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Harper Valley Pleasure Dome

Harper Valley: Pleasure Dome

By Peter_Pan - Feb 22, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 8889 Meanwhile, back on the trestle - cute Louise Archer was having the time of her life. Giggling uncontrollably as the man fondling her breasts with delirious enthusiasm, whispered something to her, she suddenly found herself, or rather her hot little pussy, a custom-made receptacle for the special-delivery being undertaken by the rather tightly-wound gentleman driving up hard between her legs behind her. Probably not in the original script, but accompanying his orgasmic crescendo, young Louise's bottom cheeks received several hard spanks. Her father nodded his approval.
Kylie, up until now a silent observer, gasped and whispered something to Jenna. She muttered some inaudible reply before putting her arm around her sister's shoulder. Simply that little gesture upped the temperature locally.
Louise was flipped-over on to her back and the men shuffled around one place. All very orderly. Brad began now fondling his daughter's breasts that were com completely adrift from her tattered bra and which were sporting a pair of exceptionally erect nipples. The father who had just com completed his 'tour of duty' took his place the far side of the trestle, holding Louise's arms way up behind her while the incumbent intercoursee pushed the girl's knees up and wide on the very edge of the table. Any third party was now privy to an extraordinarily penetrative view of sticky white cum dribbling out of the girl's hot and inviting teen slit, framed as it was by tight little brownish curls, clustered at that angle in a neat little "V."
Louise appeared a little flushed while looking distinctly yummy, lying there on her back, her shoulder-length newly come-by reddish hair being tossed every which way, as she reacted sexily to what was being done to her by the tactile trio. I wasn't expecting anything much to distract my concentration right about then but there again I hadn't bargained on Kylie slipping her hand up inside Jenna's panties either!
Talk about a double-take! Never having seen either daughter so much as "look" at each other in any suggestive way, this was unchartered territory. I saw Brad Archer's expression as he glanced our way, it was all he could do to steady himself at the table. Jenna looked momentarily shocked at so forward a gesture by her sister but certainly appeared to have little inclination to dislodge her hand.
"KYLIE!" she gasped, shifting her hips perceptibly as her sister's hand obviously brushed across the front of her knickers on its way to Zion. I have to admit for a few seconds there, Louise was a forgotten commodity. With her skirt pushed indecently high, Jenna's light blue panties were revealed to all, in their totality. She just looked down as Kylie slipped her hand beneath the light cotton material and started rubbing the front of her pussy. Which of them was hotter I wouldn't like to have guessed.
As Louise really began to get fucked seriously, she was moaning and spreading herself even wider and the effect this was having on my two was nothing short of dynamite. Jenna lay back in the couch and slipped her own fingers inside those hot little undies, thus giving inarguable credence to the old saying "two hands are better than one." The escalating sexual tension between the two girls needed some tangible release, in consequence of which as one, they turned their heads towards each other and began kissing passionately.
That was my cue to lose it. My erection was primed, my direction assured. Which one I took first didn't matter much to me at that juncture. Right about then however, two shadows loomed large, even as my hand entered the air-space created by the open zip of my pants. No less a duo than George and Warwick!
"Well well well, what do we have here?" gushed Warwick, instantly befuddled by the sight confronting him. "You've taught them well Noel, " he added, kneeling down in front of Jenna's impressively-spread legs, intent obviously on a wide-screen view of the work in progress. Both girls continued kissing unconcernedly, although Jenna was beginning to wriggle and moan now between kisses as their joint fingerwork moved into overdrive. Leaning forward, Warwick gently fondled Jenna's left breast which made her gasp slightly.
"God, she has such hot little tits, " he muttered, rubbing softly the other breast. "This IS Jenna isn't it?" he asked. I nodded.....just about rendered speechless by the sight before me.
George also knelt down now and began pushing Kylie's skirt higher up her thigh. She stopped kissing Jenna long enough to give him the sexiest of looks before opening up her own legs just slightly. I wasn't going to be on-site here for quite a while it would seem.
