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He Found Me - Part 2

He Found Me - Part 2

By Anon - Apr 10, 2007 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 23401 He had carried me from the bar, my pussy throbbing and achy from the mind-blowing orgasm. God! I had actually come all over his fingers in the middle of a crowded dance floor! Now he was placing me in the car, still finger-fucking my slick cunt. In the glow of the street light I saw that his eyes were a piercing green. His skin was tanned to perfection, weathered in all the right places, not too pretty-boy. He licked his fingers after pulling them from my pussy and his eyes held a gleam that took my breath away. I was ready for more. I wanted to know what he felt like. Did he have hair on his chest? I knew he was all muscle, but not to bulky. His chest had been hard as a rock when he held me, and his thigh was the perfect firmness between my thighs on the dance floor. At the memory of straddling his thigh while he played with my exposed tit and pinched my ass I felt a rush of fresh cream between my thighs. As he joined me in the car, his hand returned to my hungry pussy to find me gushing again.
“We are going to my house for the rest of the weekend. I am going to fuck you, baby, until you scream my name. Your hot little cunt is mine. Your chewable little titties are mine. Your sweet little tight ass is mine. And your sinful, hot mouth is definitely mine. In fact, let’s start getting that tempting little mouth warmed up on the way, shall we?
His fingers twisted in my panties and tugged, the drenched fabric giving away. I felt him pull the torn material from my cunt lips and immediately missed the sensation of the thong between my cheeks.
“No more panties this weekend, baby girl. I want access to my pretty little pussy at all times.” He gave my clit a light pinch and tugged it gently, drawing a moan from my throat. I closed my eyes as his fingers continued to explore the folds of my bare pussy. Then the hand was gone, and as I turned my gaze toward him he brought his juice-slick fingers to my lips. Painting my lips with cream, he leaned in and flicked my nipple with his tongue through the sheer fabric of my blouse. I was breathless, squirming in his plush bucket seat, unable to keep my thighs from rubbing together in an attempt to relieve the pressure. He sat back and watched me as I licked and nipped at his fingers, his heated gaze traveling over me.
“So fucking hot, baby. Your pussy is perfectly pink and swollen, and Jesus, so wet. Open your thighs wider honey, so I can see my sweet little cunt.” I raised a knee higher and let it drop to the side, thrusting my pelvis toward his gaze. “What do you want, sweet girl? Are you ready for some hard cock?” I licked my lips, tasting my cream, watching his eyes heat up at the sight. “You sucked my finger like a hungry little thing… maybe you are ready to suck something bigger. What do you think, baby? Ready to suck some hard cock?” My gaze dropped to his lap, where his fingers trailed over the line of a very impressive length inside his jeans. My mouth watered at the idea of making him squirm the way he had done to me. Would he lose control enough to come? I was ready to find out.
My eyes returned to his and I saw pure lust there. He had been watching me stare at his cock, biting and licking my lips in anticipation. He began unbuttoning his jeans, revealing that he wore no underwear. My pussy was throbbing again, and a new ache began as his cock appeared. Long, impossibly thick, and with a perfect plum-shaped head, it stood high against his stomach, jutting out from a trimmed thatch of dark hair. He lifted his heavy balls out of their confinement and I rubbed my thighs together again, just thinking about that big sack slapping my ass as he pounded into my dripping pussy. “Up on your knees, honey. I want your hot little mouth.”
I raised up to my knees sideways in the car, leaning on the center console for support. Wrapping my hand around his rock-hard dick, I began kissing and licking the plump head, laving the underside with relish. “Yeah baby, that’s my girl.” He slid his fingers through my hair and guided my mouth gently, grinding his hips in a motion that had my cunt twitching. I took his hint and closed my mouth over his rod, taking as much as I could down my throat. I moaned as his fist tightened in my hair, just enough to make me needy, not afraid. “Good girl… suck me, baby. Such a hot little fuckable mouth.” He kept up the sexy words of encouragement as I glided my lips over his massive cock, sucking for all I was worth. I was possessed, wanting to swallow him whole. His dick seemed to be made for my mouth. Where other blow jobs made my jaws hurt, sucking him made me want to open wider and suck deeper than ever before. I became com completely absorbed in sucking and licking, kissing and stroking this incredible cock.
