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Teen Sex Revisited

Teen Sex Revisited

AOL _News_ often features stories about teens and likes to perk up its ratings and hits with tales of teenage activities and, when possible, reports on bizarre teen sexual behaviors. Three teen sex stories made AOL News the same day, one distinctly bizarre, the second sickening, the third actually pretty wholesome. Teen Sex_Bizarro World: Things are tough all around nowadays what with the worldwide recession, mortgages gone bad, and Obamaians making things worse in Washington. One enterprising 18 year old girl came up with her own unique solution for her personal economic malaise, which is not suggested here as an alternative to getting a job at Burger King or redeeming soda and beer cans at a nickel per. Alina Percea, a Romanian-born and very entreprenurial student in Germany, decided to sell her virginity online to the highest bidder and, no, she didn_t use Craig_s list. A 45 year old Italian businessman laid out $13, 937 or about _9000 for the privilege and for a weekend romp with Alina. She flew to Italy, they had to chat in English since she spoke no Italian and he spoke no Roumanian, and they romped in Venice. What with the language of love, or sex, not much talk was needed anyway and it turned out to be a variation on the old un-rhymed, Italian standard, _Whama, bama, gracia, signoritta._ For more details on their rendezvous, the reader will have to refer to the article in the London Daily Mail, dailymail news/worldnews/article-1185928/Teen-auctioned-virginity-8-000-LOSE-half dailymail news/worldnews/article-1185928/Teen-auctioned-virginity-8-000-LOSE-half_prostitutes-Germany-taxed-50-earnings l. The biggest bummer for Alina is that the German taxman cometh. Even though the assignation took place in Italy, the deal was sealed in Germany and with an economy in worse shape than ours, the Germans want their cut. The German government considers Alina_s profitable romp to be tantamount to prostitution, which is fine and dandy there. But after all is said and done, a VAT surcharge could be tacked onto her tax bill and, in the words of the Daily Mail, _the sale of her virginity could land her with just over _3, 000 in the end._ Teen Sex_Lost Boys: There_s nothing about Warren Jeffs that a few years in his Utah State Prison cell with Vito No-Neck wouldn_t cure. Maybe. Jeffs is serving 10 years to life in Utah for rape and if he ever is released Arizona gets its crack at him for rape, sexual conduct with minors and incest charges. He maintained and literally grew his own private harem of underaged girls who were then married off to his resident adult buddies/child molestors/polygamists. As grand poobah of the sacrilegiously-titled Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or the FLDS, he ruled as the official FLDS _Prophet, Seer, and Revelator_ and unofficial Pedophile-in-Charge. For the curious, SmokingGun features his grotesque story and pictures here: thesmokinggun archive/years/2008/0527081flds1. thesmokinggun archive/years/2008/0527081flds1. The pics aren_t X-or even R-rated, unless you object to photos of a 53 year old perv embracing and playing tonsil hockey with girls who are young enough to be his granddaughters. The only thing going for Jeffs and his cohorts is that they don_t crave boys, as shown in this video of a young man, Jeffs_ nephew who he raped at age five. Along with other males, he was banished from Jeffs_ house of horrors when they approached puberty: morning-rush/lost-boys-good-morning-america/23921438001? morning-rush/lost-boys-good-morning-america/23921438001?icid=main|htmlws-main|dl8|link3| As perverts tend to be, Warren was more than a tad insecure as to his masculinity, sexuality, and everything else. He couldn_t hope to deal with teenage boys competing for _his girls_ so he dispatched males to the wilderness as soon as he perceived them to be a threat, fortunately for them but unfortunately for the girls who were virtually imprisoned on his compound. The pictures I_d love to see are of Warren Jeff_s remnants after Vito got through with him. Hopefully, he will learn the joys of being a crippled gelding. Teen Sex_Wholesome News: I don_t give a rat_s arse what slanders and innuendoes the mainstream media hurl at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her family. Those mainstreamers long ago were discredited and have discredited themselves by their biased, slanted, twisted _journalism._ However, when it comes to their attacks on a young girl, Bristol Palin, any reasonable person has to draw a line. They had a field day when it was announced during the presidential campaign that Bristol was with child sans wedding ring, maligning the girl and the Palin family for alleged hypocrisy after Republican VP candidate Governor Palin had repeatedly spoken out against premarital sex. Those attacks have gone into remission for now and will stay there unless and until Governor Palin makes another effort for national office at which time the dirtmongers will resume their quest to dirty the Palin clan in any way imaginable. Bristol is in the clear for now but let_s state the obvious: A 17 year old girl let her raging hormones get the best of her and succumbed to the equally or probably more insistent opportunings of a 17 year old boy. For those not following, they wanted to bring their relationship to its ultimate fruition. For those still not following, they wanted to copulate, have sex. They allowed raging teen hormones to overcome discretion and morality and conceived a baby. Frankly, any full-fledged adult who never even approached that relationship-stage is a prime candidate for the nunnery or should look into life as a eunoch. Bristol and Levi Johnston sinned but, to their great credit, accepted the responsibilties that resulted. The chief difference between Bristol Palin_s sin or sins and those of countless other teens in our supersexed culture is that she owned up to both the sin and the consequences. She spoke forthrightly but without regrets about those consequences, about being an unwed teen mom and missing out on the usual festivities of a high school senior in Wasilla, Alaska: parentdish 2009/05/21/bristol-palin-on-life-as-a-teen-mom-think-about-the-consequen/?icid=main parentdish 2009/05/21/bristol-palin-on-life-as-a-teen-mom-think-about-the-consequen/?icid=main|htmlws-main|dl5|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fparentdish%2F2009%2F05%2F21%2Fbristol-palin-on-life-as-a-teen-mom-think-about-the-consequen%2F. Bristol could have avoided all those consequences by electing to abort the innocent, pre-born baby who she later named Tripp. She chose not to go that route followed by a million other girls and women annually in the United States and which might have made her a heroine in the eyes of feminists. Instead, with the full support of her family, she has dedicated her young life to her child and to sharing what she learned from her indiscretion. As she told People magazine, _Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex, _ practical and honest advice from a girl who knows. Since graduating Wasilla High School, Bristol works two part-time jobs, advocates for teen abstinence, and spends her free time tending to Baby Tripp who sleeps in a crib in her room. As that _Parent Dish_ article concludes, _She seems to be a level-headed kid who is making the best of a tough situation, and who is turning into quite [a] role model_ for her peers. I_ll second that motion. There_s not an awful lot of difference between Alina Percea and Bristol Palin. They_re both 18 and like most 18 year olds of either sex they are prone to make mistakes. Ok, Alina made some bucks from her mistake and Bristol willingly accepted the product of hers and will pay the piper for the rest of her life. Personally, I think Bristol got the better end of the stick. As for Warren Jeff, I hope his cell mate Vito finds a nice, big, splintery stick and sticks it to Warren.
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