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Good Vibrations - Part 1

Good Vibrations - Part 1

By Muffin - Mar 12, 2010 - From story- series. Sex Story Series - Views - 49703 Mike had asked me to go to a party with him and if I agreed, I had to dress according to the theme. He was an attractive man, tall, muscular and reasonably good looking and my landlord. I agreed to go with him but now I wasn't so sure after receiving the printed invite for women with just five words on it black, transparent, low, mini and free.
"What does that mean?" I asked.
"All the women wear black, low cut tops, short mini skirts and free means no underwear. Oh and the transparent thing means one item of clothing has to be partly see through." He grinned. "Do you still want to go?"
"Yes." I thought it would give me a chance to meet some people in the area.
A knock at my front door made me jump, my heart beat fast, the prospect of not wearing underwear and having very little ease on was both scary and exciting. Amazingly enough I did feel free dressed like this. I was wet with just the thought of being amongst other people where they would be able to see through my skimpy transparent top and know that I had no underwear on.
"Hi, Mi..." I gasped as Mike's hands found my tits and my nipples responded to his rubbing and tweaking of them. I felt my clit throb. "Nice tits." I smiled shyly.
"Shall we go then?" I tried to walk out of the house but he pushed me against a wall, "open your legs."
"What are you doing?" I felt a hard cock shape object being inserted into my pussy.
He lent close to me and whispered in my ear. "Now you leave that inside you until I remove it. Over and above the other games that will be played tonight, we are going to play a little game of our own."
"Meaning..." His hand slipped into his pocket and I was paralysed by the vibrations that radiated out from my cunt. I bucked my hips at a non-existent force that was making me deliriously horny. "Now listen carefully, there are four different vibrations on my little friend inside you." I nodded almost unable to concentrate on his words. "This vibration, " he flicked the switch and I felt a continuous feeling deep inside me, is a command for you to offer any man in the room an option of playing with your tits." My breathe shortened. "This next vibration, " he flicked the switch again, I now felt the vibrator give three hard vibrations and then go off for a few seconds and then repeat the pattern. "Means you are to offer any man a chance to finger, suck or lick you clit." He flicked the switch again, this time the vibration was so intense I cried out.
"Please fuck me? I'm gonna cum." I tried to catch my breath.
He smiled and lightly brushed my nipples through the material again. "All in good time. Remember this one well as you will strip off and will not put your clothes back on again. You will also go down on the nearest man to you in the room." I felt the wet flood of cum as my body jerked like a puppet on a string.
"And the fourth one I croaked, " trying to stop my legs from shaking.
"Aaah yes, the fourth one, " He flicked the switch and the vibration radiated to my clit. I let out a moan of blissful torture. "This one means you will approach me, I either need to speak to you or I want to fuck you." He snapped the switch and the vibrations stopped. "Now let's go."
We stopped to fill up with gas at an almost deserted gas station, when I felt the first vibration again. Initially surprised, as we weren't at the party yet, I was slow to react. I pulled my top up and displayed my well rounded tits with my erect nipples. "Would you like to play?
He smiled and shook his head. "Don't ask me - ask the man in the pay booth, " He pointed at a over weight, middle aged man, with a double chin and three strand of hair on top of his head who was sweating profusely, in the glass booth. I shuddered at the thought of this man touching me but I also wondered if he would be able to excite me.
The vibration had stopped now and I exited the vehicle and went to the door of the glass booth. Smiling timidly, I raise my top, "would like to play with my tits?" He hesitated before reaching out and tentatively squeezed one of them. "Oh come on you can do better than that, " I coaxed. "Here, " I guided his mouth to my right nipple and while he sucked, I looked across at the 4x4 where Mike stood, staring at me, rubbing the bulge of his cock through his jeans. Another vibration started, sending a warmth through my body. I pushed my way into the booth and sat on the man's desk, spreading my legs so he could see my clean shaven pussy. "Want to give my clit a try?" More eager this time, he pounced, licked my clit like a cat licking a milk bowl. I played with my tits while he sucked and fingered my clit all the while looking up at my face for approval. "Oh, very good. Suck a little harder - ooh yes that's right." My nub was on fire, excitement was moving up my spine. My breath came in rapid gasps. The vibration stopped and I felt the fourth vibration and knew it was time to return to the car. Disentangling myself from the man, who now wanted to suck my tits again, I shakily walked back to the car. I had been good, maybe Mike would fuck me now.
"You could make the time a little longer. I was on my way to cumming again and now I'm frustrated!"
"Frustrated is good - it means you'll enjoy the party. Or did you fancy having his sweaty cock inside you?" I looked out the window as we drove along the dark farm roads and then I saw the blue lights flickering ahead. "Well it looks like a road block ahead, wind down your window. Kneel on the seat and chat to the policemen out of the window when we stop." I obeyed unsure of what to expect next.
I heard Mike greet the officer on his side of the car, then the vibration started and I pulled up my top as two of the policemen approached my side of the car. I was getting used to this and enjoyed it. The policemen made small talk but their eyes were focused on my tits hanging like ripe grapefruit out of the car window. I squeezed them in my hands and allowed my hard nipples to peek between my fingers. I gasped as Mike stroked my pussy from behind. The policemen saw me lick my lips in an attempt to gain some kind of control over my body. "Do you need to search me?" I panted moving my hands out of the way.
"Well funny you should say that ma'am." One of them squeezed and stroked my right tit while giving me a sly smile. "We just need to see that there are no illegal things hidden here. The other policeman took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. "Of course." the first officer continued, "he's just seeing that there are no illegal substances inside there. I am just going to check this one here." He put his mouth to my tit and rapidly flicked his tongue around the nipple. I felt my wetness trickle down my legs.