Glancing behind me on the trestle, Louise was in the grip of her own all-consuming orgasm now as the man fucking her, responded to that last bugle call. Brad was not far behind in terms of involvement, telling him "Fuck her Drew, fuck her little cunt for me, " as he continued fondling his daughter's breasts and pulling her nipples almost with an untamed savagery. He was I noticed though, keeping a close eye concurrently on the progress of my two girls.
Gripping Louise beneath her knees and spreading them painfully wide, Drew emptied his own little private stash into the girl's pussy, adding presumably to the substantial deposits already made. Louise simply lay there, a spent force. The cum trickling out of her now and on to the table looked so damn hot! As the others released her, she slowly sat up. No girl ever had a more satisfied expression on her face as she looked around for her panties!
Jenna meanwhile couldn't care less about her panties or who could see them. All she cared about was reaching the plateau and by the looks of things, she was but milliseconds from that aspiration. Once in a while between gasps and wriggles, she smiled at Warwick. The hottest little smile that must have been cranking his erection up just that extra inch or so. It certainly was mine! Even as Warwick slipped his hand up under her top and found I imagine, the softest of femimine mounds beneath her skimpy bra - she gave a little squeal of ecstasy and clutched at her pussy with both hands. Kylie kissed her on the lips and they both shared the moment.
George it seemed, had plans for his own moment with Kylie since he had her skirt now indecently high and was rubbing her knickers pretty much dead center. He looked up at me. "They are so alike aren't they?' he murmured.
I wasn't sure whether he meant visually or from a desirable viewpoint. He couldn't have meant from a knickers perspective since Jenna had on her skimpy blue school briefs and Kylie had dug out another pair of her hot little black g-strings that if the truth be known, I wanted to see George remove at the earliest opportunity..
At this moment, I noticed Warwick whispering something to Brad Archer who had wandered over. Before you could say "Hey that's my daughter guys" they had a hold each of Jenna's arms, pulled her to a standing position and propelled her the three meters or so to the now vacant trestle. While Warwick pushed her face-down from the waist-up across the table, Brad grabbed hold of her wrists the other side and held her there. Jenna was now stretched out like a naughty schoolgirl, her short skirt unable to provide the modesty that its hot little owner may have wished. That is to say the view from the rear - HER rear especially, was all good news, with her knickers tantalizingly visible beneath the hemline - so taut was the material across her shapely little bottom. The picture of rampant innocent desire was com completed by virtue of the fact one of her shoes had slipped off, leaving her barefoot and the other was just dangling from the end of her foot by one strap.
Jenna was obviously shocked and turning her head to me, cried out "Dad! me!"
That was easily accomplished - I gave her a hard smack right across that hot little bottom. She gave out with an "Ouch...that hurt dad!" which was obviously designed to elicit a follow-up. I didn't disappoint her. She wriggled her rear-end in a fake show of pain as Brad pulled even tighter. Bent right across the edge of the trestle now, which exposed another two inches or so of blue panties, she simply couldn't have looked any more vulnerable. Warwick asked if he could spank her - who was I to disappoint a fellow degenerate.
Probably not wanting to hurt her, his first smack barely drew a gasp but he got his act together for the second. Jenna squealed and cried out "No more...please!" He gave her three more and watching her bottom recoiling from the contact - I all but creamed myself. Warwick had stopped and had a hold of her skirt obviously wanting to pull it right up - he turned and looked at me. What could I do? I nodded.
Jenna let out a long "Nooo" but it was far too late - her knickers com completely exposed now, I looked around to see if there was an audience.
Stuff the audience....all I saw was Kylie....WAS it Kylie...could that possibly be my nineteen-year old daughter on the lounge behind me? George had her on her back lengthways, top pushed up and her breasts free from her bra. Her right leg was on the floor and the other balanced precariously on the back of the lounge. I think we're talking there an angle of at least one hundred and eighty degrees! Such was it anyway, that he had no need of removing her g-string - entry was by invitation only! To say that he was fucking her would be to understate the matter. He was in fact sinking his erection into her to the max and to their obvious totally oblivious pleasure. Kylie was just about out to it...simply murmuring something inaudible and pushing up with her hips to each thrust. George was sweating somewhat whilst alternately groping her breasts, leaning forward to suck them or just holding her tight around the hips.
