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We have hundreds of free erotic tales of gay sexual encounters and relationships. These stories include gay love, first time gay sex, and males first being aware of being gay.Our free free gay sex stories include gay chat, pictures and online gay community. Read the hottest erotic gay stories including man on man erotic stories - twinks, bears, first timers, bisexual and tranny action, chicks with dicks and much more!2452. Sucking Cock for Carla - Married bi curious guy gets blackmailed into sucking cock.2453. Sucking Cock for Carla Part 2 - Married bi curious guy sucks more cock for Carla2468. Lusting after Lust - In a moment of madness a middle aged man has his first sexual encounter. Confronted like this I was afraid, looking around me, I realized he had led me into a sort of no man’s land. "Moving nearer he took me in his arms and whilst kissing me he guided my right hand down inside his trousers and for the first time ever I was holding someone else’s cock, funny thing it was my cocks reaction that I felt more intensely as though through my hand I was receiving a powerfully charge"...2351. My First Time With David - A young, newly, gay man has his first gay sex experience. "David and I are now both com completely naked with rock hard cocks. He has me scoot back onto he bed and he gets on top of me. We start to kiss and rub our naked bodies against each other. He moans slightly as my hand slides down his back and caresses his supple ass. After a good seven minutes of making out he tells me to get on my stomach. I do and he reaches over on his bedside table and grabs a tube of lube"...2372. Webmeets Diary Ch. 08 - Sexy Hong Kong boys. "When it slipped inside I closed my eyes, concentrating entirely on the digit prodding through my sphincter and I whispered a gentle "yeah", glad that two weeks previously I'd had Patrick in there to loosen me up a bit, since otherwise it would have been about 4 months since anything bigger than my finger had invaded that way, and I would probably have been too tight for him."...2330. My First HomoSexual Experience - After a while, I was ready to cum, I wanted to cum, Im feeling soooooo horny, I told Mike that I wanted and needed to cum, I asked him where he would like me to cum, he said that he didn't mind, anywhere that I wanted to, I told him that if that was the case, I wanted to cum in his mouth, he loved the idea, I knelt in front of him, looking at him I masturbated to the point of no return, he opened his mouth wide and looking at me...2297. A once Straight Guy Turned Gay - a straight university student turned gay by his tutor. "Gradually, Lucas began to speed up, he held tightly onto Michael's hips and began thrusting deeper and fast into his hole, he was now really fucking him and was loving every second. He threw his head back in pleasure "ohh yeahh Michael, your so fucking horny aren't you my little bitch" Michael wasn't sure about any of this, he was enjoying the pleasure but this was against everything he believed"...2255. I Can Satisfy a Man - This was his night, and even though I wanted it in my ass bad, I let him do what he wanted. After all, he is the man and it is my job, as a young girl to satisfy him, no matter what. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped his cock with great urgency and I knew what was coming next. That beautiful, tasty man juice that I have craved lately. After a lot of bucking, out it came. I made a man cum. It filled my mouth and spilled out on the floor, dripping down my chin.2241. Sharing a big cock with my woman - With her sleeping right next to me, him sitting with his back against the sofa, and me lying on my stomach in between his legs, I proceeded to aggressively suck his big dick. It was obvious that he was close to blowing his load because he just kept grabbing the base of his cock with one hand and squeezing and grabbing the back of my hair and holding me off his cock with the other.2234. Stranger in Apartment 4B - in the style of rearwindow and kinky horror .its a story about a guy that meets his end in cummly manner. "the tall dark stranger pulling the scarf tighter and feeling his heavy tanned manly balls tightening he looks at his watch and notices that he only has a few minutes left to pull his plan off"...2202. Andrew's First Time - My nephew caught me masturbating to gay porn. "I felt my groin tighten a little at the vision in my mind of a beautiful young woman’s eyes as she saw and felt his erection for the first time. I felt more tightening in my pants as the thought continued. I clicked on the Internet icon on my screen. I really needed to relieve the ache in my groin before I could get anything done. I went to a gay porn website that I subscribed to"...2193. Craig and his 18 yo Nephew Zach - Craig is making breakfast for his daughter Chloe, when Zach, his 18 year old nephew walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a t-shirt and boxer briefs, revealing the large bulge of Zach's penis snaking to his thigh.
