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Make Her Addicted To You By Focusing On 3 Things

Make Her Addicted To You By Focusing On 3 Things

When ites to making a woman addicted to you (building attraction), most guys are using out-dated methods and they don't understand why things aren't working.
The best way to understand this is to imagine being 13 years old again. At this age, all a girl would have to do to get you "amazed by her" is to grab you by the hand - flash the "shhhhhhh" signal - take you into an empty classroom - and flash her boobs at you.
You would be hooked!
You would be thinking about her all day long.
You would be addicted to her - literally, because your brain would be flooded with "happy brain chemicals" (from the reward center of your brain) and as result, you would be conditioned to "get happy" the next time you saw her.
Does that make sense?
OK. Fast-forward 20 years. You're married, your wife takes off her bra and obviously her boobs are there to be looked at.
You might get slightly excited. You might not. The point is, if you've seen a pair of boobs 723 times, it's not going to have the same impact.
Not only that, you've already experience things that are 4 levels beyond "boob flashing", so it doesn't have the same effect.
Today, if she wanted to get you extremely "giggling 13 year old" turned on, she would have to step things up a notch (i.e. new sexy costume, strategic touching, whispering, looking at you seductively, etc.), because a "Girls Gone Wild" style shirt lift-up isn't going to get your mouth watering.
It works both ways.
And I'm not referring to the ineffectiveness of you lifting your shirt. I'm talking about the need to step things up because outdated tactics don't work for her anymore.
And yeah, I know that's kind of redundant, but outdated tactics are for average guys.
Outdated tactics are for guys who don't realize that she's probably heard the phrase "you look reaaaaallly beautiful" 723 times before.
If you want to create a deep addiction, you have to connect with her "current brain". So let's talk how to create a deep connection. All you have to do if focus on three things:
Understanding Her + Having Similarities With Her + Having Meaningful Interactions With Her
It's that simple.
All you have to do is think of ways to demonstrate that you understand her, think of ways to show her that you are similar (in some way) and focus on having 'meaningful interactions' with her. Tell her funny stories. Condition her to be happy when she talks to you. Compliment her in ways that no other guy has (i.e.pliment abination of things: her inner qualities, her decision-making, and her accomplishments)
While most guys are bragging about things that have no impact to her, you can be the guy who gets her to believe that you believe she has what it takes to accomplish her BIGGEST DREAM.
It's that simple.
Getting a woman addicted to you has a lot to do with understanding her. The key is to do more of what her brain responds to and less of the things that turn her off. Failing to understand this simple rule is one of the biggest mistakes that a guy could make.

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