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Harper Valley The Way Forward

Harper Valley: The Way Forward

By Peter_Pan - Jan 31, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 8898 Author’s Note:
A perusal of early “Harper Valley” chapters is suggested strictly for those with no prior knowledge of the circumstances leading up to “The Way Forward.” Bear in mind that since these ‘recollections’ were by necessity, compiled only within days of their actual occurrence, the behavioral aspects of certain family members might appear to fluctuate unpredictably. To put it in layman’s terms… would appear my two daughters are becoming sluts to their back teeth!
If I had the least notion that the events at that last party were an “educational one-off, ” I certainly had another think coming. You can’t tame what’s naturally wild! Besides, “In your own lounge-room, no-one can hear you scream! ”
&nb sp; &nbs p; **
Doubtless I had condemned my immortal soul to hell with my flagrant transgression of parental etiquette of late but be that as it may, one has to take the opportunities offered them in this life. Following the events as set down in “Harper Valley: Endgame, ” I must admit I was for the next twenty four hours, watching Kylie and Jenna closely for even the slightest sign of remorse, self-recrimination or the least inward discordancy. All I divined as occurring however was a newly developed camaraderie between the two of them – most of which seemed to be taking place beneath Jenna’s quilt-cover before school. Ensuing breakfasts were marked by a good deal of giggling and joi-de- vive.
Even if I had wanted the entire incident erased from my higher memory, it was never to be. Not three days later, Kylie called me into the lounge-room just after dinner. “ ’Phone for you dad, ” she called out – “It’s Jerry, ” she whispered to me, a smirk building up beneath those pretty little cheeks of hers. I snatched the phone off her.
“Which one was that?” he asked, “Jenna?”
“That was the housekeeper Jerry, ” I answered, “She’s ugly as all hell, has chronic bad breath and shaves her forearms. I’ve sent the girls to a Convent to learn the words to “Climb Every Mountain” …..what can I do for you?”
“A Convent huh?” he mused, “Well, from what I saw last weekend, they’re gonna be pretty popular with the older Sisters.” He had a point there. All sorts of murderously hot images immediately flashed through my head (amongst other anatomical hot-spots). Kylie sitting on one of the elder Sisters’ laps, her little skirt pushed up around her hips while another of the Flying Nuns slipped her panties down and fingered her. Jenna across the laps of two others, being spanked hard while they stripped her….
I had to quickly re-orientate myself…Jerry was still mumbling.
“Yeah, so the reason I called – Warwick is hosting the party next week, the three of you coming….all four maybe?”
“In your dreams Jer, ” I growled dismissively, “Natalie doesn’t even know about all this….well, least as far as I know! ”
“Bummer, ” he replied, “Still, the rest of you will be there right?”
I wondered if Kylie was listening-in on the extension upstairs…I certainly would have been in her position. Coughing nervously I just told him I needed a day or so to think on that one, but not to hold his breath. The slightest of clicks gave the game away for the girls…they’d been eavesdropping - no risk!
Jerry sounded faintly disappointed but agreed to wait my call. I took the stairs two at a time. The girls were sitting at Kylie’s computer chatting on-line.
They looked up expectantly as I entered.
“NO WE’RE NOT!” I thundered, “And it’s rude to listen-in on people’s calls.” I added, trying my best to sound authoritarian.
“Oh we weren’t listening dad, ” Jenna giggled… “Kylie just forgot to hang up earlier.”
“Yeah right, ” I replied. “Gotcha there cutie-pie…..If the ‘phone had been off the hook, Jerry wouldn’t have been able to get-through would he?”
“Oh….was it Jerry?” she looked at me all wide-eyed and innocent, com completely ignoring my smart detective-work.
“As if you didn’t know?” I muttered, desperate to win a point somewhere. “Yes, of course it was Jerry and no, we are not going to the next party. You both had more than enough last week. You’re school kids not sex-toys. Let’s get real here girls.”
“Well, you took us dad.” Kylie interrupted, “Besides, you didn’t seem to mind too much that night as I recall.” That really set Jenna off giggling fitfully.
I almost blushed, recalling the white-hot images of the two of them naked on the bed after Kylie had called down to me to come up. What else can a man do when he finds his two young daughters posed lewdly on a bed and panting for it?” I did what I had to.