“Jesus. Fuck. Baby doll, lift your ass up, I need to play with that sweet little pussy of yours.” I spread my knees as much as I could on the seat and arched my back, pushing my ass in the air. I felt his hand run over my ass cheeks, stroking and pinching lightly, running his fingers up and down my crack as I rotated my hips in time with my sucking. He began fucking my mouth in earnest, tugging on my pussy lips and fingering my clit in a rhythm that had me moaning around his throbbing dick. Then slid two fingers into my soaked slit, began a slow circular motion over my asshole with his thumb and fluttered his pinkie across my clittie and I went wild. I pulled on his dick in a fuck-rhythm that had him moaning, and sucked him deep while massaging the underside of his thick cock-head with the flat of my tongue. “God. Damn. Baby girl, take my cum. Drink it all down honey, like a good girl. Fuck!” He held my head over his rocketing dick as his hot sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but the force of his orgasm sent some trickling back down his shaft. After the final thrust, I began licking up the remainder of cum from his still swollen cock, massaging his balls and thighs. He stroked my head and whispered sexy words. “Hot little mouth fuck, aren’t you baby? So pretty with your swollen pink lips kissing my cock like that. Suck the head honey, get every last drop of your cum.” His fingers slid out of my cunt, and he gave one more quick rub to my aching pussy lips. When I gasped and thrust toward his hand, he spanked my ass with a quick slap.
“No more for you right now, little honey-cunt. I want to keep you wet and ready for a while.” He tucked his still-hard cock into his jeans and half-buttoned them, leaving a sexy view of his cock-head peeking out of the fly. As he started the engine, I settled into my seat, and started to cross my legs against the unbearable pressure building between them. “Remember what I said Sweet Girl? Legs open. Pussy bare. Lips wet. My cunt.” A moan escaped my throat at his firm words, and I lifted my knee and let my leg drop against the door. “Good girl. Now play with your sweet little bare pussy for me. No cuming. Just keep your hot little honey-pot ready for me.”
He backed the car out, and it was then that I noticed a group of men standing nearby. I looked out the window and a few of them waved, smiling as we pulled away. My God! Had they been outside when I had been sucking his cock? My bare pussy had practically been shoved against the window! I had been so engrossed in that incredible dick that I hadn’t remembered that we were in public… again! While it was a bit of a fantasy of mine, I never thought I would actually be able to have sex in front of strangers. But as my fingers played over my clit, I thought about those men watching my weeping pussy hump the air while I sucked a huge cock down my throat. I moaned as I started to feel myself ready to come. “Back to earth, sweet girl.” He wrapped his fingers around my wrist and lifted my busy hand away from my grinding pussy. “No orgasm until I say so. Fuck, you’re wet.” He ran a finger lightly down my still twitching slit, back up again. Lifting his hand away, he brought it back down with a stinging slap to my engorged cunt lips. “No touching this for now. You can’t be trusted, I think.” He grinned and winked, then sucked his pussy-wet fingers. His eyes grew hot.
“I will let you come, though. When we get to my place, you will start coming and you will keep coming until you can’t move. I am going to slide my cock home into that hot little pink cunnie, sweet baby. You are gonna fuck every last inch, aren’t you?” I nodded, mesmerized by his smoldering green eyes, dark and filled with straight lust. “Yeah. You are my sweet little angel, just ready to fuck. Keep moving those hips, honey, show me how you like to fuck big dicks.” I was dripping cream at his hot words again, arms raised above my head, lip between my teeth, and my hips were indeed grinding against air, trying to fuck an imaginary cock. “Almost there, sweet pussy. Then You’ll get what you need.”
(to be continued)

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