Watching this living furnace, I did something I would never contemplate doing in polite company. I just pulled 'old faithful' out and began working it right alongside them - Jenna could wait. I wasn't the only one. Another man, fully entranced by the sight there on the lounge retrieved his erection from its captive state and was stroking himself beside me. Mid-thrust, Kylie opened her eyes and seeing what I was doing, simply smiled that hot little smile she has and reached out to me. It was certainly to be an afternoon of firsts. Taking hold of my erection she just whispered "Let me Dad, " and then began sliding her small hand up along the shaft.
I cannot satisfactorily convey to you the intense pleasure of having my daughter do that to me while in the position she was, of having her hot little pussy fucked senseless right before my eyes. I managed a quick glance behind me which merely shredded my last few strands of sanity. Still over the trestle, Warwick had stopped spanking Jenna but had his hands up between her legs which he had parted further and was groping and rubbing her right through her panties as she writhed and squirmed beneath his touch. Her bottom was almost in his face as he knelt there and Brad I noticed, was availing himself now of the opportunity to grope her breasts with one hand while holding her firmly with the other. At the angle she was spread-eagled, he would have had a to-die-for view down her top anyway - just a matter of slipping a hand in either side. You could say they were enjoying her.
Kylie meanwhile was at flashpoint, although the tape was officially broken by the gentleman on my right who simply spurted suddenly one huge hot stream of cum all over Kylie's lower abdomen as she gasped. George began to fill her - quite vocally I don't mind saying, as Kylie finished up my tour of duty also.....resulting in a jismic fountain clean across her face...the residue I bequeathed her nipples....well at least the one that George wasn't playing with. Kylie herself was just crying out "Oh, Oh God dad, " before she responded to her lover's performance with a passionate kiss. George, myself and the third contributor all began then to rub whatever cum we could find well into her breasts, abdomen and pussy while she lay there wriggling and just being plain sexy.
Speaking of which, Warwick was still running his own show, Seeing me turn round, he took a hold of my daughter's panties up atop her hips and just looked at me enquiringly. "Can I?" he said. I nodded acquiescence. As he pulled them down to her knees, Jenna gasped "Noo...leave my panties on..please!" Like any of us were going to cover up that wondrous scene before us - an eighteen year old girl with her hot little bum unveiled....quite red too from its earlier treatment. Warwick gave in to temptation and gave her just one hard spank. God Damn...that was soo hot to watch! Jenna cried out "Ouch...that really hurts..." but was immediately silenced as Warwick reached beneath her, tugged her knickers right down and off, then quite obviously located her pussy with a couple of fingers.
"Please.." she cried but tellingly making no attempt to close up her legs. She glanced around and saw me watching. "Dad, are you going to let him do this to me?"
"Sorry sweetheart, " I said, "I have temporary paralysis...can't seem to move anything. Just make the best of it baby." I was in awe of the moment - watching as Warwick began rubbing her slit and quite obviously her clitoris really hard. "Jesus, your daughter is so wet, " he muttered. Involuntarily Jenna spread her legs more and began breathing irregularly. Kylie was sitting up and hugging herself as she watched her sister's progress. George was beside her, one arm around her shoulder and idly caressing her right breast. For Jenna, it only got better....or worse, depending on who's viewpoint you're taking.
Brad was stretching her while still groping both breasts with one hand and between them Jenna was simply losing it. After another couple of minutes intense fondling and fingering I heard her say what I never thought I would hear from the lips of my little girl. "Oh God....fuck me Warwick....I'm soo hot." It wasn't like he needed to ask this time. This was nature at its basest. He just stood behind her, got his cock out lifting her hips high...both feet off the ground and simply pushed up hard. If I didn't know better, I would say that Jenna was using her spare hand to guide it in to her.