“Yeah well okay Kyles, you caught me at a weak moment, ” I answered. “I’ve thought about it since and we need to be a little more circumspect about things. Your reputations for one!”
Kylie looked at me in that cheeky way she does when she knows she’s on top of the situation.
“Dad, we could make you do it right now if we wanted to!” So saying, she sat back in the chair and spread her legs apart just enough to let me see her hot little white panties.”
“Cut that right out cheeky-face, ” I managed to splutter, “Natalie’s just up in her room, I don’t think we need to advertise our combined sins right now.”
Kylie pouted, but closed-up the brief window of opportunity.
“What is it with you two?” I asked. “Did you really enjoy having all those guys after you?”
“It was kinda fun dad – really, ” Jenna muttered. “Hot too!” Her sister joined her in a fit of the giggles.
“Yeah, well it might not be so hot if you had gotten pregnant would it?” I suggested, falling back on the “wise and responsible parent” entity.
“Specially if you were the father dad, ” Kylie put in. “Would be a problem I suppose, having a baby that was my half-brother too. Not to mention you being both father and grandfather.”
Right that second, call me a twisted, perverted head-case, but just the thought of getting Kylie pregnant, brought on waves of paternal longing as opposed to waves of parental intelligence. God I love them so much!
“Ok kids well let’s just leave this for a while, ” I suggested. “We’ll talk about it a bit later – when you’re both asleep I think might be opportune, then I won’t get any cheek from either of you!”
The topic of the next party was somewhat side-tracked courtesy of some unexpected guests the following night. By sheer good fortune, Natalie was out with her boyfriend and my eldest son with his girlfriend. In hindsight, might have been better if the three of us had been out too!
We had just eaten and cleared away – one of the rare nights I actually got them to wash-up for me, when there came a knock at the door.
“See who that is Jenna please, ” I called out.
The last thing I was expecting to see subsequently, was Jerry and his daughter Michelle being ushered into the lounge.
“Just passing your street on the way home, ” he said, “and Michelle mentioned that Kylie and Jenna live at number twenty six, so I figured we’d drop-by and say hi!”
I was thinking to myself, “Yeah, right Jerry, you scheming little bastard, ” but quite frankly, so tight was the hot tartan skirt Michelle had on, it was taking the edge off my deductive processes.”
“Can I offer you guys a drink?” I muttered, logged-in to auto-polite mode and immediately regretting it, upon realization that this might prolong the visit. Naturally Jerry opted for a beer. All three girls headed off to the kitchen. I decided I may as well join him….I don’t even like beer! Jenna brought out a couple of twist-tops and the girls grabbed themselves a diet Pepsi each before pitching themselves down on the far lounge in strikingly appealing poses. At the angle both Jerry and I were, you didn’t need much imagination let’s say. Well, assuming you were thinking along similarly degenerate lines.
“So, ” piped-up Jerry, swigging a couple of inches of the frosty brew a tad theatrically, “You guys gonna make it Saturday?”
“Er, we’ve already covered that one Jer, ” I responded, the epitome of cool fatherhood. “Said we’re gonna think about it…..remember?”
Just at that second, Michelle said something to Kylie and Jenna and all three of them began laughing hysterically. I glared at them.
“You said a couple of days actually… that was over forty eight hours ago now, ” he added wistfully.
“Hey Jer, ” I replied, my body-language set to “confrontation imminent, ” “Am I on some kinda sliding time-scale here? Jerry looked stunned.
“I…I was just asking.” He hastily swigged another inch or two.
Sensing a need to calm my disposition I guess, yet totally unprovoked, Michelle walked over and sat on my lap. God…was she well- trained or what? It worked though, I was fully consoled….and fully boned-up pretty much. I told you how tight that skirt was!
My two girls were eyeing the situation carefully. I was eyeing other things.
“Look Jerry, ” I told him, “I will call you the next day or so, OK? Just want to talk stuff through with the girls.”
“Sure, ” he said quietly, obviously at ease with his daughter’s relocation. “That’s cool. Just let me know.”