Later Zach catches Craig masturbating to gay porn. Much to the liking of Craig, Zach was both turned on by it and wanting to "touch" his uncle like he saw.2122. Jack and Kyle - Part 9 - “Kyle hurt me too Jay Jay...” Jack was brought back to reality when Max used Kyle’s nickname for him, nobody else ever called him Jay Jay. Before Jack had chance to speak Max leaned forward and pressed his warm lips against his own...2121. Jack and Kyle - Part 8 - He leant in ever so slightly so his lips were just inches from Jack’s as he spoke. “Max means nothing to me, compared to you Jay Jay. I made a mistake and I’m so sorry... Please...” Kyle bit the corner of his lip, anxiously waiting for Jack’s reaction... 2120. Jack and Kyle - Part 7 - "Oh fuck, you’re so tight..” Kyle panted as he started to thrust into Jack. He reached a hand down and started to stroke Jack’s cock in time with his thrusts, making him groan in pleasure...
2119. Jack and Kyle - Part 6 - “Max, we’re in public you know...” Kyle muttered, pushing Max’s hand away. “So what? ” Max shrugged and kissed him again, harder this time. He pulled away slightly and his lips slid to Kyle’s ear. “I’m so horny right now and I’m desperate to fuck you, ” he murmured hotly, smirking as he rubbed his hand between Kyle’s legs, feeling how hard he was...
2118. Jack and Kyle - Part 5 - Jack slid his hand into Kyle’s hair and pulled him closer. Kyle touched Jack’s lips with the tip of his tongue and Jack parted his lips obediently, letting Kyle’s tongue slide into his mouth. Jack was hard now too and he knew Kyle wanted this badly too, he could tell from the way he kissed him passionately and from the way his hands were clutching at his waist...2110. Hot Chocolate Lover - Fit black friend of a skinny white guy reveals he's gay. Not wasting any time, he undid my flies and reached into my boxers, pulling my cock out, looking smaller than it's usual fairly good size in his large black hand, and began pulling the foreskin back and forth, wanking me.2014. Blowboy, How it all Began - I taste the flesh of his penis, the saltines of him and his scent fills my nostrils. I like it. Ohh that feels good he says over again. I look straight into his jeans at his pubic area as I continue sucking him for several minutes and back up at him to see him watching me suck on his cock. How long you gonna do this? I come off him and say, as long as you want.1956. Discovering Each Other - I invite a university friend home.1911. The Undercard - A white virgin kid working at the local gym winds up in an unexpected and intense sexual encounter with a dominant and brutal black fighter......1861. Father in Law Confidential - I slipped my hand into my underwear and began rubbing myself and I whispered to him...1862. Father in Law Confidential - Father in law and son in law discover common interests. I hiked my right leg up over his thigh until my knee made contact with his hand that was still in his underwear. I ran my hand over his silver, hairy chest and gently pinched both nipples, and then I rubbed my hand down over his furry belly until my fingers entered into his thick, brown pubic patch.1844. Daddy - Part One - I have long, shaggy dark brown hair and bright green eyes. I have a bit of a tan completion. I am 6 foot and have a strong body build. My pubs are shaven including my asshole. My dick is about 9 inches long. I love to get fucked in the ass and love to get sucked and I don't fuck and suck badly myself.1814. Old Bear Takes a Buck - I've been too scared to cross into gay or bi world, but the more time that goes by I figure why not enjoy myself? maybe I'm afraid I'll like it too much and have to admit I've like men just a little bit too.1676. THE NET - After dripping some sort of lube on my ass, as well as himself, he began to press his swollen cock to my rectum, rubbing against me, teasing me.1666. ONE NIGHT - With that, he walked over to the couch I was sitting on, knelt down in front of me and proceeded to undo my belt and slowly removed my jeans and briefs from me, at the same time lowering his to his knees, revealing his hard penis.1654. While you were Sleeping - Ever so slowly, I pulled back the sheet to reveal his magnificant, flacid cock lying over his right hip, closest to the outer edge of the couch. His snoring seemed even deeper, as I quietly lowered myself to my knees next to him. I just wanted to kiss it once, just once, and slowly, lightly, tenderly pressed my lips to his flesh. 