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Ways Your Dog Can Give Back to the Community

Ways Your Dog Can Give Back to the Community

From churches to ball clubs and organizations, almost everyone has a fall soiree of some kind. Be it festivals for family fun or fundraising for those new uniforms or a church roof repair, we don't normally think of our pets as "helpers". While your dog may not be able to become the spokesman for the church picnic or the cookie salesman for your daughter's Girl Scout troop, he can give back too. You'll love the help... and he'll love the extra time with you.
Get Him Involved
Move over Madam Mystic, here comes Wizard Wagging Tail! If you have a well behaved pet who is good with strangers and quite obedient, let him join into the festival fun and offer a good giggle for the little ones.
Pick up a doggie wizard costume at your local pet shop or create one yourself. (You can find the directions for a super simple "Hairy Pupper" costume right here on our website.) Sit with Fido over a Magic 8 Ball in a booth that promises to "predict your future". Of course, your Chihuahua can't speak human - but that's ok. Simply act as though you are whispering with one another and give the reading yourself. "And now the great Fur-dini will read your future..."
Kids will go gaga for this adorable idea and parents will be lining up for the fun too!
Shear Perfection and Yummy Treats for Needy Pets
The approaching of the holidays is the perfect time to give back to the community. While there are plenty of outreach programs this time of year for needy families, often times these programs don't include help for their pets.
Get involved together this year and encourage your club to reach out to pets too. Hold a "come one, come all" gathering offering pet haircuts and free dog food. It's the perfect way to give back and spend a little quality time together in the process.
Help with Fundraising
Car washes are a thing of the past... doggie washes are where it's at! In addition to your human efforts, sell tickets to your club's first ever "Dog Wash" and watch the money roll in. Church members, friends and family will love the chance to bring their pets along to fundraising and youth groups and youngsters will enjoy washing pups, sans cars. After all, cars don't wag their tails at a job well done!
Have a Pup Party
When it comes to our clubs and organizations, we all love to get together for a good gathering - but doesn't it seem like we always do the same thing every year? This year have a pup party where everyone brings their pets along - this idea is perfect for women and girl's groups. Play pet friendly tunes like "What's New Pussy Cat" and "Who Let the Dog's Out". Do each other's hair and give your pet's funny hair-do's too. Take lots of photos for a club scrapbook. You'll enjoy getting together with all your friends and your pet will enjoy getting to come along for a change!
Spread Some Cheer
If you don't have children or your own have flown the nest, you can still spread a little cheer with the "wee ones" in your life... the wee furry ones that is. Perfect for the women's group at church, this idea is sure to be a giggle inducer for everyone involved!
It's a little known fact, but many nursing homes hand out candy for Halloween in hopes of lifting their resident's spirits. They have several appointed residents who greet children with handfuls of candy. Why not surprise them in full Halloween garb and a dressed up pooch to boot! (You'll love getting to dress up and feel like a kid again.)
The nursing home will be so surprised when you come in for a visit and with treats for them! (Steer clear of candy as some can't have it. Try socks, handmade crafts or even pictures of your pet!) It's the perfect "give back" way to spend Halloween. Bring along your camera and take resident's photos with your little "pumpkin". Bring along a few "readymade" costume props like a witch hat so each resident can be festive for their photo too. Then, bring the photos back for another visit with the group.
When it comes to furry friends, they are often capable of a lot more than we think. When it comes to involving your pets in your activities, think outside the box. With a little creativity you will find that they too can give back whether it be helping to fund raise... or simply helping to put a smile on someone's face.

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