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Catsuits and bodysuits in popular media

Catsuits and bodysuits in popular media

Movies and television series Notable uses of catsuits or similar full body garments include on Flux In both the TV series and the 2005 film starring Charlize Theron Austin Powers International Man of Mystery Liz Hurley and Mimi Rogers appear in black leather catsuits in a tribute to Emma Peel The Avengers Cathy Gale played by Honor Blackman better known for the role of Pussy Galore in Goldfinger wore black leather catsuits that took four hour fitting sessions for the shooting She opted for the leather as her clothes were getting repeatedly ripped off during fight scenes including one scene that had her trousers ripped in close up Her fetishistic garb was identified as a reason behind the The Avengers s entry into a cult status Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg wore a number of black leather catsuits during the monochrome series but then switched to wearing colorful psychedelic jumpsuits as the show entered Technicolor Emma Peel s black leather catsuits was identified as a precursor of Michelle Pfeiffer s latex catsuit in Batman Returns as well as the popularity of leather spandex and vinyl bodysuits in subcultures like Punk and Leathermen Her character has been described as the inspiration for most iconic bodysuit clad female characters that followed including the Catwoman Monica Vitti in Modesty Blaise Jane Fonda in Barbarella and Marianne Faithful in Girl on a Motorcycle The catsuits and fashion paraphernalia in The Avengers including the leather boots kept the youth at home on Saturday nights according to the Spectator Novelist and social analyst Gillian Freeman attributed this popularity to the kinkiness of the attire of Gale and Peel in The Undergrowth of Literature her seminal study on pornography The Avengers film In the 1998 film based on the series Uma Thurman wears a black pleather catsuit and a black PVC latex catsuit as Emma Peel and her evil clone respectively Batman Batgirl has appeared in various forms of the catsuit throughout the Batman film TV and comic book franchises Catwoman has worn a variety of lurex PVC leather and spandex catsuits in the TV series film and comic book franchises The villainess Harley Quinn is renowned for her distinctive costume a red and black diamond checked catsuit in the style of a harlequin jester Batman Forever Jim Carrey wears a number of flamboyant green spandex catsuits for his role as The Riddler Batman Returns Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman wears the catsuit and European fetish magazine O claims that the popularity of her costume has taken forward the social approval of fetish costumes a claim partially acknowledged by scholarly sources Batman Robin Poison Ivy Uma Thurman wears two flamboyant spandex catsuits Cat s Eye The criminal trio of sisters Rui Hitomi and Ai wear spandex catsuits throughout the anime film In the live action version the catsuits are worn by Miss Japan 1992 Norika Fujiwara Rui Izumi Inamori Hitomi and teen icon Yuki Uchida Ai Charlie s Angels Cameron Diaz appears in a white spandex catsuit Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore appear in black catsuits during the Alley fight scene and the villainess Vivian Wood Kelly Lynch appears in a sleeveless black latex catsuit and leather jacket Doctor Who Travelling companion Zoe Heriot wears a sparkling catsuit apparently common in the 21st century Dude Where s My Car A group of five attractive females wearing catsuits appear a number of times throughout the movie Fantastic Four The heroes Mr Fantastic The Invisible Woman and The Human Torch all wear dark lycra catsuits Galaxina Dorothy Stratten wears white spandex catsuit during the whole film The Girl on a Motorcycle the female protagonist Marianne Faithfull rides a motorcycle through Europe wearing only a leather catsuit Irma Vep Irma Vep played by Maggie Cheung spends most of the film dressed in a tight black latex catsuit jumping from one Parisian rooftop to another and defending her director s odd choices to hostile crew members and journalists In the TV series Les Vampires the inspiration of Irma Vep Musidora wears the same costume and make up as Cheung This particular look was also repeated in Mark of the Vampire for Carroll Borland s characterization of vampiress Phoebe Duprey Irma Vep was included in the X list National Society of Film Critics movies that turn us on for the catsuit worn by Cheung In the film the costume is devised by bisexual costume designer Zoe played by Natalie Richard enamored by Irma in the costume as a vague reminiscent Michelle Pfeiffer costume in Batman Returns Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back The criminal quartet forming the C L I T syndicate