I let out a groan as I felt Mike working my nub, while continuing a casual conversation with the officer on his side of the car. I felt my skirt being pushed up onto my back and glanced over my shoulder while the policemen on my side of the car both played with my nipples. The other officer was admiring my pussy and trying to take a photo on his cell phone. I smiled. spread my leg a little further apart and felt exhilarated that I was being seen naked by so many men at one time. I desperately wanted them to take turns fucking me. I wanted to feel them shoot their hot load inside me and then feel it run down my legs afterwards but Mike prevented that happening. All too soon we were on our way again, the lights of the party flickered in the distance.
I looked forward now to what lay ahead, there were no more reservations. I was going to enjoy this evening.
The host was waiting at the farmhouse door to greet his guests. Mike shook his hand and then introduced me. Slipping a hand into his jacket pocket, I knew what he was going to do but which vibration would he choose? The vibration shook my love tunnel and I eagerly took the host's offered hand and guided it subtly to my throbbing clit. His old wrinkled face, wizened by years of experience, lit up. His nobly hands eagerly circled my button as he rapidly licked his lips and grinned when he saw my wetness dribbling down my legs.
"May I?" I whispered trying to be discreet and lowering my eyes to his bulging trousers. I felt my face flush as my excitement mounted, here I was about to give a stranger head in front of his arriving guests and I didn't care.
"Of course."
I fell to my knees, whipped out his hard cock and gasped at the size of his balls. "Francis, is known to squirt the most cum of all time" Mike explained. "Service him well." He then walked away and watched from a distance. I licked Francis' cock from the base up to just below its throbbing mushroom head, while I played with his huge balls. My tongue circled the slit at the point and I savoured the pre-cum, before plunging his tool into my mouth. Gradually I pulled back sucking hard and twirling my tongue around his pole until I reached the head. I plunged again, enjoying the gasp I got from him each time I did it. His one hand rested on my head, guiding me to go faster, slower, deeper, and shallower, while he continued to greet other guests as if I wasn't there. I felt his cock start to throb as he neared climax but he pulled my mouth away. "Quickly, take off your top." I glanced at Mike and he nodded his approval. I stripped naked to my waist my iron hard tits ready for whatever came next. Grabbing my hair, the host pulled my head back and rubbed his cock a few more time before he came around my neck. "There, " he said breathlessly after continually squirting his pearly white cum around my neck and shoulders. "My gift to you tonight is a pearl necklace, wear it with pride." He patted me on the head before returning to his arriving guests.
I picked up my top. "Leave it!" Mike took in every inch of my bouncy boobs as I walked towards him. "Your shirt is off and that is how you will remain for the rest of the evening." I entered the entertainment area. There were twenty guests in all and some of them watched me as I walked in. My index fingers played with the recently acquired pearl necklace as some of it made its way down and between my tits. Looking at the men I wished I had a few more strings of pearls around my neck to play with.
"Right everyone." Francis' voice silenced the room. "I'm glad you're all here and no one chickened out. Let's play the ice breaker game shall we. You Al know it but Mike's little friend doesn't." He winked at me and then slowly ran his tongue along his upper lip. There are a number of cards in this hat I am holding. You will each throw the dice and the number you throw will be the number of cards you take. On these cards are dares to be done by the person who draws them, you CANNOT back out of the dare otherwise you risk punishment."
Each player threw the dice and everyone seemed to get low numbers. Then my turn came, I threw the dice hoping that as I did not know what these types of dare were, I'd get a low number too but two fives came up. Ten!!!" All the men cheered. "This is perfect, " the host exclaimed. "Well dear, take your ten cards." Closing my eyes, inhaling deeply I grabbed a pile of cards. "Well what did you choose?"
I opened my eyes and quickly sorted them. "I have one 'tit', whatever that means. One 'eat out'. Three 'finger x 5 mins' and five '2 x photo.' You said that this is perfect why?"
The host beamed. "Well that means there is a dare for every man in the room."
"But Francis with you that makes eleven, " I pointed out.
Francis smiled. "You are such a darling. Mike where did you find her?"
"I could see she was a whore-in-waiting. She just needed the right stimulus to realize that."
Francis turned his attention back to me. "Don't worry - you can relieve me later on." I heard the other women moan and grumble, I wasn't sure why.
Mike signaled for me to leave the table and follow him outside - pushing me up against the wall again he extracted the vibrator. It was glistening, wet. He smelt is and licked it. "You do me proud in there now. Do exactly as I say." We re-entered the room. "Get down on the floor, " Mike instructed. "Give out your cards one to each man, he took one for himself." I saw some of the women playing with themselves but they all stared at me. "Choose who you want to come forward first. I pointed to a pudgy man. "What did you get Paul?" Mike asked.
Paul licked his lips greedily, "I got the eat out." The other men looked lustfully at me, some hauled out their cocks and stroked them.
" do you want her to be?" Mike asked.
"Doggie style!"
"Wait!" an excited voice shouted. "I've got the tit one." I can do her the other end if you don't mind sharing Paul."
"Hell no! Let's break her in together."
"Well if you're gonna have a team effort, three of us have the fingering ones, so let's do it together." I felt a tingle of excitement run up and down my spine. My nipples had already hardened partly because of what I could imagine was coming my way but also the cool night air snaked across my back. My cunt throbbed to be touched, I couldn't wait to feel hands exploring every part of my body. I wanted to be ravaged. Paul lay on his back on the floor and I straddled him. A thinner man lay down on his back in front of me and wriggled until he was under my hanging tits. I felt hands on my back and felt my cheeks being pulled open. Someone let out a whistle. "Man what a pussy and I get to finger fuck it. Mmm-mm." I opened my legs even wider. "Good girl. I hope I get to fuck you for real later."