1653. Jack and Kyle - Part 4 - Mhmmm, that feels so fucking good, ” Kyle moaned, arching his back in pleasure as he felt Max filling him com completely. Max pulled out so only the head was still inside Kyle then slammed all the way back in, making Kyle cry out in ecstasy.1652. Part 2 - White Boy Taken by a Black Man - By this time he had his right arm around my shoulder and his watch adorned left hand rubbing my crotch. “I just called and the movie does not start for over an hour so why don’t we just relax for awhile, ” he said. Again, I was a bit afraid but he had been polite and again I had a feeling of excitement while curiously enjoying the attraction of his black hands holding me. 1650. Aiden Moore Bukkake - Two teen boys make a dare to make a move on a black man sitting in a restaurant. When one of the boys makes his move, they realize the man is not only huge and with many friends nearby, but he doesn't care for white people. What follows is a stomach wrenching and painful gangbang in the middle of a packed restaurant. A gay porn that will send chills down your spine and quench the thirst of bukkake fans. 1643. Jack and Kyle - Part 3 - Kyle groaned and started to jerk his cock faster, spreading his legs apart on the bed. He imagined pushing Jack’s slender body across the edge of the bed and ramming his hard cock up his virgin ass and fucking him hard and deep until Jack was screaming in pleasure. 1640. Bisexual Awakening - He was huge much bigger than me with a beautiful circumcised cock. I moved to him taking him in my hand as he locked into me. We were now standing there in the open air locked into each other jerking each other off in frenzy. 1592. A Gay Tale - I lay on the bed next to him and we started to wank each other. He said he hadn't been able to do this since the accident and was ready to burst, so I upended and took him into my mouth as he shot. What a load. He leant over and started to suck me and wank me so I let him have the lot.1585. 18 year old white boy taken by a black man in the theater. - This story actually happened to a friend of mine back in the 1980's. He had never divulged this story to anyone but some years later we met for a few drinks after work. It was a cold night in Boston at a bar, he was drinking heavily and told me about this encounter with a man. James was now a 37 year old married man but this experience had haunted him for years. With literary license, I will relay the story as best I can.... as if he was telling the story. 1458. My Best Frend Joe - I wrapped both hands round his fat cock and pumped the foreskin down and up over the big purplish dome, the tear shaped opening leaked and my pumping smeared the liquid lubing the tip. I leant over and took the big shiny head between my lips. 1427. Jack and Kyle - Part 2 - Max bent his head and started to suck Kyle’s pierced nipple, not bothering to be gentle. Kyle groaned involuntarily, his body trembling as he felt Max’s teeth scrape of his sensitive skin. Max planted a trail of kisses down to Kyle’s waist, loving the way he could feel Kyle squirming underneath him. Slowly, Max shifted so he was knelt between Kyle’s muscular thighs and he lightly licked the tip of his tongue up Kyle’s hard shaft.1412. Jack and Kyle - Part 1 - Max grabbed Kyle by his waist and bent him over the edge of the bed. He stood behind Kyle and ran a finger down his crack between those two perfect ass cheeks. “Don’t fucking make me wait anymore Max!” Kyle hissed, he couldn’t stand this much longer, he needed Max to fuck him.1397. Steve - Steve moved down licking my nipples then stomach causing me to draw in a huge breath he licked my flaccid cock which woke it, it sprang into life as Steve took it into his hot mouth, it felt like the best blowjob I had ever had. It never really occurred to me that it was another man sucking on my cock.1395. My Bestfriend Nick - So i was standing there with my now hard dick sitting between his butt cheeks. i wanted to fuck him so bad right then and i was going to get what i wanted. 1394. Cycle In The Country - She was blonde wearing a flowery skirt and nothing else that I could see. She was not an average build, she was very cuddly, and from the glances I saw of her face she looked to be in her 40’s. She was on her hands and knees, her large breasts swung, as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. He sat with his legs out resting against a tree, he pulled the blonde up off his cock, she straddled him and lowered herself on to his massive erection. 1393. Kens Party - If I was being honest I was more than a little turned on and when he responded by standing and loosening his trousers dropping them to the floor then taking my hand and placing it on his cock. It felt so hot in my hand silky, I pulled the foreskin down revealing the mauve shiny glans with a semi clear fluid seeping from it. 1380. Secret Liaison - Two married men arrange to meet for sex after hooking up on-line. He stood up and kissed me sharing my cum with me, I grabbed his cock and pumped him to full erection as he lifted his top, I returned his attentions, teasing his nipples then mirrored his actions. 