Eliza Dushku Shannon Elizabeth Ali Larter and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith wear black latex catsuits Kappa Mikey Mitsuki wears a black with yellow details catsuit as her spy outfit on the episode Le Femme Mitsuki Kill Bill Volume 1 Beatrix Kiddo Uma Thurman wears a yellow leather catsuit with black stripes in a tribute to Bruce Lee s iconic tracksuit in Game of Death Kim Possible The character Shego wears a green and black catsuit as her trademark outfit Lajja Bollywood actress and dancer Urmila Matondkar appears in a gold pleather catsuit in the opening item number Aa Hi Jaiye The Matrix trilogy Trinity Carrie Anne Moss wears a black PVC catsuit Her androgynous appeal in the film was carefully designed in PVC catsuits at times by trench coats generating enormous following especially among cybergeeks The role and costume launched her into stardom Trinity s shift from the maiden with longer hair and softer garbs to the black vinyl catsuit has been commented on as a statement in gender identity Kym Barrett the costume designer made 15 versions of the catsuit all designed to look the same on screen She was nominated by the Costume Designers Guild in 2001 as the Best Costume Designer for her designs for Matrix characters While discussing the Matrix she said that she wanted to go just from the script to come up with clothes that weren t connected to a certain time or place Mean Girls Gretchen Wieners Lacey Chabert appears in a black catsuit Mr Magoo Kelly Lynch appears early on in the film as a jewel thief in a black latex catsuit The Mighty Boosh Vince Noir Noel Fielding inventor of the mirror ball suit Never Been Kissed Leelee Sobieski appears in blue spandex catsuit Rent Maureen Idina Menzel in black catsuit with matching cat ears Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed Velma Dinkley Linda Cardellini appears in a red latex catsuit in an attempt to impress her love interest Patrick Wisely Seth Green Star Trek Catsuits and bodysuits were worn by many extraterrestrial species and characters of which the most notable is the Borg bodysuit Star Trek The Next Generation Counsellor Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis wore catsuits for nearly all of season one through six Star Trek Deep Space Nine Kira Nerys Nana Visitor wears a catsuit tightness increasing throughout the episodes as her uniform distinguishing her rather attractively from the surrounding Starfleet Pyjamas Star Trek Voyager Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan and Kes Jennifer Lien wore several catsuits throughout the show some of Seven of Nine s even contained built in corsets Star Trek Enterprise Continuing the Star Trek tradition from previous series T Pol Jolene Blalock wore a catsuit Tomb Raider series Lara Croft Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft appears in a thermal silver spandex catsuit Totally Spies Clover Alex and Sam wear red yellow and green catsuits respectively as their spy outfits Underworld Selene Kate Beckinsale wears a black latex catsuit with matching leather corset X Men All members of the X Men team male and female wear black leather catsuits as their official uniform Music videos Ola Salo of The Ark in a leopard print catsuit Notable uses of catsuits or similar full body garments include Groove Is In The Heart Lady Miss Kier wears a spandex catsuit in some of it Confide in Me Kylie Minogue wears a black latex catsuit Human Nature Madonna wears a black PVC catsuit She recorded the song to lash out at the outcry over her book Sex and to stretch the point wears a catsuit along with ropes and chains in the video Independent Women Part I Michelle Williams wears a copper red pleather catsuit It s a Fine Day Opus III s Kirsty Hawkshaw wears a black catsuit I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Darkness s Justin Hawkins wears a catsuit I Want Candy Mel C alias Sporty Spice wears a black pleather catsuit Just a Little Liberty X s Kelli Young and Jessica Taylor wear black latex catsuits More Than A Woman Aaliyah wears a white leather catsuit Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears wears a red latex catsuit The catsuit presented with a number of problems during shooting of the video It generated so much heat that sweat flew off her sleeves every time she flicked a hand or twirled The suit flattened her breasts and extra padding had to be added which kept slipping off Say You ll Be There Victoria Beckham alias Posh Spice wears a sleeveless black PVC catsuit There You Go Pink wears a white leather catsuit Too Much Victoria Beckham alias Posh Spice wears a black PVC catsuit with a feline headdress Toxic Britney Spears wears a black pleather catsuit Who Do You Think You Are Victoria Beckham alias Posh Spice wears a silver lurex catsuit Heart Shaped Glasses When the