"Ok team, " our host held up the stop watch. "On my go your 5 minutes start - now!"
An explosion of sensation hit me at once. My pussy was penetrated by one finger rubbing the front wall and grinding my G spot. Then another one entered me but it stroked the back wall and then the third and longest one slid in between the other two forming a sandwich inside me. They finger fucked me furiously. My tits were being rubbed and sucked, squeezed and tugged. My clit was jiggled and sucked just as hard, everything about it was so sensitive. My excitement rose. I thrust back against the fingers, I wanted them deep in me but Paul stopped me, to stop him losing contact with my clit. He stretched open my swollen lips as far as he could with both hand. "My - what a prize cunt, " he rasped before I shuddered with pleasure as he worked my clit with his bearded chin. My tits were on fire and then it all came together at once. It was that moment like being on a roller coaster as it is suspended for a few seconds before it plunges down the other side of the tracks.
"Fuck me... Please, " I begged. My cum was dripping onto Paul's face and he did his best to eat me out. The sound of wetness from my cunt as the fingers moved in and out was the only sound in the room above the heavy breathing. "I'm cumming, " I shouted. My love tunnel contracted with suction like squeezes on the fingers inside me.
"And stop!" The host shouted. All five men immediately withdrew.
"No wait!" I cried out. "Don't stop..." I remained there on all fours stunned at the sudden cessation of pleasuring and trying to catch my breath. I wanted more. I didn't know I could be this horny. Where was my shame? Where was the embarrassment for what I was doing? There wasn't any. I wanted to offer myself to anyone - man or woman who would make me cum again but I know this party game wasn't over yet. There was still the ‘2 x photo'.
"Now, are you ready?" The host asked, stroking the length of my back, his hand slipping into my crack and this finger into my ass. I nodded in a daze, aware more of my unsatisfied state than his question. "The other five men have a 2 x photo card, this means they can have two photos taken with you or they can share it and offer one of the other men a chance to have a photo with you as well. So gentlemen what will it be?" They agreed to share.
I was brought back to reality when I felt a thin, hard cock slide in me while I was still in doggy style. "No need for lube, she is so well greased." The men laughed and the women tittered. The cock teased me. Withdrawing to the mouth of my pussy and ever so slightly rubbing the area. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as the cock suddenly entered me hard and deep. "Yes, yes..." I gasped, my head thrown back. "Ok you can take the picture now." A flash went off and the cock slipped out of me. I felt cheated.
"Come straddle my lap facing away from me." Obediently I went to a strapping red haired man and slid onto his cock. He put his arm around my waist and gently rubbed my button, I groaned. "Be a good girl and lift yourself lightly so the picture shows my cock inside you. Remember to smile, " he said. Flash, the camera clicked again. Again the cock slipped out of me.
The rest of the photos became a blur. Missionary, cowgirl, wheelbarrow, rodeo style... I was tired but unsatisfied. Slumped in a chair, I toyed with the two dice holders and threw the dice of each one onto the table. I found that the one set of dice had one and two dots on them and the other set only have five dots on all their surfaces. I smiled to myself - I was the only person to have thrown the one set of dice. I didn't mind, I was having so much fun, if only I could cum again.
Mike called to me, "take off your skirt and spread your legs." I obeyed, relieved to be rid of it and then saw that a number of the men were at the bar downing beers and watching my every move. My body tingled at the sensation of being watched while I was naked. Sitting back, I spread my legs wide and opened my pussy lips so they could see.
Francis walked passed and inserted three fingers in me but he had had his hand in ice just before doing so. My stomach contracted and my skin had goose flesh. This shocking sensation made me want to be fucked even more. I bucked against his fingers trying to get satisfaction but he immediately withdrew them and walked away. I whimpered quietly. This brought cheers from the bar.
"Francis, " I called him back to me.
"Why did the women groan just now when you said I could be the one to relieve you later in the evening?"
"It is considered a privilege to relieve me at a party like this but that is another game for later..."
"Well" Francis' voice revered us after a short break in the party games. "Mike your little friend now has to take the stand. It's time to get to know her - you know how it goes." Mike nodded and indicated a glass chair in the middle of a circle of chairs on which sat the other guests. "Now dear, we want to get to know you, so it's a game of eleven questions. I warn you don't lie to us, we'll know if you do."
"But Francis when do I get to know everyone here?"
He circled behind me until he was able to cup my aching breasts in his hands and rub circles around my nipples. I closed my eyes and left out a sigh as warmth spread from my tits to my cunt. I thrust my chest out to get as much contact with his arthritic hands. "You will get to know us over time, we often throw these parties. But let this be your first question. Is what I am doing turning you on or is it the idea of cumming that makes you so horny?"
I didn't want to offend dear sweet Francis, "it's what you're doing."
Pain ripped through my nipples as he pinched them hard. "You just told a lie. People of the party, note one punishment is due. Who is next?"
Paul stepped forward, he had discarded his clothes and his magnificent cock swayed around in front of him. Oh hell, if only I could ride it and feel him cum in me. I was brought back to reality when he asked his question in a loud voice. "You don't know any of these games but you willingly play, does it excite you?"
Not wanting to appear a com complete whore. "No."
He stormed over to where I sat and pulled me off the chair and pointed. "Glass chairs don't lie." The chair seat had a perfect smear of my pussy lips and clit on its glass surface courtesy of my cum. "Another punishment is due." He walked back to his seat. The thin, man who had sucked my tits so ravenously earlier, stepped forward. "Have you ever played the blind fold game and would you want to?"
I decided to tell the truth, no more punishments for me. "No, I haven't played it before but I'd like to."
"Good then - let's play." A blind fold was placed on my eyes and I was helped down onto the floor on my back. The tingling started again, it excited me that everyone could see my cunt, men and women - my breathing came in short heavy snorts. I wanted to be fucked.
