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Our First Group Sex Experience

By - Jan 31, 2005 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 7532 adultfriendfinder go/g-pct MS_19 l Early in our married life, before kids, we would attend a number of parties. These were nothing more than just a bit of fun and drunken behavior.
However we were once invited to party by a couple that I had worked with. They lived out in the hills at SE Queensland. Their place was multi-level with a pool. It was fronting the Australian bush.
We both went along with the normal, six-packs of beer, wine and munchies. The early evening was still fairly warm and muggy from the heat of the day. The music was loud and we were doing a lot of drunken talk to other people. Around 11pm, four of the girls shed their clothes and skinny-dipped in the pool. A lot of laughter and splashing of water was taking place. A little while later their partners stripped off and jumped in the pool. This created a lot more laughter. Jane and I just kept on talking and socializing with the rest of the guests.
It was starting to get a little cooler so people started moving inside the house, chatting and talking. The couples that were in the pool ended up going inside and chatting with everyone else with just towels wrapped around them.
One of the couples that had been in the pool had started to kiss very passionately in front of everyone. It almost seemed they didn't care that everyone was around. Some of the guests were occasionally glancing over at them and watching them kiss. Other people in the room didn't really notice them. I am not sure if Jane noticed they were kissing. She was engrossed in talking to someone about novels. I couldn't help but notice the couple.
The kissing couple started to feel each other up through the towels. It sort of happened at once but both their towels fell to the ground. He was already very aroused and her hands were rubbing his cock up and down. His hands were not idle but were fondling her breasts. The whole time they were doing this they did not break their kiss. The towels falling to the floor were the definite signal for most in the room. Another couple from the pool were also kissing each other and fondling under their towels.
To my amazement the second couples towel had dropped to the floor as well. The two pairs of couples were kissing and openly fondling themselves in front of everyone. Basically, the attention and excitement these people were generating could not be ignored.
Jane had definitely noticed this lewd exhibition. Everyone seemed to form a loose circle around them with these two couples in the middle. Quite a few people sat on the floor. Jane and I ended up sitting on the end of a large couch. The couples in the middle of the room got closer to each other, but continued to play with each other whilst kissing. By now they had the attention of the whole room. The couples broke from kissing each other and now started to give their partners blowjobs in front of everyone.
Jane and I were watching very intently. She moved her hand up the front of my pants and found my hard cock. She whispered to me, "Must be enjoying the show. Relax and watch." My hands started to play with her breasts; she must have been turned on by the show as her breathing had quickened. The couples in the middle of the room were now really putting on a real show, sucking their partners, letting their cocks plop out, running the tongues up and down their shafts.
Jane at this stage was undoing my zipper. She reached inside my pants and was now wanking me inside my trousers. One of the males on the floor was now lying on his back, whilst his partner was on all fours giving him a good blowjob. The other couple broke off from each other; she grabbed his cock and guided him around back of the girl on all fours. She guided his cock up and down the girls pussy, and pushed his cock home. The girl giving the blowjob gasped in surprise as he hit home. The girl then knelt next to the girl getting fucked from both ends and reached under to play with her pussy and breasts.
Jane was really on fire now. She had my cock out of my pants and was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. She suddenly stopped and whispered in my ear that some one was playing with her thighs. I whispered back "Relax and enjoy yourself." I looked over in the low light and could see a man I had earlier talked to be indeed playing with the top of Jane's thighs, probably to see if she would respond. I lowered my head to Jane and whispered to her to kneel between us, without taking my cock from her mouth Jane knelt between this stranger and myself.
He must have taken this as a signal to have her bottom pointed toward him, as he lifted her dress up over her back and was playing with her bottom. I reached around Jane's top and was playing with both breasts with my hands. I think Jane was now enjoying all the activities whilst sucking my cock and watch the mini-orgy that was happening in front of us.
I glanced over and watched this stranger pull Jane's pants down, he then bent down and was licking her pussy up and down from behind. I could tell this had an immediate effect on Jane as she started to buck and pant whilst trying to suck on my cock.
The couples on the floor were now hard at it, the girls were in a sixty-nine embrace sucking on each others clits while the guys were fucking them, every now and then the guys would swap places.
As I glanced over to our stranger I noticed that he was leaning back into the couch, trying to remove his pants. Once his pants were removed his cock was already hard. He then started to finger Jane's pussy; she was trying to push back like she was fucking his fingers. She was still sucking my cock and watching the erotic scene in front of us. Whilst Jane was pushing back he moved his cock over, she easily slid down on it. He rotated and knelt on the couch and started to fuck my wife. I nearly came just watching, I could feel Jane bucking whilst she was sucking my cock.
He started to fuck her very quickly. My wife was no longer sucking on my cock, she was too busy moaning and groaning. I pulled Jane off my lap up towards my face so that I could hold and kiss her whilst she was getting fucked. I reached down and started playing with her clit while she was getting fucked. They fucked like this for some time.
She was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder. He pounded into her and then pushed in really deep. I could tell that he was coming. This triggered Jane off and she started coming as well.
They paused for a second. I started kissing Jane. She whispered to me she loved every minute and she was still very hot. The stranger pulled out and pulled his pants up and disappeared into the room. Jane had no idea who had just fucked her. She remained kneeling on the couch with her dress bunched up and her knickers down. She said she needed another really good hard fuck. I got up and slid my pants off.
Every where around the room there were people having sex. The two couples in the foursome on the floor were now exhausted and they lay gently caressing each other while looking at the rest of the room.
I got up behind Jane on the couch. I looked at her pussy and I could see her was pussy swollen and I could see sperm running down her leg. Normally she would try and tidy up but probably the excitement and drinks she wanted more. I easily slid in and started to really fuck her. I pushed her down so that she was almost lying on the couch. Jane was almost out of her mind as I really pumped into her from behind. At last I finally came and squirted my juices deep inside her.
We stayed in the position while looking around the room. We finally got up and we got a drink in another room. The activities in the room started to die down.
We were both feeling very horny about what had happened. On the way home, we stopped along a bush track and we fucked like rabbits.

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