1371. The Bedpost - He took me into his bedroom, I knew what was coming and I had never been so excited in my life. I had always had fantasies that I wanted fulfilled, but no one had ever actually offered to do them. 1282. My First Gay Sex Experience - Part 4 - This is part 4 of my first gay sex experience. This one is about my first MMF experience 1249. Sperm Bank For Black Men Part 3 - My pimp has taken me to the local adult bookstore in the black part of town. Here I am to suck and fuck every black who wants me. The place is packed with black men waiting their turn at my white boy ass! 1244. Sperm Bank For Black Men - Part 2 - In Chapter 1 had had just began my gangbang with black men at an adult bookstore. The second man had just finished when in walks number 3. The biggest black man I've ever seen in my life! 1245. The Squealer - I was in an Adult Book Store the other day and I saw one of those, well what I call, ‘Tube- Wankers’. 1239. Sperm Bank for Black Men - I loved black cock, lots of black cock! I could never get enough. And my reward was a mouthful of cum. Gangbangs were my specialty. The more the merrier. 1240. First Time on the Golf Course - I always knew that i liked men. I loved to look at pictures online while i beat off, imagining sucking on a nice erect penis. That thought came true one afternoon on the golf course. 1229. Hot sex with my class mate - "Want a lick?" he said as he went in to pull it out of his boxers. I looked around to see if anyone could see what he was doing, everyone was concentrating on their work. "Go on, i dare you" he said putting the pen right in front of my hand smiling. 1143. Untitled - I mean, I have always had this attraction but it never materialized. Such as this nice evening has tonight. I do feel it strongly now, do you? Yes I do and I just need to relax for it is forthcoming. So some would ask us right now, is he gay? Maybe I would choke or stumble for a bit, or get sweaty palms. 972. My first male Sexual Encounter in 40 years - A true story about my first sexual contact with another man after 40 years of marriage. I wondered how he managed without sex. I handled it (pardon the pun) by regular masturbation. I have masturbated all through my life but now jacking-off was a regular, almost daily occurrence.953. Hot for Teacher- Part 1 - Hey there. Chase here. I have been a fan of Nifty for years now. I recently have gotten into writing my own experiences down and have decided to send it in for others to read and possibly get something from that of course, being a rise. I do hope you enjoy the many experiences I will share with you. I do need to warn you, that this particular story does contain sexual relations between an older man and a teenage boy. If this offends you or is not legal where you live, please do not read or proceed at your own risk. And I love to talk to people, so if you'd like to chat or just comment on this experience, feel free to email me at chase.kain yahoo chase.kain yahoo . mantoman. First Time Man to Man - I am a happily married 38 year old man. Up unitl last year I had never even thought about another man in a sexual way. I love looking at girls and love seeing them in there nude state. We have a nudist beach in Cape Town called sandy bay. I went there one Friday afternoon without my wife knowing to perv at the naked girls on the beach.884. The Locker Room - 6 high school boys in the locker room after hockey practice. 883. A new way to stop a robbery... - I'm a man. I get raped by the male robber...doesnt that just sound great? I have also not described any of the features of the characters, because i think that way the reader can make up their own fantasy people. 801. Giving My First Blow Job - Let me start this by telling you that I had my first sexual experience in the first grade with the teacher’s daughter. Not that we knew exactly what we were doing, but, with our combined curiosities we did manage penetration. beach-guy. Beach Guy- A Gay Story - It was a very hot summer day, and I lived not too far from a local beach in Southern California. I packed some gear, including some beers, which I would pour into a plastic sports bottle to drink from, since booze is your basic illegal commodity on California beaches.716. Jim and I - A Gay Sex Story - I am a single bisexual 34-year-old male. I am 6’ 2”, with dark brown hair and a muscular body and an 11 inch dick. I had just changed jobs and moved to a new city. My next door neighbors had a sensuous 18 year old boy, Jim. 703. One Night Stand - Lahore - A day after that, I got my laptop and came down to lobby. He was sitting in the email room, which had glass walls and you can see people working on the computers. I positioned myself in a way that I could look at him as well as on my screen with a slight eye movement. 