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Headmaster Gives Student Her First Anal

Headmaster gives Student Her first Anal

By Phalong Harder - Oct 31, 2007 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 25408 I am a single handsome 43 year-old high school teacher. I live alone and I love fucking teenage girls. I am tall, muscular with short blond hair green eyes a great tan and a 10 inch long, thick dick which has satisfied many a young girl. I like to fuck them in every hole, but my favorite is anally. I love it when I sit them in my lap penetrating them to fullness or when I hump them from behind while they lay on my large bed.
With the new school year came a new lot of students, among them was my new challenge for the year. Fiona was 18, foxy, tall, full-bodied and had long dark brown hair. She had lovely full tits and a most attractive firm round ass. She wore low-cut blouses and tight pants that highlighted her beautiful ass which caused my dick to harden every time she walked in front of me. My dick was aching to hump her and penetrate her asshole. Sometimes when I walked around class while the students were writing an exam, I would peek down her blouse and on occasion I would see her lovely pink nipples. She caught me peeking a couple of times and smiled. I knew I’d get my desire before school ends.
One day after class she asked me if she could come at the end of the day to see me about some questions and I agreed. She wore a short skirt that day for a change. Later in the day when all students and most teachers had gone she appeared at the door of my office. I knew we were going to be all alone. The school keeper had come by moments earlier and I told him to close and go home. I had a key to let myself out. Fiona had her usual smile and came over next to me to see what I was doing. She stood very close to me touching my side. I asked what she wanted explained and she took her book out and placed it on my desk. She got closer to the desk and leaned over giving me my first good look of her firm ass. Her bikini panties were white and were accented by her beautiful tan. After a while of standing up, I suggested she sit on my knee.
I had only one chair in the office. She sat on my knee and steadies herself with one hand on my other knee. My dick started hardening and slipped out of my trunks into the leg of my pants towards the knee on which she rested. She lost her balance for a moment and I steadied her with one hand on her waist while she moved the hand on my knee to hold tighter and it landed right on my dick. She kept her hand where it landed on my aching dick and I pulled her closer up on my thigh. I told her I loved her scent, got closer to her neck to smell it better and kissed her lightly on the neck. She moaned and squeezed gently on my dick. I pulled her further up to my lap and started kissing her passionately on the neck. I reached under her blouse and squeezed her tits.
She moaned more and squeezed further on my engorged dick. I reached behind her, undid her bra and raised her blouse revealing the loveliest full breasts I had seen on a 18 year old. I started kissing her tits until I reached her hardened nipples which I started to suck hungrily. She started to squirm in my lap which heightened my desire and further stimulated my sensitive dick. I reached down under her skirt feeling the softness of her thighs until I reached her pussy. Her panties were thoroughly wet and I started to rub her pussy through the panties while sucking on her nipples. She stopped me when I tried to reach inside her panties and I did not want to force it so I continued to rub her through the panties. Moments later I felt her pussy quiver and knew she had come once more. At that moment she rubbed my dick up and down several times and I shot my load into the leg of my pants. I knew she felt that and I turned her around, kissed her passionately on those luscious thick lips and let go. She got up, put on her bra and left me with a satisfied smile.
Things went back to normal in class and I kept wondering when I would get another chance to satisfy my animal instincts with her. I wanted to fuck that ass which sat in my lap for those few moments. I wanted her to marvel at my dick and suck it to my satisfaction. I wanted to come deep inside her and have her feel my shuddering while I humped her. At home I masturbated every night thinking of that moment. The moment finally came when one day she came by my office later in the day.
She told me her parents were going away for a few days and she would be available for dinner that day, so I invited her home. We had talked earlier about my cooking and she had expressed a desire to try it one day.
At home I started cooking us a meal and offered her a glass of wine. We sat on the sofa drinking our wine waiting for dinner to cook. She sat close to me and started to rub my leg while we talked. She was starting to get tipsy from the wine. I wrapped my hand around her and started kissing her on the neck. She moaned and I asked her if she liked to watch porno movies and she told me she’d only seen magazines before, but never a movie. I told her I had a whole set of movies in my bedroom where we can watch on my large screen TV in comfort. She nodded in agreement.
I shut down the stove and carried her to my bed. I asked her if she wanted to get com comfortable and she proceeded to take off her blouse. I was out of my cloths faster than her, sat on the side of the bed in my trunks and motioned to her to come closer so I would help taking off her pants. She stood before me. Her pants had a zipper in the back. I unzipped her exposing the ass I had been dreaming of since the beginning of the year. She wore a thong fully exposing her young ass. I just about shot my load right then from the sight. I pulled her into my lap on top of my throbbing dick and she pulled the rest of the pants off. When I let go, she climbed on the bed and laid on her belly in the center of the bed. What a sight she was. I pulled a DVD from my collection and placed it in the player. I chose one in which a man lures a young girl to his house and deflowers her. I like movies which are gentle and not cheaply vulgar. As the movie progressed I started to caress her thighs making my way up to her ass. I do not usually like to proceed too fast with these girls. I like to build confidence and although this usually takes longer, results are guaranteed.
I noticed Fiona was starting to turn on and rub herself into the bed. She realized I could not reach her ass from where I was sitting, so she slid up closer to me. I proceeded to gently caress and squeeze that beautiful ass. As the hero in the movie revealed his dick to the young girl, Fiona took a loud breath and marveled at its size. She turned around and said “your dick is as large as his, Mr. Stone isn’t it”. I said “would you like to see it honey?” to which she nodded. I pulled my trunks off and her eyes lit with excitement. I slid closer to her in a sitting position and asked if she would like to feel it and when she said yes I took her hand and guided it to my engorged dick.
