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Growing Up

Growing Up

By Bobjj123 - Mar 31, 2010 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 45341 He wasn't the sharpest tool in the drawer but then neither was he the dumbest; Stan Mosely was pretty sure of that. On the other hand, maybe he wasn’t so sure! He’d been embarrassed only a few minutes ago when a group of his peers heard a joke told by another upperclassman and he’d failed to grasp the humor. . .face it, it’d made no sense at all; yet, all those around him laughed. As he was considering his condition, he moved steadily towards his next class and beside him Steffanie Mack walked in the same direction. Stef was hot. . . probably the hottest girl in school and Stan longed to get to know her but he was sure that she was out of his class. Instead, he ignored her. . .So it went all day long, every day as Stan’s lived his shy, remote life; not speaking to his female classmates and putting up a false macho front before his piers. He was not a happy teenager.It was just the end of football season and Stan was walking to school, as usual. Ten yards In front of him Stef came out of her house and started towards the school, nearly bumping into Stan as she reached the sidewalk. She spoke, “High Stan!” and flashed him a smile.Stan, on hearing her words, panicked as he fumbled for a response. Finally, he responded, “Hi!” And they walked together. Then Stef spoke again, “The Sadie Hawkins Day dance is coming up and I’d like you to be my date.” “Nope, ” Stan replied.“Too Bad. Why can’t you go with me?”“Don’t want to!”“Liar, I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking and I know you’re interested so . . .”Then, Stan realized that he was found out. . .she knew him for the coward he really was. He responded in desperation, “I can’t dance.”“Is that all? Half the guys in our class can’t dance but they pretend anyway. You come home with me this afternoon after school and we’ll learn together. . . My Mom’s a good teacher.”So it was that Stan found himself trembling with anticipation as Stef greeted him for the walk home from school. At first, they walked in silence; then Stef began to engage him in conversation. . . When’s your birthday?. . . What’s your father’s name?. . .small talk that required answers. Stan offered one word answers as his shyness prevented any real intimacy. Then, they were at Stef’s house and, at the door, Stan was invited to enter by Stef’s mother who he noted was a very beautiful blond lady, probably in her late thirties. Seeing her acting so cordial towards him scared him even more. . . Surely she’d see him for the stupid oaf that he was quickly. He regretted ever agreeing to accompany Stef home. As Stef explained to her mother that Stan couldn’t dance either and that she’d brought him home to get lessons from her, Stan stood trembling, his mouth dry and a foul taste of bile had risen in his throat. Then, he heard her mother say that she’d be glad to. Soon, Stef’s mother motioned to Stan to approach her and embrace her in the manner of a dance. Stan, with no alternative approached her and felt his hands being positioned to hold her. With his fear and emotions high, another new problem began to appear - in the arms of a beautiful, older woman he felt a surge of lust and his penis begin to stir. As the mother took the lead and showed him the various dance steps they moved together closely and Stan’s man-meat stood proudly in his shorts between them. After a few moves, the mother turned on some slow, dance music and took Stan gracefully into her arms and directed him to dance. He began to move at her direction and in time with the music. As Stan danced, he was sure that Mrs. Mack could feel his raging hard-on as their belly’s touched from time to time and he used all his effort to keep her from knowing his condition. . Soon, the mother’s demonstration took a new turn as she stepped back from Stan and turned him to face Stef. “Now, take her and hold her just like you did me and dance. It’s up to you to lead” she said.Again, Stan was reluctant. If he moved closer to her and she felt his cock there between their bellies he was pretty sure he would be disgraced. So, their dancing was both awkward and a source of tension and embarrassment for both of them. Stan would have left Stef and the whole thing except Mrs. Mack seemed to keep finding reasons to delay his departure. . . It seemed to him almost as though she was trying to keep him with her daughter. So, they worked on the dancing and, after an hour and a half, Mrs. Mack said, “It’s getting late and I need to make dinner. Stan, would you like to stay for dinner?” Much as he’d have liked to, his fear brought him to say, Sorry, I’ve got to get home.”A few minutes later, as he walked home, Stan felt his tension abate and his lusty notions fade. The knot in his stomach disappeared and he arrived home in high spirits.Meanwhile, Mrs. Mack was deep in thought as she prepared dinner. Her thoughts were on Stan and they were good thoughts. He was innocent, more so than most boys his age, and, based on what she had observed, he surely had good morals and ethics. She had indeed felt Stan’s package when they were dancing and smiled as she recalled his efforts to hide it. “Yes! He was innocent!” she thought. He was certainly different from