"Now dear, " Francis' soothing voice brought me back to the game. "Different things are going to stroke you pussy and maybe even invade it. Your job is to guess what it is. It won't stop or be removed until you guess right. You can't use your hands either. Do you understand?"
"Yes, " I whispered. This wouldn't be such a bad game all it could do is make me hornier and more frustrated than I already am. My cum leaked from me. I gasped, as a slightly curved object plunged into my gaping cunt. What was it? What's curved like that? "A - a Banana?" I asked unsure of myself.
"Very good, " Francis was kneeling somewhere near my head. "Only another three to go and the game is over." Something very thin and unfulfilling slid in me. My hands teased my tits while I thought about it. I moved my hips upwards as a new wave of excitement began to rise. I could imagine the people watching me, naked and blind folded on the floor with something poking out of my cunt. It thrilled me. I shuddered and brought my thighs together. "I recognised it, " I cried. "It's a wooden spoon. The implement was yanked out of me.
"That, " Francis angrily pointed out, "is cheating. That is an almost immediate punishment. You can't be trusted, get up on all fours and let's see you put your thighs together with the next one. The sensation was a light stroking but my love lips were becoming slippery and sticky from an external source as if oil was being used.
"A cock?" I asked hopefully. Ram it home big boy if it is.
"A paint brush covered in runny honey?"
"No!" Then I felt a fingernail scrape along the length of my pussy entrance, causing me to shudder.
"A finger!"
"Yes." Francis didn't seem to be angry anymore. "Turn onto your back again and hold your ankles. I eagerly rolled over and grasped my ankles. Instantly I was handcuffed - each ankle to a wrist. I lay there, unable to lower my legs - I couldn't wait to see what the fourth thing was. Maybe a big dildo and that was why they had restrained me - they thought I couldn't take it - but I'd accomodate it somehow. I jumped as a tongue licked my pussy, clit and ass. This was good, I wasn't going to answer quickly as I was ready to cream myself. The tongue kept moving off the right spots and very carelessly chose where to tease me next. I kept adjusting my hips chasing the tongue that wouldn't remain where I wanted it.
"Well?" Cameras and cell phones clicked.
"I - um." I couldn't concentrate as the first blissful wave of contractions from within me ripped through my being.
"What is it?" Francis sounded annoyed.
"A tongue!" I screamed as I came again. "Please don't stop." The blindfold was ripped off my eyes and I came face to face with Frqncis'n huge dog who was eating me out.
Francis squatted down next to me as he watched the dog walk away. "Meet Muff-Dive. He punishes people who cheat in games. The reason he like your cunt so much is because the finger was smearing his favourite gravy on it. The fourth things was supposed to be a giant cucumber from the fridge." Francis shrugged. "But you had to be punished." The dog was led away after a fierce tug-o-war between handler and the dog that wanted to stay and lick me more. After being uncuffed, I lay there shivering on the floor, shocked that I didn't feel embarrassed but com completely satisfied.
"Come on dear, " Francis had a lustful look in his eye, one that now devoured me as he helped me up. Was seeing a dog eat a woman out one of his fetishes or fantasies that had just come true? If it was, I was glad to oblige, there was something about this old man that was so... I don't know. As he led me back to the chair, he trailed his hand down my spine and skilfully inserted a butt plug in my ass. Seeing my surprise, he leant close to me and whispered in my ear. "You're going to need that tonight - trust me." My mouth dropped open. Were there no boundaries here? He stuck a finger in my mouth and I sucked it hard. I felt a vibration in my ass. He walked away, waving the remote over his shoulder.
The red haired man stepped forward, I remembered his trophy appendage from the photo shoot, it was that the camera had been the only thing doing the shooting. I believed his trophy could have fulfilled me. "Do you like sandwiches or hotdogs more?"
"I like hotdogs..." I didn't see where this was going. Was it the right answer or would they accuse me of lying again?
"Would you like to try a double hotdog?" He rubbed his dick that throbbed in front of him.
"Okay, I am hungry." The women tittered again.
"Oh, I can see that." He leered. Another man stepped forward, he was naked and his short, wide cock proudly pointed to the sky with his erection. "Lie down Harry." The man compiled and began putting on a condom. "Now slut you're hungry, let Harry fill your cunt - he can reach all the important places." My arousal gave me away again, cum slid down my legs. I willingly slid onto Harry's cock but he didn't move and he stopped me moving up and down.
"Hey Darren, she's a tight little skank." Harry exclaimed as he squeezed my boobs.
"Wait until she's been around the block a few times. Now bitch lean all the way forward but don't let Harry slip out of you or we might have to bring Muff-Dive back in. My heart beat fast as I felt the butt plug removed from my ass. Sweat broke out on my face and chest as Darren used his spit to make my hole slippery, then he manoeuvred, his big condom covered cock to my hole. I tensed. "Relax, " Darren's voice was gentle and kind.
"I've never done this before." I felt tears in my eyes and my breath was ragged and I shook uncontrollably.
"I know but we are going to help you through it."
Ever so slightly the tip of his cock entered me. My pussy released more wetness, which Darren scooped up and smeared over his cock. A little bit more and I felt the stretch. "Breath, " he encouraged. Harry worked my tits and drew my attention away from my ass but didn't thrust and remained absolutely still. "How's that?" Darren whispered in my ear minutes later.
"Fine." I gulped.
"Well I'm all the way in."
"What?" I asked disbelievingly.
"I'm in bitch and now Harry and I are going to ride you like the slut you are." With gentleness gone and raw sex in the air, it was intoxicating. They developed a rhythm as one withdrew the other one plunged in and every so often they'd time it to withdraw and enter again at the same time. "Is this what you want, I can always stop!"