On a par with what George was doing to Kylie just moments earlier, Warwick was now fucking my daughter with little gentility but with considerable abandon. I noticed George's hand slip back down between Kylie's thighs as he watched and God, who can be surprised? He found the right spot I would think as she slipped her own hand up her skirt to join his. Jenna was crying out unashamedly and without the slightest inhibition now, "Oh fuck me, fuck me please, " and Warwick got the message.
"You are soo damn sexy Jenna, " he yelled out, quite stating the obvious and at which point he had what appeared to be a release of awesome reality - several megatons at least. She took the lot, whimpering as he thrust it well up inside her. No longer needing to be held, Brad nuzzled up to her and kissed her really hard as Warwick regained control of his actions, simply pumping the last of his cum quite gently into her. Pulling out of her, Warwick just pushed her gently forward so she was resting face down on the trestle....she didn't even bother pulling her skirt down, so spent was she. One breast was fully exposed where Brad had obviously taken a few (understandable) liberties. Just watching her pull her skimpy little bra up to cover it was so damned arousing.
Suddenly remembering I had told Larissa that I would be back to spend some time with her I looked behind me and asked George where she was. Snuggled up as he was with Kylie, the two of them misbehaving on a grand scale judging by my daughter's sighs and giggles, it took a while to get his attention. Even then, all he could do was shrug his shoulders which indicated either that he didn't know or wasn't that interested anyway. Glancing back at Jenna I noticed that Brad and Warwick were moving around the table - I figured she would just have to handle whatever was coming the best way she could - I think a lot was coming! I left them all to it.
Couldn't see Larissa anywhere in the marquee but I did see something equally arresting. The other side of the tent, Susie had linked up with another young mother whose name I learned was Stephanie and who had a daughter somewhere in the vicinity. If she looked anything like her mom, I had to find her later! Right that moment though, I rather doubt her daughter's grid-reference was the exact topic on her mind. In company with another youngish looking father, the three of them had in their midst a remarkably cute and predominantly undressed girl who I doubt was any more than eighteen herself. Now to describe this tableau with any readable accuracy requires some orderly presentation of the facts. I think I will start from the left-hand side. Now that would be Stephanie. Short, almost page-boy styled hair (not unlike Mia Farrow during her Sinatra phase) surrounding a pretty heart-shaped face, she was the most 'dressed' of the group. Probably also the most misbehaved.
With both hands inside the girl's panties, she was definitely not checking them for a good fit! Just one hand down the front and the other way down her backside, one could only guess at their final destination and to do that may well render the ponderer temporarily insane. Certainly the young lady had no objections to the placement of Stephanie's fingers, in fact she was wriggling her hips in such a manner as would suggest all bases were duly covered. To Stephanie's right and side-on to the ash-brown blonde, the man was engaging her in some seriously engrossing lip-action. With her arms entwined about his neck, as if daring him to back-out from their two-way commitment, he was able to reach under and around her and manipulate to his evidently great pleasure, her breasts which judging by the girl's engorged nipples - were responding with a vengeance.
And then there was Susie herself. Stripped to her bra and panties, both straps hanging loose down her arm and realistically just acting as a tease more than any support, she had one arm around the girl's waist that in itself was hot as hell, while the other was holding the man's erection well clear of his zip. Kneeling as she was, she wasn't so much sucking him as giving him the blow-job of the century. All four of them were so engrossed in their pleasurable pursuits the tableau heaved and writhed in lustful motion. E was equalling a lot more than MC squared!
Talk about 'No room at the Inn.' With at least four people lined up to take up the slack, I couldn't see much immediate future joining the queue and anyway I really did want to find Larissa.
I didn't have to fall back on any great detective work. I found her in the company of wolves just to the side of the entrance-way. I have to say that seeing her being mauled and quite frankly "used" rather than "loved" caused my hackles to distend. Whilst it would be an inaccurism to suggest she was "suffering" as such, her cries of "Oh Oh Ohh" put paid to that possibility, I took no pleasure in seeing her naked on one guy's knee while two others took their turns fucking the bejesus out of her front on, while the seated wolf fondled her breasts all the way to the five winds. Just as I arrived, the guy between her legs cut loose with his procreative fountain but contributor B never even got back to the starting block, as I pulled her to her feet and put my arm around her protectively.