the boys she’d known in high school Mrs. Mack recalled. They’d have pressed their erect package into her belly in hopes of arousing some action. . . He also seemed different from those boys that had come around to date Stef and was glad that she was bringing them to be together. When Stef met him after school the next day, Stan had no real desire to go back for the second lesson. It’d all been too difficult the day before and he was in no mood to repeat the embarrassing situations. On the other hand, he was walking with Steffanie Mack, the tall, beautiful blond girl that nearly every boy in high school lusted after and she was walking with him. He was proud!Lesson number two was not quit so stressful as Stan began to grow familiar with Stef and her mother. Under Mrs. Mack’s covert tutelage he was learning how to control his hormones and appreciate girls for their other attributes. He was beginning to understand intimacy.So it started with Stan and Stef getting afternoon dancing lessons every day for the next three weeks. During that time, they became quite good at dancing. They also became quite familiar with each other and with Stef’s mother as they soon became good friends. Mrs. Mack joined them in their afternoon lessons and covertly continued to encourage their relationship.The Sadie Hawkins Day dance came and Stan’ and Stef’s confidence soared as they danced the evening away. With their dancing expertise and confidence, they’d become a part of the “In Crowd” at school. That night, after the dance, as he took Stef up to her door to bid her goodnight, their eyes met and Stan noted something that he’d never seen before. . . she wanted something from him and as he searched his mind, her lips met his in a kiss. A sloppy, awkward kiss but a first for both!Again, Stan was elated as he drove home. Meanwhile, Stef found her mother still awake in the family room waiting for Stef’s arrival. Then, as they greeted, Mrs. Mack knew her daughter well and saw the signs - her daughter had just been kissed! She gave no indication of the elation she felt for her daughter on realizing she had just been bussed for the first time.After the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Stan and Stef were a couple, dating regularly and growing more intimate each day. They often sought private time together to embrace and kiss and allow their lust to inflame their passions even as they maintained strict limits on their activities. . . .limits which changed over time. Then, when Stan put his hand on Stef’s clothed breasts, he found no resistance, he began to fondle and caress as Stef made no resistance. Soon , he had unbuttoned her shirt and loosened her bra to allow him to feel her breasts. It was his greatest thrill when he felt the soft, smooth flesh of her small tits and he had gone home excited.It was on their next encounter that Stan’s hands went swiftly to her bared breasts and commenced his caressing. “You may kiss them if you like.” Stef said! That night, Stan went home exhilarated with a “hard-on” that he simply found no relief for. It was as they were returning from a school dance that they got in Stan’s car in the school parking lot and found the lot nearly empty to give them privacy. He moved quickly through all the stages of seduction to the previous limit - kissing and laving her breasts. It wasn’t enough to satisfy their raging lust. Stan’s hand moved on to Stef’s inner thigh and worked it’s way to her virgin pussy. He felt no objection as he moved her panties aside and began to explore her labia, seeking the vestibule where he might penetrate her with his fingers. His fumbling, awkward as it was, was also inflaming Stef’s rapidly rising passions. Then, his finger felt the opening he sought - now lubricated with her fluids! He allowed one finger to penetrate her. . . Then, as if by some subliminal mutual understanding, Stan hesitated in his quest and sought to familiarize himself with what had already been covered. For the first time, he removed Stef’s clothing com completely down to panties and allowed his hands and lips to touch every part of her body. It was also the night that Stef had unzipped Stans trousers and reached into his boxers to grasp his hard cock. Later, it was also the night that Mrs. Mack observed her daughter carefully and knew what was transpiring between Stan and Stef; she wondered about the nature and extent of their mating so far. As her mother, Mrs. Mack was quick to note the disheveled clothing and smeared lipstick as the girl passed on her way to her room. It was the next day at school as the couple sat in the warm shade and ate their lunch together that Stef brought up the subject, “Stan! Do you ever think of us as a man and a woman?” Stan was rather taken aback by the remark and, knowing his propensity for making inappropriate remarks, did not respond immediately. Then, he spoke carefully, “Stef! You’re a beautiful girl. Most of the guys in this school have entertained those thoughts.”“Yes, but I’m talking about you. Do you ever think of doing it with me?” Again, Stan hesitated before answering, “Yes, I often do. I hope I haven’t offended you!”This time it was Stef who hesitated before saying, “I often think of you that way too. Perhaps we should do “it” and see what it feels like. A lot of the girls at school swear it’s fun!”“Do you mean it?”