"No! Don't stop!" I panted. "Yes, yes... this is what I've wanted, " I groaned. "Fuck me senseless!" I couldn't move between the bodies or help in any way. I was their sex toy.
We all came together. I felt deprived of feeling cum hit my pussy and ass walls but to have two real pieces of meat in me was euphoric. All too soon they slipped out of me. Removing their condoms they emptied them into a glass and brought it back to me. "Are you thirsty?" Darren held the glass out to me.
"Yes, " I quickly swallowed the slick, salty liquid and used my finger to get the remnants out of the bottom of the glass.
"Well, now that you are full up, who has the next question?" Francis looked around and Mike stepped forward."If you had to the answer the rest of the questions lined up for this game or could move onto spin the arrow what would you choose?"
Still wiping the sweat from between my heaving tits, I looked up him pleadingly. "Spin the arrow."
"A very good choice. Let's move on then." A board was dragged out from in a cupboard. It had a series of dials on it. Each dial was divided into sections with options in each one. "You are the guest so you get to spin them all."
"I don't know what they mean."
Don't worry about that, just spin them, we know what they mean." I spun the first one which was divided into two segments - it stopped on ‘women'. "Spin the next one, " Francis pointed to the correct dial. It stopped on ‘hand job collection'. "Right ladies, you are all going to give the men hand jobs and remember to collect. Bertha take care of Mike as well as your husband." Francis looked at me. "Let's find out what the men are going to do for the women shall we. Spin that dial again." It stopped at ‘finger fuck'. "Gentlemen, you will be finger fucking your wives tonight." "Now-" Francis gave me a conspiratorial look. "What will the guest of honour be doing?" He pointed to the dial I had to spin. Ahhh! Very nice. It's stopped at ‘filled'. I couldn't believe my luck, my breath sped up and I felt Francis' bent fingers pry their way into my pussy. I pushed against his hand and arched my back so that he had better access. "Now, " he said huskily, "spin the last dial." I held my breath and spun it and it landed on ‘all'.
"Ahhh YES! Your truly are a lady of honour you WILL be initiated tonight."
"Why? To what? What am I going to be initiated into?"
"You'll see. Ladies take her away and prepare her." I looked back over my shoulder and saw the men giving one another high fives. I was led to a marble bathroom where a stand alone bath filled with warm rose water awaited me. I slide down into it and started to relax closing my eyes. Some of the women massaged my legs, arms and shoulders. My eyes snapped open when I felt a finger with a long nail enter my pussy and start to stroke my walls. Both my ass and cunt were tender after the last session. "Oh yes..." I mumbled as horniness took over. I lifted my legs up onto the edge of the bath to give her better access. Two women lent over the edges of the bath and sucked my tits. The women's exploration of my body was gentler than the mens' but equally a turn on. They knew their bodies intimately and so knew where to touch me. It was so relaxing and teasing, I could lie here forever, I could get used to... "Ah - ah, ah -, " another woman had turned on the portable shower head and had submerged it and directed the jet directly at my pussy lips, another pair of hands pulled my pussy lips apart so there was no way to getting away from the jet stream. But did I want to? No.
The water kept on pounding my nub, the woman teased me by moving it off the spot. I tried to keep up with her movements. "Oh look Vera, she's trying to keep up with you like she did the dog." The women laughed bitchily but I didn't care. I couldn't breathe - the pressure of the orgasm that was around the corner was so intense. My face contorted in a look of what seemed to be pain as I caught a reflection of me in the ceiling mirror but I was in pure ecstasy. "Argh fuck..." water spilled onto the floor as I jerked and thrust with my hips in the bath. "Please don't stop..." I begged. Immediately the water was turned off and the plug was taken out of the bath.
"Get out, " Vera said in a not unkind way. "Go back to the entertainment room, we'll just clean up here and then we will join you.
"What about a towel?"
"A towel won't help you, " she smiled and turned to supervise the cleanup of the water.
Shakily I returned to the entertainment room where the men waited for their wives to return. In the middle of the room an examination bed had been rolled in - the type that had stirrups. It was tilted at an angle so that a persons head would be lower than their feet inthe stirrups. A little step ladder was placed at the stirrup end. Near to it was a white marble statue of a male Greek God. The only strange thing about it was where his marble penis should have been it had been replaced with a huge flesh coloured dildo.
I stood there wondering what this new game would involve. I was relaxed now after a my bath but I was looking forward to some rough handling again.
The grandfather clock chimed midnight in a room nearby. All the women had returned from the bathroom and stood beside their men. Everyone was partnered off except Bertha who had her husband and Mike."Perfect timing!" Francis' rubbed his hands together. "It's time for your initiation. There are a few questions you have to answer first before you are admitted to the club. Tonight you have proved that you are a slut, a whore worthy of allowing into this club. I am proud of you."
Everyone including Francis with his parchment skin falling in folds over his body was naked. He stood on the small ladder at the end of the bed and faced everyone in the room. I watched in fascination, blinking my eyes a number of times to see if I was seeing correctly. Francis' cock was bigger - in length and girth - than when I gave him head earlier in the evening. It was hard, with visible blue veins stretching out over it. Pre-cum dripped from the pulsating mushroom head onto the floor. I licked my lips at the thought of being able to take it in my mouth. "Kneel before me."
I fell at his feet, my head on level with his amazing snake. I awaited the command to service him and bring him relief. My hands fidgeted in my lap wanting to reach up and squeeze it. My cunt dripped cum onto the floor that mingled with Francis'. I wanted to lap it up off the floor but remained where I was.
"You were bad twice tonight, you lied. Those punishments have not been forgotten. Would you like to stroke my dick?"
"Yes, " I licked my lips again not taking my eyes of this rod of beauty.
"Would you like to suck me and milk me of my cum."