Michelle was wearing some really persuasive perfume that was radically impacting on my defense mechanisms. Was pretty much infiltrating my entire sensory and auditory systems concurrently. She had only to lean across and kiss me and I would be a lost cause…and dammit, she did just that.
“Do you remember how far we got at the party Mr Baker?” she whispered.
“Well, I certainly remember how far you got sweetie, ” I replied. “I was there, remember?” Another kiss. What the hell was this? Jerry’s pre-programmed “lets get the parent on-side” technique? If so, it was most definitely a winner!
Thinking little of any possible consequences here, I kissed her back – on the lips this time. Was she compliant? Yummy! I heard Kylie (who else?) call out something along the lines of “Go dad!” I couldn’t be sure of the exact wording.
As she responded to my kissing her, Michelle splayed her legs, which in that skirt was no mean accomplishment. The sight of her hot little black knickers took me over the line and stupidly, I slipped a hand up between her legs. I was lost! Even as I saw Jerry pat the arms of his chair, I knew of course his motivation. Jenna and Kylie lost no time in taking up a position either side of him and hell, their skirts were no less provocative than Michelle’s. I realized now I had been staring at them both intently while they had washed-up for me. I hadn’t been thinking about the war in Iraq either!
I wanted to call out “No, get back on the lounge girls, ” but the words refused to form. All I could concentrate on was what my fingers were doing to the front of Michelle’s panties. The more industrious they became, the more reactionary my lap-dweller.
Wriggling on my knee, Michelle raised her hips such that she was able, and with the hottest little expression on her face, one that ranked midway between “pleading” and “intriguing, ” she whispered “pull them down if you want.” Like I was thinking, “Oh well, if I must!”
Slipping the skimpy little things off, I was treated to the most arousing of views directly up between her legs. Trimmed but not shaven, Michelle had the prettiest little blonde downy patch of pubic hair atop her pussy. I could see it glistening in places from the natural wetness that had been evident even through her knickers. Caressing her soft labia in a vertical motion, I kissed her rather lovingly as her respiratory rate increased on a par with her escalating urgency.
Built very much like my two girls, Michelle has rather beautiful firm breasts – totally girlish and there they were just inches from my gaze, undulating gently beneath a tight little top which failed delightfully, to conceal the ultra-thin black shoulder-straps of her bra. My hand closed gently around her right breast and I squeezed the soft mound beneath. She covered my hand with her own and looked up at me – words quite unnecessary.
Angling a glance towards Jerry’s chair, I immediately regretted choosing one with such wide arms. Both girls were delicately seated alongside my house-guest, their skirts obscenely high up their thighs while leaning inwards and taking their turns kissing Jerry. His restraint was remarkable as I could see
nothing in the way of bodily contact with either. “What a fucking idiot, ” I recall thinking, while at the same time giving thanks to the Gods of stupidity.
Emotionally, Michelle had moved up a cog. It was time to join her on the new plateau. I couldn’t help thinking that however stylish and provocative that cute little top was, it would look so much better on the floor. Consigning it then to its new home, her frilly little push-up bra quite came into its own. I often amuse myself debating mentally whether in fact a young girl exerts a greater appeal in a bra than out of one. Undeniably, both concepts have their selling points. For me though I find nothing more arousing than the sight (and feel) of young partially covered breasts with a hint of cleavage – specially when their owner has but one intention – to let you see more!
Slipping her straps down her arms, the lightest intake of breath betrayed Michelle’s arousal. As her perfectly sculptured contours and perkiest of light brown nipples emerged, I told her she was just so beautiful and kissed her lips, which hopefully conveyed to her the honesty of that statement. At the point a girl’s eyes go dreamy, you know you must have said something right!
Quite without thought at that particular moment as to the sexual predicament of my own two charges, I simply needed to unhook that front-clasp. I felt her hand pull my head gently to her as my lips took in both the extremity of her nipple and the milky smell of her young breasts. I sucked her like a baby and with a baby’s need for satisfaction and comfort.
With her free hand, Michelle unzipped the back of her skirt and we shuffled it off her. I caught a glimpse of Kylie and Jenna’s expression as Michelle was finally rendered naked on my lap. Jerry also was no longer inactive on the home front. Whether at his urgings or nature was just taking its own course, the two girls now began to kiss each other, leaning across Jerry’s chest. With the imminent proximity of both their breasts but inches from his face, I could hardly be surprised at his beginning to grope them both. I had enough to worry about myself!