Heart Guides the Hand Marilyn Manson appears in a black leather catsuit Sexy No No No All members of Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole Nadine Coyle Sarah Harding Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh wearing black latex catsuits I Do 3LW s Kiely Williams wearing a black leather catsuit Cry For You September alias Petra Marklund wears a black latex catsuit in the video for the UK version Feedback Janet Jackson wears a black catsuit with knee pads and matching boots jumping from planet to planet in a space futureistic themed Music Video Video and computer games Notable uses of catsuits or similar full body garments include Dead or Aliveritish assassin Christie wears a black and white catsuit as her primary outfit in DOA 3 and as her second costume option in DOA 4 Death By Degreesssassin and action heroine Nina Williams wears a purple leather catsuit and a black and white leather catsuit during gameplay Soul Calibur seriesemale ninja Taki wears a red catsuit with body armor Super Smash Bros Brawlero Suit Samus wears a blue catsuit Tekken seriesssassin and martial artist Nina Williams has worn a variety of catsuits throughout the series including a green brown and black military camouflage catsuit purple military camouflage catsuits and a shocking pink catsuit Tomb Raider seriesdventurer and action heroine Lara Croft has appeared in several catsuits including a black leather catsuit and thermal spandex catsuits Post modern thesis In a post modern thesis on the superhero genre Michael Lecker wrote In the superhero genre clothes do the talking through semiotics which Roland Barthes discusses in depth in his work The first literal message serves as a support for a second meaning of a generally affective or ideological order Roland Barthes The cat suits that adorn the feline hybrid characters in this genre are firstly illustrating their connection to felines On the ideological level the costumes signify the attributes that our society has projected onto cats and that the characters embody In another post modern thesis on sadomasochism in cinema Andrea Beckmann wrote Cinematic SM is twisted into the non consenting violent realm of the unhinged that we know it is not Fetishism is used as an excuse for a bit of titillatory semi nudity or to identify the villain the man in black leather Horror films in particular will happily throw in a leather catsuit or a gratuitous bondage scene to spice up a mediocre script M Olley Pam Hogg Warrior queen of the catwalk References Bodysuit Dictionary com Catsuit Dictionary com a b Paula Deitz Origins of Casual Style New York Times 1989 08 20 Danger clad in a catsuit The Age Alan Farrell High Cheekbones Pouty Lips Tight Jeans page 15 Lulu com 2007 ISBN 1430304340 Elyce Rae Helford Fantasy Girls page 6 Rowman Littlefield 2000 ISBN 0847698343 Theresa L Geller Queering Hollywood s Tough Chick The Subversions of Sex Race and Nation in the Long Kiss Goodnight and the Matrix Frontiers A Journal of Women s Studies Volume 25 2004 Sherrie A Inness Action Chicks page 72 Palgrave Macmillan 2004 ISBN 1403964033 Jennifer Worick Joe Borgenicht and Larry Jost The Action Heroine s Handbook page 73 Quirk Books 2003 ISBN 1931686688 Sherrie A Inness Action Chicks New Images of Tough Women in Popular Culture page 72 Palgrave Macmillan 2004 ISBN 1403964033 http www guardian co uk theobserver 2006 feb 19 features review87 http www usatoday com life 2002 07 24 beyonce_x htm Nick Morrison Catsuits I d rather wear nothing at all The Northern Echo 2004 06 16 Dennis Fischer The Avengers St James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture a b Bill Osgerby and Anna Gough Yates Action TV page 225 Routledge 2001 ISBN 0415226201 Dave Thompson Black and white and blue adult cinema from the Victorian age to the VCR ECW Press 2007 ISBN 1550227912 p 215 Valerie Steele Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion page 80 Charles Scribner s Sons 2005 ISBN 0684313944 Dave Rogers The Com complete Avengers page 89 Boxtree 1989 Gillian Freeman The Undergrowth of Literature page 5 Nelson 1967 http www comicbookbin com Every_Woman_Wants_a_Harley_Quinn_Costume_For_Halloween001 html http www rollingstone com reviews movie 5948895 review 5948896 batman_forever Efrat Tselon Masquerade and Identities page 74 Routledge 2001 ISBN 0415251060 James Chapman Inside the Tardis the worlds of Doctor Who a cultural history I B Tauris 2006 ISBN 184511163X p 57 Temple Drake and David Kerekes Headpress Guide to the Counter Culture Headpress 2004 ISBN 1900486350 Jami Bernard The X List The National Society of Film Critics Movies that Turn Us on page 151 Da Capo 2005 ISBN 0306814455 Paul Tatara Irma Vep puts stake in the heart of current cinema CNN 1997 06 12 Stacy Gillis The Matrix
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