"Yes - yes, yes, yes."
"Well you can't, " Francis looked down into my eyes.
"What?" I wailed.
"Let this be a lesson to you. In future be honest. Honesty is one of a woman's best virtues. We will however continue with your initiation. To be part of our group you have to be filled. The spinning of the dials showed us how favoured you are with Eros. Now rise up and climb on the bed."
I rose and climbed on the bed. The women turned to their husband and wanked them off, each bore a container, in the meantime Francis pushed me onto my back, after placing my feet in the stirrups, my legs were chained in place. He then raped my nipples - sucking, rubbing, flicking and biting them - I cried out in pain but also in excitement. I wanted to cradle his head while he abused my tits but he immediately tied my hands above my head. This was wonderful. I lifted my hips to indicate that I wanted servicing of my cunt but that was ignored and eventually I allowed my knees to fall outward revealing my slick, wet mound. He stood back to view his handy work, "I could dial a telephone with those." I looked down at my tits and they were as pointed as church steeples. Boy, I needed a fuck.Looking at the couples around the room the women were in the final those of orgasm, gyrating hips and heaving bosoms - I was missing out on so much. I shuddered.
"Now that everyone has finished the first part of the initiation, bring forward your offerings. Each woman offered the container to Francis on bended knee who then disappeared behind the statue and poured it into a small tank. Then he came to my side. Do you still want to belong to this group?
"Yes - more than anything!" I exclaimed. "I want to be your sex toy!"
Turning to his other guests he raised his hands above his head. "We now initiate this dear child into our midst, the Gods favour her in that they wish all of us to deposit our seed in her and ensure that it remains there until the final joining."
My heart beat fast, I closed my eyes. I was going to receive cum that Francis had collected in the tank. I wanted cock, I needed cock. Give me a hard cock, any hard cock - if I couldn't have Francis' - invading my pussy, conquering me, riding me making me feel like a bad girl I'd settle for second best. "Aaah" - something big, pulsating and hard slide into me. I opened my eyes. It was Francis standing on the step ladder as the end of the bed between my legs. His member was half way in.
"Yes, yes..." I shouted impatiently. A gag was pressed over my mouth all I could do was squeak. Francis raised the bed a bit more so I had to use my tied hands to push myself away from the headboard to stop me sliding down the bed. He rocked back and forward, threw his head back and then ploughed into me with all his might. I let out a high pitched squeal from behind my gag. Pain seared through my love tunnel as it stretch in girth and in length. I had never been fucked by such a huge canon. I wanted to pull my knees up to my chest so he could have a better time of it but my legs were chained. I tried to lift my hips but the angle of the bed made it impossible. I felt myself getting sheet burn with every thrust - I didn't care, I was so close. Francis' eyes still shut found my nub and like a blind man reading brail started to read where it pleasured me most. He pulled the hood back on my clit, exposing my most sensitive point. His index finger flicked back and forth making little brush stroked until he found that tiny point that caused me to wriggle and make my breath come faster than it already was. The gag was ripped off my mouth."Ahhh, I'm so close. Arghhh. I'm almost there." Closing my eyes I concentrated on the point willing myself to go over the edge once more. A fire spread out from my dripping wet cunt, up my spine to my nipples before it reached my lungs - paralysing them for a few seconds. AAAARGH! Don't stop, please, not this time Francis, not now I have your cock in me."
His movements became faster, his breath ragged - I felt the throb and knew he was close. "I want to feel you come in me. I want to feel the warmth of your cum hit my walls. I'm your greedy whore and I want all of your sacred milk." Francis roared as his cock contracted inside me for the first time, I felt the force with which his cum squirted into me, followed by another and another. I was being filled, it felt dirty but good."
Francis flopped over me spent and panting. Quickly he fumbled with something and then inserted a butt plug into my pussy. Pushing himself off me he looked at me triumphantly. "None of it must escape from you and-" I felt a vibration and groaned with pleasure - I could feel myself climbing again to another mind blowing cum. "You must show your gratitude to the God's by cumming again. That way you will draw my seed further into you." With that he walked away and was replaced by Harry.
Harry took the still vibrating butt plug out of my pussy and replaced with his dick.
"Wait, I thought I was supposed to cum first." I said out of breath.
"Don't worry, you will." Producing another butt plug, he inserted it into my ass and then held a vibrator again my clit.I stood no chance again the rising excitement. I tried to make the feeling last but my body betrayed me and my body jerked in ecstasy. Harry came at the same time so his seed was sucked deep into me. His shoved the butt plug back in my pussy.
Mike gave me a drink. "Please untie my hands? I promise I won't touch anyone." Mike smiled and graciously released my hands. I started to feel dizzy and light headed. I pushed myself up to sitting position but felt hands forcing me to lie down. Mike's face was the last thing I saw before blackness set in.
&n bsp; &nb sp; &nbs p; *
"Come dear, " it was Francis' voice through a cloudy haze. "You must get up now and continue the final part of the initiation." Groggily I got to my feet and allowed myself to be guided to the table where two glasses of champagne stood next to one another. I was handed both glasses. The women had lined up in front of me in pairs with the men behind then. Francis stood behind me and lifted both my tits and dipped the nipples in the champagne. The first two women came forward and licked my nipples and then sucked them. Moans escaped my lips. Francis turned on the butt plug that was still in my cunt and I gasped. "Don't be rude dear - greet you fellow members." I nodded my head at the next two women - Francis dipped my nipples in the champagne again. The sucks and bites brought me back to consciousness quickly and I thrust my hip forward to enjoy the zing in my cunt. "Francis? Francis, I want to fuck again, " I declared still unsteady on my feet.
"That's good my dear, all in good time."