'Mids't grumbles of discontent, one of the pack asked "Oh, is she YOUR daughter?" I nodded and holding her tight to me, her breasts crushed up against my shirt, pointed out that the "interlude was at an end" and that they best go in search of the next watering hole. They ambled off, zipping themselves up, in a variety of directions as I picked up her panties, bra and dress and handed them to her. She was very quiet dressing and just a little embarrassed I think. That being the last emotion I wanted her to feel, I smiled at her, kissed her and said...."Its OK sweetheart, you should have seen my two a short time ago! I know what it's like when you get that just can't control it...right?" She nodded.
I led her outside the marquee and into another world. The scent of jasmine and other natural shrubbery was a major sensory stimulant. Nature's own smelling-salts. We sat on a small wooden bench near the rear fence and just talked about a variety of things. Items so incongruous given the frenetic activity being transacted just the other side of that flap. I told her I loved her and not to worry - I expected neither vocalised requitement or her hand in marriage - well unless things in the next few years really proved a total let-down. She kissed me passionately and then cried like the young woman she really was. Even between sobs, she told me she loved me too and that the age-gap didn't matter. I would have believed her, so genuine were her words had it not been for my sense of the realtime and the fact that in ten years or so she would be a beautiful and desirable twenty-six year-old while I would be staring down sixty and most likely an upgrade for my pace-maker.
Right then the traditional bell sounded which meant for a while all bets were off and time for refreshments - God knows, most would be needing them. Holding her hand we went back into the marquee. Barely had I stepped inside when something smelling really nice flung its arms around my neck. I looked down at that sweet little face, happy expression and long blonde hair.
"Remember what you promised?' Michelle whispered, untangling herself and hugging Larissa around the waist now.
"I remember, " I told her, "And I always keep my promises, especially to little cuties like you." I added. Watching the two girls hug was stirring the old libido.
"Have you been a naughty girl Michelle, like all the rest of your friends?" I asked.
"Kinda, " she said taking my hand and rubbing it against her breasts suggestively.
"Thought so, " I replied, giving her a quick fondle......"Well, tell ya what sweetie, soon as recess is finished....I'll be over OK?" She gave me the cutest smile and went across to Jerry who had just called out to her.
"She's really pretty, " said Larissa "Do you get her hot?"
"Not the way you get me hot Larissa, " I answered quite truthfully. "She's a lovely kid but I'm having a lot of fantasies about just one particular girl these days. She's about your age, your height, same color hair and wouldn't you know it? - same little freckle half-way up her thigh."
She kissed me then and I melted. God damn - how's Kylie gonna manage having a step-mother just two months older than her?
I noticed both Kylie and Jenna walking towards us and neither would have convinced any Highway Patrolman of their sobriety. Their skirts and tops were both creased and their hair in need of mirror. Flushed to the hilt, I thought it best not to enquire about their recent experiences . Their unsteady gait said it all. Some fathers somewhere had quite obviously just had the time of their lives. Giggling as they always seemed to be doing these days, both collapsed into my arms.
"Want to go home girls?" I asked. That sobered them up!
"What??? No dad!" came the answer in unison. Definite sluts in the making! Larissa smiled to herself. All four of us found a vacant lounge and flopped down on it. Interesting I thought that Jenna and Larissa sought out each other's hand. I mentioned once before I recall, just how much "communication and unspoken language" passes hand to hand. Here I was watching it happen. Nothing overtly sexual - purely natural and very arousing for some reason.
A couple of chardonnays later - even the girls had a glass of wine each, the refreshments were cleared away and I had to leave the three of them sitting together - though for how long that situation might remain was open to speculation - and go find Michelle. Even as I got up, Jerry and two other men were on their way over - they sure as hell weren't going to ask them all to dance.
Shelley, as she likes to be called, was waiting for me by the entrance. Hands behind her back, prominent breasts thrust forward and the glow of youth on her face. She was an angel.