She gently slid her hand starting with my swollen head down the shaft and back. She marveled at its size and hardness and told me she thought mine was more beautiful than the one in the movie. At that moment the hero drew the young girl closer, laid her on her side, and inserted his dick between her lips. I asked Fiona to watch. She continued to play with my dick as I played with her ass. I noticed she was licking her lips, and then she turned around, looked at the dick in her hand and asked me whether I wanted her to suck it. I asked her if she wanted to, to which her eyes said “yes”. She proceeded to turn to her side, like the girl in the movie, but I stopped her and started to undo her bra.
The bra came off and her luscious tits sprang out. I reached out for them and was amazed at how firm they were. I the drew her closer and before inserting my dick between her luscious plump lips I asked her whether she had done this before to which she said “no, I never thought I’d do it, but your dick Mr. Stone I want”. I explained to her how to do it and what will happen when she starts to suck it, ending with the part where I come. She parted her lips and I inserted the head slowly and started moving it in and out.
Meanwhile I was massaging her tits after I applied some saliva. She loved both. At this time I did not have to move any further as she started to move her head taking in more and more of my aching dick into her beautiful mouth. When she took about half of it in she couldn’t go any further, withdrew it and told me she could not. I told her “its OK honey, just lubricate the bottom part of the shaft with your saliva and massage it while you suck on the part you can get into your mouth”, which she proceeded to do like a good student. I wetted my middle finger with a generous amount of saliva and reached for her asshole. As I slid my finger under her thong and it reached her awaiting hole I felt her quiver and she groaned. Her asshole was boiling hot; I knew she wanted it as much as I did. I proceeded to rub her pink hole and slowly insert my finger into her hole.
She looked up at me with eyes telling she wanted more so I slid my finger to the end and started finger-fucking her. She started pushing up and I allowed her to pace the movement of my finger in and out. I had held back as much as I could but now I was nearing my climax. Precum seeped out and I noticed her face change. I assured her it was my precum what she just tasted. I did not want to overwhelm her from the first time so I withdrew my dick and came all over face and tits.
We both laid back on the bed to rest after this moment after which I told her to come to the shower to clean up. We went to my shower, me naked and her still in her thong. I told her to take it off. She hesitated and I assured her I would not do to her anything she did not agree to. I remembered the time in school when she did not allow me to slide my finger under her panties. She put her hands around my neck and said “take it off”. I took the straps with both hands and slid her thong off revealing the loveliest pussy I had seen. The lips were smooth and plump and she had only some pubic hair, like a 13 year-old. We showered together and wrapped ourselves in my large towels and returned to bed.
We laid side-by-side and she told me that she was a virgin and wished to remain one. I promised her I would not forcefully fuck her. I started to kiss her and unwrapped her towel. She laid on her back with her beautiful tits and pussy fully exposed. I started to reach down until my hand reached her pussy and started to gently massage it. She stopped breathing for a moment when I touched her clitoris and I continued to suck her tits and massage her pussy which was getting wet. I started to kiss and lick her down towards her now engorged pussy. Finally I sat up, took my towel off and moved between her legs. She was alarmed but I said “trust Mr. Stone, I will give you a great time”. She relaxed and I went down on her pussy. It is difficult to describe my feelings at that moment. I was aching to fuck her, but I had made a promise and I knew the day will come when she wants it. My dick was fully extended now and I started to suck each of her lips separately, up and down and sweet talk her. When I finally reached her clitoris she started screaming with ecstasy. The sound drove me crazy and this heightened my desire, but all I wanted now was to bring her to her most memorable orgasm. I continued and she started arching her back and I drove my tongue into her pussy, sweeping back up to her clit. She finally shuddered had a massive orgasm and collapsed beside me.
Moments later when she recovered she kissed me passionately on my lips and told she had never had an orgasm like this one. My dick was still hard and hot. She looked down at it and asked me if I wanted her to suck it again for me. I told her I did not, but that I wanted to fuck her in the ass.
She looked concerned for a moment and said “but I heard that hurts Mr. Stone”. I said “Honey, has Mr. Stone hurt you yet?”. She said “no”. So I told her it would not hurt the way I do it, and to trust me. She relaxed agreeing. I laid her in the middle of the bed and stuffed a pillow under her pussy. Her beautiful ass was up in the air, with her buns parted fully exposing her pink hole. I marveled at the scene and proceeded to bury my face into her ass. I started licking her while she moaned loudly and told me how much she was enjoying this. I then told her to relax and proceeded to insert my well saliva-lubricated finger up her asshole.
She continued to moan. I stopped and reached out to the drawer next to my and removed a tube of KY jelly. She looked back to see why I stopped and asked what I was doing. I told her that I was getting ready to lubricate her. She laid her small head back on the bed and I applied a generous amount of the lubricant to her asshole and started to work it into her tight hole. First one finger then two then three. I asked if she was hurting but all she did was continue to moan. The moment had come. I withdrew my fingers and as I applied the lubricant to my now most engorged dick she looked back at it with desire. I said “are you ready for daddy’s big dick? She whispered “yes daddy”.
I mounted her and positioned the head of my dick at the entrance of her asshole and started pumping her. The head went in effortlessly and she let out a very load moan. I said “did that hurt honey?”. She said “No, I love it daddy, push it all in”. I continued to pump her going in further each time, listening to her AAHS and OOHS. My dick finally reached its hilt and now I started to pump her fully withdrawing my dick fully and ramming it back in. We were both in heaven and I finally rammed it fully in and had my long-awaited orgasm, which was among my best too. I laid on top of her until my dick slipped out and we both went into deep sleep on my bed.

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