Pulling Michelle around to a semi- squatting position on my lap she was beginning to moan as my fingers delved well up inside her pussy. What all this looked like to Jerry – God only knows. She had her arms up around my neck and was beginning to coordinate her hip movements to my digital thrusts. Let’s face it though, there is a finite limit to what one’s fingers, even with back-up can achieve, and ultimately the weapon of choice must be brought into play. Such decision is made even quicker when one’s ears are assailed, however softly, by simple but inspirational little phrases such as “Fuck me Mr Baker.”
“Call me Noel….please.” I whispered to her.
Not sure whether I unzipped myself or whether she did it….it happened so damn quickly. Holding her firmly around her curvy and impossibly well-engineered bottom, I just pulled her to me as she guided my not inconsiderable erection deep into her tight but tender little pussy, with all the directional efficiency of a tomahawk missile on heat. It was beyond Nirvana just being in her and looking within her pretty eyes. I held her tight to me for a few moments doing nothing more than exchanging sensations – both physical and emotional. It’s a time that the term “fucking” has no meaning and “experiencing” means everything. It’s a time that ‘perpetuation of the species’ becomes an understood thing for a moment and that the beauty of procreation and sexual interplay transcends the reality of your partner being a wife, daughter, girlfriend….anything more than a com completely desired female companion.
Aware that Kylie was being pulled on to Jerry’s lap facing him and that the three of them were way beyond ground zero as far as kissing each other was concerned, my entire concentration was directed towards pleasing the happy and vibrant little blonde poppet who, with her legs spread wide and her nipples now so erect and appreciative of my tactile ministrations, was thrusting forwards to gain maximum penetration and pleasure from each passing second.
From Jerry and the girl’s perspective, I imagine watching Michelle’s progress on my lap and the sight of her cute and naked little rear-end being held and fondled with unimpaired delight, must have driven up the trio’s body temperatures. Jenna especially I could see at a glance, was receiving more than her fair share of attention. Giving her breasts a brief respite, Jerry had a hand up beneath her checkered skirt and was, judging by her movements, rubbing the front of her panties in exactly the right spot.
Michelle was four-fifths along the highway now and definitely not looking for an exit ramp. Com completely glazed-over from physical overload, her eyes signaled her readiness for completion. Still thrusting deeply into her, as far as her cervix by the feel of it, I smiled at her, told her again how beautiful she was and then just as I felt her begin to cum, I let go with her and pumped all those millions of DNA-spiked little rascals into their new home.
Whimpering, she just clung to me and as I have emphasized before, it is that few seconds just after completion of the act, if you have any semblance of emotional appreciation - that the wondrous realization of what you have just done comes home to roost. You have “loved, ” “shared, ” “given” and “received.” It just doesn’t get any better than that!
Holding Michelle to my chest, her arms still around my neck and feeling her heart-rate gradually return to normal, the scene just three or four meters distant was wreaking havoc with my own ventricular pulsing. Kylie was kneeling astride Jerry, her skirt pushed right up to her hips with her light-blue knickers unavoidably now highly visible as far as the elastic at the top. What purpose they were serving however is open to conjecture as quite obviously Jerry was well up inside her. I both heard and saw Jenna, her back to me now and with Jerry’s free hand roaming at will up between her own legs, urge her sister on by saying,
“Let him fuck you like dad’s fucking Michelle, Kylie.”
So engrossed was she in her sister’s copulatory progress and her own indecent fondling that she hadn’t even noticed that Michelle and I had finished.
Watching this, my own erection assumed its former monolithic proportions and may God forgive my deprived (make that depraved) parental care factor, but my most inner craving at that moment was to see Kylie fucked into total submission. I was to get my wish.
The inertia behind each of Jerry’s upward thrusts into my daughter was clearly evidenced by the rear-action movement of Kylie’s bottom. As her gasps and moans began to run together, I watched transfixed as he pulled the elastic down and inched her panties below her cheeks which he then cupped and pulled hard to him. Kylie arched herself backwards in pleasure, presenting to Jerry’s flushed face, two very hot young breasts that stretched to the limit the little shirt she had on.