“Yes, I’d like to.”“Then, I’d be the proudest and happiest man in the world to love you and make a woman of you.” Their eyes met and they exchanged excited affirmation of what they had just said. It was now only a matter of time and place.The opportunity came sooner than either could have hoped as Mrs. Mack informed them that very afternoon that she and her husband were going away for the weekend and Stef was in charge of the house for Friday and Saturday nights.As the mother told them about her plans for going away, she had observed them carefully. Over the past couple of weeks it had become apparent to her that Stef was nearing the point of no return in she and Stan’s lovemaking. Stef’s emotions were becoming frayed and she seemed tense. . . She was close! That night, Mrs. Mack told her husband of her, previously unmentioned, desire to go away for the weekend. To her husband she said simply, “I want to go to the lake where there’s privacy and I can fuck your brains out.” Actually, having said it, she began to entertain those lusty feelings that she enjoyed and was soon determined to do just that as though that had been her primary goal after all. Mrs. Mack was a very passionate woman!Friday night, long before the dinner hour, her hot and horny parents left for the lake and Stef quickly prepared a nice dinner with candles and tablecloth, napkins and fine crystal. Then, she showered and primped and dressed for the evening. As she dressed, Stef wondered which clothes were best for a seduction - her seduction! Obviously, they had to be easily removed, other than that, she had no idea. Then, there was the matter of looking sexy. . .she had to look sexy! Finally, she selected a white sun suit consisting of white short shorts and a white blouse over a white bra and panties. It showed her legs well and, with the red scarf at the neck, looked absolutely stunning on her. For stockings, bobbysox and white tennis shoes seemed to work.Promptly at six o’clock the door bell rang and Stef welcomed Stan into her house. It was a rather erotic welcome as the couple threw themselves into a tight embrace, kissed and began feeling each other in a frenzy of excitement. In seconds their passions had exceeded all previous levels and clothing began to fall as Stan felt himself grow fully erect and Stef felt her nipples grow and become sensitive. She felt the lubrication begin to flow from her vagina. . Suddenly, she remembered her carefully laid plan for the evening and spoke out, “Hey! I’ve got dinner here waiting. We’re supposed to eat first.” The words were wasted as Stan seemed to not hear her and continued his quest. He moved on her like a hungry animal. Then, when his lips touched her erect nipples, Stef forgot about the meal and allowed her new erotic feelings to envelope her. With dinner forgotten, they continued to kiss and shed clothing, Stef quickly altered her plan and pulled Stan up the stairs to her bedroom where she quickly drew him in and shut the door before pushing him backwards into a sitting position on her bed. There, she had intended to move beside him and shed her bra and panties as Stan dropped his boxers. It didn’t work! Stan held her back as he said, “Stop and let me look at you! You’re beautiful and I want to enjoy you.” She stopped and felt proud as stood under Stan’s adoring gaze. “Take off your bra and panties, ” Stan continued and she dutifully did as she was told. Then, totally nude, she felt her pride in her body swell and turned to display her side and back as well. Her confidence increased as she posed for him. Then as Stan motioned her to him, she said, “Now, it’s your turn.” and drew him up into a standing position as she positioned herself seated on the bed. “Take off your undershorts, ” she continued.” It was only with much encouragement that Stef was able to get Stan to remove his boxers and pose for her.Having posed, Stan moved quickly to embrace Stef as she moved back further on to the bed. With Stef squarely over the double layer of beach towels that she had conveniently placed there earlier, Stan brought his body over hers and they kissed. He was excited now. . .more than he’d ever been in his entire life. Then, as Stan began to toy with her breasts and his mouth seized on her nipples again, Stef found herself impatient. “Stan, it’s time! Do me now. . .I’m so hot!”It was inexperience that caused Stan to hesitate. He wasn’t sure what the correct protocol was for actually positioning himself and entering her and he needed time to develop a plan. In order to keep the action going as he delayed, for a second, his finger sought her vagina and moved over her very sensitive clit. She cried out in a weird animal cry which further confused Stan - was it a cry of passion or a cry of pain?Stef, temporarily pacified by Stans fingers working their magic on her clit, continued to cry out in low guttural tones that Stan interpreted correctly as passion. Hearing this obviously passion induced sound, he continued his ministration with his fingers. “Oh my gosh Stan! Do me quick! I don’t know how much more I can stand.” Stef cried out.This time it just seemed right as he moved over her and settled between her splayed knees and with is cock just inches from her vestibule as he felt Stef’s hands guiding his cock directly into her vagina. Suddenly he found