"Your White Knight Miss, " I announced, "Hot damsels a specialty!" For a moment she just looked up at me and I wanted her so much. More than her body, everything she stood for. Youth, softness, arousal, yes... even innocence - nothing she had done had eroded that quality. Some girls lose it all overnight, others you can't put a dent in it whatever you do to them! Michelle was at that moment as pure to me as driven snow and as fresh. I pulled her to me and being so short, my hugging her lifted her clear off her feet. She weighed less than Jenna even.
"So now sweetheart....what's the plan?" I teased.
"She pulled me down and whispered animatedly, "Brianna said I can "borrow" her bedroom for a while. C'mon." She started tugging me towards the flap. I didn't put up too much resistance.
"Did she now?" I said, "Well that was right neighborly of her." Michelle giggled.
Ushered through the rear door to the kitchen, Michelle was obviously intimately familiar with the layout of Warwick's house. Propelling me up the stairs she almost shoved me through the first door on the left. A girl's room quite obviously. Lots of soft pinks, coverlets and fluffy animals adorning shelves and chairs. It even smelt feminine with that delicate odor of soap, perfume and general girl stuff. Just like Kylie and Jenna's bedrooms. Nothing on this planet is as arousing as the scent and proximity of a young girls domestic habitat - it is mind-alteringly alluring.
"How do you want me?" she asked, sitting on the bed and hugging her knees, that lovely little smile the star attraction of a face Helen of Troy would have been no competition for.
"I just WANT you sweetie, " I answered, sitting alongside her and kissing her lightly on the forehead. She fluttered her eyebrows quite subconsciously, almost quizzically.
"Would you undress for me?" I asked her, "Just down to your undies."
She had on a plain but figure-hugging short denim skirt - but not for long. Slipping the zip down, she wriggled out of it with consummate ease, kicking it off along with her shoes. Those skimpy little red cotton panties were doing wonders for my mental creativity. I was kinda hoping the bra matched. Standing there as she undid her top, I took in the creamy unblemished skin, those wonderful slim hips and that delightful inward curve between her legs that defied comparison with anything man made. My fears were allayed - as the tiny but effective red push-up bra was revealed. Coyly she folded her arms across her cleavage.
Just kissing the very top of her sweet-smelling breasts had her trembling. I cupped her around the bottom and pulled her to me. Hot as every square inch of that beautiful body was, all I really wanted to kiss at that moment was her lips - the sexiest part of any girl's body for the practised realist. Thus indulged, my motor-sensory system flipped over into hyperdrive. I wanted her in bed naked. She made no complaint as I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, just standing there as I pulled her arms free of the straps. Her perfectly formed breasts jutted out proudly and whether through natural embarrassment or anticipation, her nipples hardened as I watched. As I began to suck them one by one, she closed her eyes, moaned very quietly and swayed perceptibly on her bare feet.
The effect that sucking those nipples was having on me should not be underestimated either. Incendiary-level heat was developing and it was the work of some thirty seconds to divest myself of trousers and shirt. Why I kept my underpants on I have no idea...maybe I'm still shy after all these years.
Michelle's panties however were not for wearing and I slipped them down as she stood there shivering. No girl ever had prettier pubic hair and being a natural blonde, those delicate little curls framing her pussy would never need but the barest trimmimg all her life. I lowered my head and kissed her right on the lips of her pussy whose intoxicating scents all but relieved me of my operating senses. Lifting the coverlet, I pulled her under the bedclothes and hugged her to me. It being Brianna's bed additionally, heightened the sexual-tease...God, if only she had been with us!
How anybody can prefer a mature girl in her twenties or early thirties to an eighteen-year old is beyond me. It just doesn't get hotter or sexier than this. How could it? I pulled Shelley on top of me, and kissing her just as passionately as I knew how, allowed my hands to caress her soft hair, delicate neck and smooth shoulders. Tracing my fingers down her spine, across both bottom cheeks and then gently spreading her legs astride me, I allowed myself the luxury of patting her moist and very available pussy. She wriggled on me and raising her head a little, her long hair wafting across my face which is such a delightful sensation, then looked at me all pleading and innocent.