The vibration stopped and I felt frustrated. Looking down I realised that I looked four months pregnant. "What happened?" I searched the faces of the men.
"Calm down dear, we all filled you. You were a good girl and managed to take all our cum without spilling a drop, you're a hard act to follow. You look beautiful and pregnant."
"You are our honoured guest you are pregnant with cum. That plug is stopping you losing the essence of our group."I relaxed and smiled, I started to play with my bruised tits.
"Now for the final part of your initiation. Gentlemen if you will."
I was swooped up above the mens heads and carried to where the statue stood. The vibrating butt plug had fired my excitement again and the dildo on the statute looked so inviting. I shivered as we stopped next to it and I was lowered on my back underneath the huge monster of a statue. My legs were forced opened and I was placed on a slope so that none of the precious cum could escape my pussy's lips. Male hands held me down.
"What's happening?"
"You dear are now going to fuck this statue and receive the Gods' blessings, then you will be one of us and you will be able to walk around bearing the pride of you accomplishment as it trickles out of you."
"I can't fuck a statue! How do I do that?"
"Oh you can and you will, no one can resist this, " Francis's voice was menacing. "I hoped it wouldn't come to this. You know what to do?" Hands grabbed me and impaled me on the rubber dildo. I gasped. Hands held my legs apart and my arms were pinned behind my head. I struggled again the forces holding me down until I felt a low vibration deep in my cunt. It grew in intensity. My struggles grew less and the pressure from the people holding me was lighter. I was breathless with the pleasurable feeling inside my used cunt growing. I opened my legs wider the men released them. "I told you she wouldn't resist."
"Let her arms go too, she's not going to fight anymore. Our God is powerful. She'll soon me fucking him of her own free will. Stand back and see what I mean." Everyone moved away from me.
Part of the dildo inside me spun around, rubbing up against my juicy G-spot. I let out a cry of delight and arched my back, being on a slope, my cum trickled back into me to mingle with the sacred essence of the men. Deeper within me the cock was slowly growing larger stopping ever so often allowing my pussy to stretch, it then started to vibrate. I grunted as I thrust my hips wanting movement, reaching down I found my clit and rubbed it urgently. Sweat dripped off my forehead and formed a pool between my tits. Throwing my legs around the statues waist, I slid the dildo in a few more inches and began pumping my legs to get a rasping feeling going, it felt good. I rubbed my clit harshly, it brought pain but also pleasure. I wanted to fuck this statute. The statue's cock continued to grow surpassing Francis weapon then it started to pulsate as a man's cock does and then it squirted load after load of cum deep into me. My stomach grew even more, this time I wasn't worried, I was proud of how much cum I could hold. It seemed to go to forever. Francis stepped forward and placed a vibrator again my clit to speed up my orgasm. I wrapped my arms around the statues neck as I came. Twitching as the contractions rippled through my body. I saw flashes and heard cameras click. I enjoyed the vulnerability. I flopped back spent, the butt plug was place into my pussy again and I was helped up. On closer inspection I saw the hollow tip of the statues cock and remembered the cum Francis had stored at the back of it. My pussy began to throb again.
"Freeze, police!" There was a mad scramble behind me and I turned to see the same three policemen who had been holding the road block earlier. I stood naked and alone in the room with these men, everyone else had fled.
"Well if it isn't that sweet lady we saw early, Tom."
"Well, I be damned."
"Now just what is going on here?" the sergeant asked, while taking a photo of me.
"A party, " I said quietly.
"Some party - I'm going to have to arrest you, " Tom said.
"Oh no please don't."
"What do you think Jed?" The other policeman was walking around me.
"I think an arrangement can be made. We need to search the place and see if there's anything illegal around here. Let's start with you little lady. Put your hands on your head." When I thought back to the beginning of this event I felt thrilled that I had met up with these men again. After all I had wanted them to fuck me earlier and I was sure that was what was going to happen now. I trembled with anticipation. Jed's hands came around from behind me and with a feather light touch brushed my tits. I gasped. "I can't find anything on her."
"Let's see if she's hiding anything, " Tom stood in front of me and sucked each of my tits hard sending a violent tug to my cunt. Glancing over the top of his head, I saw the sergeant pointing one of Francis' cameras in our direction. My spine tingled. This was going to be fun. "Holy smoke! Look at her dripping cum, she must have milked those me for all that they have." Tom had removed the butt plug from my pussy. Cum gushed out, drowning his hand, running down my legs and pooling on the floor. "That's it, " Tom stated. "I have to arrest you."
"Wait, " I casually played with my tits and licked my lips. "I'm sure we could come to some -arrangement." I glance down at the sergeant's trousers that strained to keep his cock inside them. "I mean, I could satisfy all of you at once." Pushing Jed down on his back on the floor, I rescued his huge cock from his pants and slid it inside me. "Come sergeant, you need special attention." He stepped forward and I release his belt and trousers so they dropped around his ankles, his pre-cum glistened on the top of his dick, I licked it for him but more appeared. I pulled Tom behind me and leant forward, "fuck me hard in my ass, I've been naughty and need to feel the might of the law. And you, " looking down at Jed, "delve deep, you might find stolen treasure." I took the sergeant in my mouth and pumped his hot cock. His cock was thin but long and I gagged the first couple of attempts I made to take his entire baton into my mouth but I got the hang of it and deep throated him. We got rhythm going as Tom banged me from behind, I surged forward and deeply consumed Sergeant's cock in my throat. Tom and Jed worked out a piston system so they pumped away at my ass and pussy. The feeling of the two cocks inside me rubbing up against one another through a thin membrane, spurred me on. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth and played with the hairy balls. I felt Sergeant stiffen and his load spurted into my mouth, I eagerly drank his salty cum, I licked his dick and shoes clean so he could go back to his family, if he had any and no one would suspect what he had done. Jed came next spurting his load into my cunt, he then played with my clit, hard faster, I wanted to thrust into his hand but Tom was still ramming me from behind. I felt a warm sensation in my ass and felt Tom shudder and slip out of me. Jed sat up and left me in a state of frustration. I stood up dripping cum from every hole I had and found the entire party group watching.
