingers were exploring her own slit.
I then thought of the time, and although I could have sat there all day though it was time to make a move.
Stand up I said, do you think you have learnt your lesson now Carol?
No sir she relied, I think I may need more lessons from you, how could I disagree.
Ok stand in that corner with your hands on your head.
Her beautiful bottom was aglow with the beating she just had and her inner thighs showed the juices I had missed.
Do you think she has learnt her lesson now Don, Jane asked?
Who can say, I would suggest another visit after a couple of days to see if she has settled down any. After that Brian is home.
Jane agreed, did she mention anything about work?
No but I am gaining her confidence and feel she will open up to me soon!
I left the lounge and returned to the study.
Carol was stood where I left her.
I turned her round and inserted 2 fingers into her still moist slit to which she responded immediately. I removed them and gave her permission to get dressed. If you have to appear in my study again, I expect that bush of yours to be removed I said and grabbed her brown triangle gently, making sure I brushed against her clit.
Yes sir.
Now away to the bathroom with you and get cleaned up.
When Carol joined us in the lounge still teary eyed she thanked me for her spanking and said she knew she had deserved it.
She agreed to a further visit before Brian returned, could I open her up then I wondered.

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