She didn't have to say a word. Even as her nipples pressed up against my chest wreaking such unique pleasure, I slipped into her as easily as a key in a well oiled lock. We didn't say much - our bodies held the entire conversation. As our urgency grew I turned her on her side and just raised her left leg, giving me full control and depth of penetration. It is so much more intimate within the confines and limitations of bedclothes. It took but a few minutes for me to reach my own little event horizon. I wanted to fill her on her back - still the most vulnerable and arousing position when it comes to delivering the goods. Seeing any girl in so submissive a pose, especially with her legs pushed up and wide really gets the job done for me. She shook as I filled her to overflowing and even then continuing to pump into her as I looked down at her pretty face.
Barely had we exchanged DNA samples when came a knock at the door.
"You in there Michelle?" enquired a male voice.
"Yes, who is it?" she replied, half muffled by my kissing her still.
"It's Jerry - Brianna said you'd probably be up here. Is Noel with you? I need to talk to him."
"I'm here Jer, come in, " I replied - covering us both up. Jerry opened the door and without waiting for an invitation, sat himself down on the bed.
"Yeah well you two look pretty damn com comfortable, " he grinned. "God I love that bed, " he added, leaving little confusion as to his meaning. Damn, Brianna was a naughty girl! Jerry was continuing.
"Well we have a problem downstairs actually. We're just voting for the three girls that get to um, 'entertain' five men - you remember Noel, we all had Brianna a few weeks ago" could I forget? "Thing is, everyone wants to vote for Jenna and Kylie as just one "set" of twins - you know......have them together? How would you feel about that?"
I had known this was coming, at the very least they would have been picked separately anyway. I told him I'd be down right away and to wait till I talked to them. Jerry looked hopeful then got up and trudged out the door.
Michelle, glowing from passion as well as bodily-fluid exchange looked up at me.
"Are you going to let them do it?'
Now that really was the sixty four thousand dollar question...was I? Firstly I had to go see if they actually wanted to. Sadly, I already suspected I knew the answer to that one. Even sadder, was the growing realisation that my own voyeuristic preferences would not be likely to hinder any such move. I really was becoming one depraved SOB!
Now It is not my intent to inflict cruelty on the reader but we must take a further commercial break at this time. What remains to be told of the day's events will take up so much more space it is just not practical to include it here. I had thought to wrap it up today but cannot unfortunately.
Be patient!
© Peter_Pan
“Harper Valley Pleasure Dome” appears courtesy of the published novel “The Com complete Harper Valley” Peter_Pan (2006 Lulu Publishing Inc, Morrisville, NC)
For the benefit of new readers, the following is a com complete chronological list of the (current) thirty-five Harper Valley recollections.
Forget Harper Valley PTAReturn to Harper ValleyHello Harper Valley: Goodbye InnocenceHarper Valley: EndgameHarper Valley: The Way ForwardIf You're Going to Harper Valley be Sure to wear Some Flowers In Your HairHarper Valley Pleasure DomeHV Eight We Always Lay 'Em StraightYou Never Know Your Luck At Harper ValleyUp Close & PersonalThe Downsizing of Harper ValleyHV: New BloodHarper Valley 13: You Call that Unlucky?Harpers BizarreHarper Valley AngelsThey Shoot Hussies Don't They?Halfway To Heaven: Harper DeliversHarper Valley: Distant PrincessHarpers Afloat
Published collectively in paperback as “The Com complete Harper Valley” HV Family CrisisFarewell to ZionLarissaHarper Valley: Last RitesGhosts of HarperHarper Valley FalloutHomecomingEchoes of WatergateHarper Valley: Outpatient EnquiriesValley Girl: Return of the ProdigalIf the Shoe FitsHotter Than Hell in Minus FiveWhen the Sun Goes Down at Harper Valley
Published in soft cover as a second anthology “Harper Valley: Postscript”
Sisterly AffectionHarpers: Moment of Shame Harper Valley: In the Heat of the Night
Please visit also: “The World of Peter_Pan” website

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