"My dear, you out did yourself, " Francis applauded me.
"You mean you knew this was going to happen?"
"My dear, they are part of our club."
I was stunned. Mike walked forward and grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me towards the front door. "You little whore bitch!"
"Mike, be gentle with her, we didn't get around to explaining the rules to her."
"Don't worry, " he shouted over his shoulder. "I'll explain it on the way home."
Sitting in the car on the way home I was given the rules of the group that I now belonged to and desperately wanted to be accepted by. "Right, here are the rules, don't break then again but you are still going to be punished when we get back to the farm."
I felt myself shudder what did Mike have in mind for me. Francis' punishments had been mild but Mike came across as being pretty big disciplinarian.
"Rule 1: Women do not ever wear underwear. Rule 2: Women are always ready to please a man sexually - ""But that's what I did - I could see they wanted it."
"LET - me finish. A women must be ready to please any man sexually chosen by her Dominus. In English her master. You broke that rule tonight and I am going to make sure you remember that in the future."
I looked down at my sticky pussy and legs covered with fourteen men's cum. "I'm sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it." We drove home in silence. On the way we came across some of his farm labourers, he offered them a lift and they didn't realise that both of us were naked in the front cab. We arrived at my cottage with it white picket fence just before the sun rose. He turned off the engine and I stepped naked out of the vehicle much to the surprise of the men in the back.
Mike stepped out of the vehicle naked and addressed his employees. "You four always do a good job in cleaning my car, I have something else for you to clean up. He pointed at me trying to cover myself from their stares. My whore bitch, take her to her kitchen and clean her, I'll be back in two hours time. Oh and - you can clean her anyway you want but just not in a bath o a shower." He smirked, climbed in his car and drove off.
The one labourer didn't waste any time guiding me to the kitchen. "Lie on the kitchen table." He whistled, you're covered in cum." The men discussed me in low voices before three of them approach the table while one disappeared out into the yard again. All at once they grabbed me one on my arms and one on each leg. My legs were forced apart."Why are you pinning me down?"
"You aren't going to like our quick way of cleaning off most of this mess."
"What could possibly be so awful that I'd run away?"
The other farm labourer returned, bent down and lifted the front paws of a Great Dane onto the table between my legs.
"No, " I struggled. "Not again!"
"Again! You are one horny slut." The men laughed but it was lost on me.
The first rough tongue lick penetrated between my pussy lips and made me groan. I thought of the night before - Francis' dog and the orgasm I had experienced and all resistance crumbled. Sighing, I allowed my knees to fall open so that my gaping cunt was accessible and I rode the wave of pleasure that invaded my pussy. The hairy tongue caused fiery friction, I lifted my hips and started trying to anticipate where the dog would lick next. I then felt a tongue licking my neck and shoulders - it was one of the labourers. Another one sucked my nipples. With my lips agape - the inquisitive nose nuzzles my pussy before excitedly licking me. I stroked the back of the two mens' heads that were cleaning my tits. I was so close, at one point I wiggled and the hairy tongue slipped into my love tunnel. I convulsed as I came and the dog was pulled off me.
"No, look at this, " the one man was pointing to cum leaking out of my cunt onto the table. We've just got rid of the other cum."
"I know, " said another labourer and walked to the fridge. He pulled an assortment of vegetables. "Here try this." He threw a stick of celery with its green foliage still attached to one of the men who hadn't licked me. "Your turn to clean her up." The man approached me and I could see the bulge in his overalls. I smiled at him as he seemed timid and in a way a lot like Francis in that he was quite old. Casually sitting up I rolled over onto my stomach and came up on all fours. I felt a hand stroke my cunt. I arch my back so he would have more access. I felt the cold hard celery enter my cunt - its numerous ridges teased my g-spot of my pussy. It was a wonderful sensation. The man picked up a rhythm and soon the other three were making suggestion of what he should try next. The celery was driving me crazy. My hands gripped the edge of the table. "You haven't forgotten you have to clean out my ass too?" I felt a wide solid vegetable enter my ass. I felt the stretch but this time it wasn't sore at all. A tingling sensation started around the entrance of my hole and spread to my cunt. I leant back to take more of it and the men stood there mesmerised allowing me to fuck a cucumber and celery stick.
"What's going on?" Mike's angry voice mad everyone freeze.
"They're doing what you asked? Cleaning me up!" I argued back breathlessly. Mike dismissed the men and removed the vegetables.
"You spoil everything. I want to cum and you stop me every time you can."
Grabbing my arm he pulled me into the bedroom. "You want to cum? Huh? Fine, you're going to cum?" He found four belts and held me down as he tied me to my bed posts. Silently he attached two nipple caps to my nipples and pulled out a tiny remote and flicked the switch. The tingling sensation spread through my nipples and down to my cunt. He inserted a butt plug in my ass and a vibrator in the cunt and flicked the switches on those too. Then he placed the remotes just out of reach on the side table. I began to writhe as pleasure spread to every cell of my being. The tension made me scream out, "I am going to cum. My pussy is aching. Oooh. I'm close aha -" My body wriggled as the first wave of climax hit me.
Mike walked to the door. "W - wait, wh-where are you going? You can turn this off now."
"You wanted to cum now you can come until this afternoon, " he left shutting the door behind him.I closed my eyes wondering if I would be able to stand this blissful torture for a whole day. Not that I had any choice. I let the pleasures of the flesh engulf me and surrendered.

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