As I watched, my arms still around Michelle, Jerry whispered something to Jenna and I was surely skirting the edge of a coronary, as I saw her undo Kylie’s buttons and begin fondling her sister’s breasts. Although I had no front-on vision, the effect on Kylie was immediate and dramatic to say the least. Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she was just allowing herself to be impaled on his erection while she whimpered quite clearly, “Fuck me Jerry…..fuck me.”
At the point that Jerry returned one hand up between Jenna’s legs, she was wriggling almost as much as her sister. I think it was her pushing Kylie’s bra right up that brought on the inevitable fireworks. Jerry simply took hold of her waist, began sucking her nipples and basically left Kylie to com complete the festivities. As she lost all control, simply crying out in wanton pleasure, he actually lifted her by the hips as he came in her midway through her own orgasm it would appear. By then, Jenna was fingering and rubbing herself stupid – whether through or inside her panties, I just couldn’t see.
Exhausted, Kylie collapsed against Jerry’s chest, her knickers still at half-mast, while Jenna was just sitting on the edge of the chair looking at her sister and trying to remember how to breathe. With her crumpled skirt still gathered obscenely high around her thighs, I could only imagine what kind of a view Jerry must have had.
No one spoke for a while, the only sound detectable being of four respiratory systems trying to normalize themselves.
Easing Michelle off my lap, she began retrieving her knickers and bra while I went across to my thoroughly wicked little daughters. As I approached the chair, Kylie raised her head, and her expression was so lovable and hot…..I just had to kiss her.
“You let him fuck me dad, ” she said, the tease-factor quite evident.
“I did, didn’t I?” I smirked, “And to think I just stood by while you suffered so much. I don’t think I can live with myself! The only excuse I have sweetie…..I was kinda busy with your little friend there.” I nodded towards Michelle, watching as she hooked-up the clasp of her bra.
“And as for you cheeky-face?” I turned towards Jenna. “That is very naughty playing with your sister like that!”
“Sorry daddy, ” she sniggered, “Don’t know what came over me!” She smoothed her skirt back down – although it still looked diabolically sexy.
Having retrieved her skirt and top, Michelle came and stood beside me looking up at me so prettily I had to kiss her too. Something told me the evening was far from over.
It must have told Jerry too, as he took hold of Jenna’s hand and having no fear obviously of seeming a little risque, said simply.
“Might not we be a little comfier upstairs?”
“Er, “we” being who exactly, Jerry?” I asked. He let go of Jenna’s hand like it was a hot potato.
“Oh c’mon Noel, be fair, ” he said. “You can’t leave one daughter horny as hell surely?”
“I can’t?” I replied. “Let me guess Jerry, you want to make things right…“help” her with that particular problem yourself? What a trooper huh!”
He wasn’t sure quite how to answer that one. I think the sarcasm was getting to him.
Michelle, ever the ice-breaker chimed in, “Oh, I’d love to see your bedroom Jenna.” So saying, she took Jenna’s hand and they headed for the stairs. I grabbed Kylie by the shoulders before Jerry could even think about it.
Reluctantly I followed the girls up to Jenna’s room, which as it just so happened was marginally larger than Kylie’s or mine. Natalie, now twenty, had inherited the largest, mainly because she had amassed so much stuff, including almost a thousand videos and dvd’s.
Jenna was showing Michelle her computer and school desk while Jerry and I sat on the coverlet with Kylie pretty much equi-distant between us. I took hold of her hand, more as a protective measure than anything else. Her sidling up beside me suddenly and kissing me hard on the lips wasn’t quite the reaction I had in mind – nice as it was though.
“Kylie, ” I said.
“Yes dad?”….she looked so com completely innocent, I lost my train of thought.
“Wow, there’s a girl loves her daddy, ” muttered Jerry, “I should be so lucky!”
Her presence besides me was stirring things I didn’t want stirred. I noticed that her skirt had ridden up a fair bit and she was making no effort to address the situation. I could feel my desire rising, my defensive game-plan crumbling.
“God Kylie…not now, ” I muttered, “Haven’t you had enough already?’