the crown of his man-meat embedded in her soft, smooth, warm love-channel and it was like nothing he’d ever felt before. Again, he hesitated. “Push it in, ” Stef said as he drove his hard gristle deeper into her. It was when he had penetrated only an inch or two he felt resistance. . . her hymen! As he hesitated again, Stef grimacing with pain said, “Keep pushing. Keep pushing! Get in me!” and Stan was torn between relieving her pain and completing his mission. With a sudden lunge, he felt the membrane blocking her passage part and his cock slide into her to it’s fullest extension. Then, as he looked down and into Stef’s tear filled eyes, he asked, “Does it still hurt much?” and she smiled a broad smile as she replied, “Not much! Kiss me!” He did as they celebrated their joyous union.Soon, Stan withdrew his cock a few inches and slowly inserted it back into her depths and on the second thrust he felt Stef’s ass come off the bed to meet it. In a few more seconds, they were into a regular coital rhythm and Stef reported hat her pain had diminished. As Stan felt the semen rise up in his balls, he suddenly realized that he’d forgotten to put on a condom. Realizing the consequences and in a state of near panic, he attempted to pull back as she sought to hold him in her. With only a split second to spare his cock came out of her and exploded its spurts of semen on to her belly. At the instant he peaked, they kissed, long and hard, their passions spilling into each other even if his semen did not. A minute of extreme intimacy kept them both in their embrace as they silently took their pleasure from each other. It had been a good first time. . . The afterglow might have lasted longer except that the two were lolling in body fluids from Stan’s emissions and lubrication as well as a small quantity of blood from Stef’s ruptured hymen. The beach towels, on the bed, showed several red stains where the blood and semen had dribbled to and they had rolled in during the course of the coitus. Uncom comfortable in their situation, they parted from their embrace and together, they arose from the bed. Stef, looking back on the bed picked up the beach towels and placed them in the washing machine as she said, “Better get these washed before somebody sees them. Together, they took a shower and cleaned themselves as they laughed and played under the spray of water. It was nearly eight o’clock by the time the two got to the kitchen to com complete the dinner that Stef had started. The rest of the weekend went well as the young lovers experienced love fully for the first time. They learned valuable lessons from each other and from their experience together as they sought to please their mate and take their pleasure from giving. When Stef’s parents arrived home on Sunday night, the house showed no apparent signs of the events that had transpired there. “How was your weekend? Stef” her m other asked. Stef smiled as she replied nonchalantly , “It was fine.” “Did you see Stan over the weekend?”“Yes, he was here. We made dinner together.”Mrs. Mack knew her daughter well and she knew that Stef hadn’t told her the whole story. She noted how relaxed and com comfortable she was. . .none of the frustrations and tension that she’d noted recently. She wondered, how far Stef and Stan had gotten with their young love. . .Then, a few minutes later, as Mrs. Mack was putting dirty clothes from her weekend in to the washing machine she saw the two beach towels. She smiled - this was not beach weather and the only other use for those towels was exactly what Stef had used them for. They had regular monthly uses.Suddenly she was happy. . . happy for her daughter! She was learning about sex in a way that involved love and caring and respect and responsibility. She was experiencing the joys of good sex and not the cold recreational variety that it might have been. It was as she was emptying trash from the bedroom the next morning that she saw the condom wrappers and thought, “They’re responsible too.” The story might have ended there but there was more. Stan and Stef were, indeed, responsible people who were in love. During the next summer and two years of college the made love regularly; then, Stef went off to a fine arts college on the Pacific Coast and Stan went off to an apprenticeship program in the northeast. At first their love was strong; then, the press of time and distance coupled with the need for a social life in their new scene simply suppressed that love to a distant memory. They made new friends. . . friends with like interests and close at hand. When Stan heard that Stef was engaged to be married, he felt no real loss. . .rather, he was happy for her. A few months later, Stan was also married and eager to start a family.When Stef’s husband’s work brought her back to their old home, she found that Stan was already well situated with a wife and three kids. She was happy for him. Likewise, when Stan heard that Stef and her family were returning, he was glad. Today, they live, not ten miles apart, and their kids go to the same schools. Stef and Stan meet frequently in social situations and usually smile and greet each other as old friends. Then, afterwards, they occasionally get a warm feeling as they remember that first time.
Growing UpbyBobjj1234

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