676. The Moving Guy - A Gay Tale - I guess I must look gay because I always seem to find myself being hit on and being seduced by other men. I'm a successful stock broker and I make a lot of money, so I'm pretty happy with my life. And I guess I'm okay with being hit on too. oldfuck. Fucked By an Oldie - A night of sex ensued with Dave and the climax was when he placed an 8 inch vibrating dildo up my arse whilst I sucked him off and I did not let one drop of his spunk escape from my mouth. I had wanked myself silly to the point where the top of my cock was red raw.607. My First Gay Sex Part 3 - Here we go with part 3 of my first gay sex.It was about a week after i had sucked his older cock off i went to deliver his paper and as always he would be waiting for me to arrive. He asked me if i wanted something to drink and i said yes. 604. First Time Sex - My first male experience occurred when I was eighteen and I was moving from my bed sit in Dorset to a flat on the sea front. As I did not have far to go I carried my stuff and walked the usual half a mile without disturbance.600. My First Gay Sex Experience - He lived in an apartment building he told me the bathroom was the next door down the hall from his apartment he told me when i went in to make sure i locked the door because he had to share the bathroom with everyone on that floor. gaysex2. My First Gay Sex Part 2 - Having gay sex for the first couple of times being so young really felt good to me. 522. My First Gay Experience - The very first gay experience I've had and maybe the last was with one of my friends, AJ. It was mid-year exams when we were freshmans in high school and the week was very stressful. I had invited AJ over to my house to play video games and watch movies, but one day, after school, I got an urge. 488. On Leave - I asked Philippe what he wanted to do. Thank god he said he wanted to go back to my place. I couldn't bear the thought of having to drag him around bars and watching everyone drool. 337. My first Gay sex - The first time I had sex was with a good friend of mine. And every weekend after that we got together to have gay sex.311. The First Time I touched it.... - It was a camping out time of the year, and me and my mate got horny... 301. It had been so long - I'm bi and its been so long since I had been with a man... in my dream, I finally get my time with an old friend... big-red. Big Red - When I first plugged into the joys of trucker meat a year ago, I began hearing about Big Red. And since it was Nashville Eddy who showed this college kid what a driver of freight could throw at a hungry gobbler of dick, it was also he who first mentioned the name of this trucking legend. As the months passed and I heard other drivers mention the name of Big Red, he seemed more myth than reality. But I was to discover later just how real he was transexual-seduction. The transexual seduction - There was this guy that was horny as hell one not so he decided to go to a bar to pick up some women. when he got there he looked around to see any gorgeous women. out of the corner of his eye he saw the most beautiful gorgeous woman he had ever seen in his entire life. 41. Discovery - Late for class. I was running down the hallway, turning the corners and trying not to slip as my sneakers gripped the tile. No sign of the principal, fortunately. I slipped into class just in time to hear the teacher call my name off the rollsheet. "Here!" I said, and he hardly looked up. Not a tardy yet, I smiled to myself, sitting down in my desk towards the back of the classroom.28. Young bottom finds his first threesome - Gay sex story - Lightning breached the darkness of the sultry evening revealing a threatening night sky. The immediacy and intensity of the inevitable crack of thunder indicated that the forecasted torrential rains would be soon to arrive as I sat in my small station wagon waiting the night's suitor. 26. Giving My First Blowjob - Oral sex story - This is a true story; it's about the first time that I ever sucked cock. There isn't much dialogue to it, and I can't promise that the formatting or grammar will be any good either. It's just a recollection of the events as I remember them. 18. Suburban Sprawl Pt. I - Six weeks came and went WAY to fast. Darren and Cathy had both figured that they would have plenty of time to sort things out before Cathy's maternity leave was over, but now they found themselves staring at one of the ugly realities of new parenthood: childcare. Together, they made a pretty good living, but they were not prepared for the cost of taking care of Jessica while they were at work. The only thing they had decided early on was that the nanny thing wasn't an option; it would be bad enough having a stranger taking care of their child without also having her live in their house.17. Suburban Sprawl Pt. II - The tension broken and things back to normal, Darren set about the task of learning how to raise a child and tend house. There were very few housewives on his block that he could get pointers from; most of their neighbors belonged to two income households. It took a lot of work, but by the summer he pretty much had things under control. Right around that time, the state started work on the roads in the neighborhood.

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