She just shook her pretty head and looked at me, those beautiful eyes speaking volumes of indecent propositions.
The next thing I knew, my hands – damn their self-willed and totally independent functionality, were undoing the buttons on Kylie’s shirt. My right hand sank beneath her bra cup and began squeezing her hot little breasts that were responding the only way they knew how. I was vaguely aware that the other two girls had moved over to the bed and that something was being orchestrated behind us.
Kylie’s eyes were glazing over as I kissed her really passionately and I could feel that the erection in progress was not one likely to be satisfied by a re-run of “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”
Pushing Kylie on her back, I was stunned to see Jenna in similar pose the far side of the bed. Jerry had taken a hold of her arms and was pulling her across to his side on her back, while Michelle was all too easily tugging my daughter’s hot skimpy panties down. Just as her pussy was exposed, I felt Kylie’s hands unzipping me and pulling out my erection. I had her knickers off in record time.
Let’s just say “foreplay” wasn’t on the menu at this particular juncture. I wasn’t so inclined and Kylie in the condition she was, was looking for anything but a romantic interlude with her dad. I think I reached her appendix with the first thrust. So far gone was I, I think I muttered something about my intention to “fuck her cute little pussy six ways from Sunday, ” and then set about doing just that.
Meanwhile, I heard Jerry say, “Lick her Shelley, ” and was vaguely aware of Jenna’s gasp as Michelle spread her thighs and set in motion one damnably hot little session. Kylie locked her legs around my back and was simply insatiable….forget Marilyn Chambers all those years ago – she wasn’t in the ballpark!
This my friends, was fucking first and foremost, loving later. Well, let me qualify that. Of course I loved her and never lost sight of that fact, but Kylie last night was not simply the cute little schoolgirl tease, she was a young woman in full control of her sexual drive and I was the quarry. For ten minutes or so, her mate rather than her father. Oh God, how I love juggling those roles!
I just tore her shirt open, pushed her bra up and rubbed her breasts red raw while I fucked her. Kylie was wriggling, panting and extremely vocal in terms of what she was expecting to be done to her. Obviously the heat generated by this intense sexual scenario rubbed off on the co-participants. I heard Michelle say, “Lets swap places and you can fuck her dad!”
In less time than it took to walk up the stairs, Jerry was kneeling on the bed between Jenna’s legs and pushing his erection as far up her as the laws of nature permitted. So wet must she have already been watching her sister getting it, I figure a full-size pony was in with a chance here. Jerry began to fuck her as hard as he knew how and she was lying almost alongside Kylie at this stage. Seeing my youngest daughter being pretty much raped (although willingly) spurred me to even greater heights (and depths) if such be possible.
Not entirely sure why this should be, but at the point that Jenna suddenly reached out for her sister’s hand, something in me hit the nitrous button. Seeing these two beautiful young sisters holding hands…obviously sharing the intensity and sexual energies being wreaked upon their still developing bodies, just blew me away. I experienced the biggest release I have ever mustered. It literally weakened me as would have a gunshot wound. Kylie felt it and as her own orgasm took her to where she had definitely planned on going, she drew her knees up, still spread wide and just hugged me to her.
Jerry, although he had cum....I could see it all seeping out of Jenna’s pussy, was still fucking her – and Jenna was obviously wanting it, still moving her hips up to meet his thrusting actions and more than happy to let him continue rubbing her sexy little breasts that he had wasted no time in getting out.
Michelle understandably had been relegated to hand duty and judging by her flushed expression and hands tight- pressed against her knickers suddenly, it hadn’t all been bad news!
Probably as well that my other kids were due back later in the evening because quite honestly I think we would have fallen back on the old “Why don’t you two guys stay for the night?” routine. The permutations possible with the four of us and two beds – three if you include mine, are downright awesome!
But Jerry really did deserve a smack in the mouth for his comment when they left shortly afterwards.
“I take it then you will all be there Saturday?”
© Peter_Pan
“Harper Valley: The Way Forward” appears courtesy of :
“The Com complete Harper Valley” Peter_Pan (2006 Lulu Publishing Inc:
Morrisville NC)
Please refer to "Harper Valley 4: Endgame"
for the full chronological list of the 35 Harper Valley recollections

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