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Getting Spoiled

Getting Spoiled

By Malizia - Nov 21, 2008 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 22809 Today is Friday and I feel like the week just had to be finished in a very special way, I just celebrated my birthday two days ago and I gave a little coktail party at my place. Some of my friends came by and so they brought more friends, I had so much people in the living room I thought my neighbour would come anytime to complain as he always do.
I went to the kitchen to get more ice as I turned around I see this girl standing right behind me, she scared the hell out of me and I gave a deep yell out of me. Are you alright? she asked me. I was still trying to catch my breath so I just gave her a smile. She came closer to me and whispered. The last thing I want is scaring you away smell so good I love your parfum, I never meet you before but I know it is your party, so let me introduce me, my name is Kate. Oh hey! I said, smiling and wondering how cute she looked with her long brown her and that thight little dress, her perky titts were just a handful like her tight ass. I could tell what kind of lingere she was wearing, she let that dress tell a lot about what she was offering. What you say about that? I was trembling all over and didnt know what to say because she got me so lost in my thoughts. I said my name is Kate and shake hands with me. That's cool, I said. My name is Xanja, who you friends with? I tried to keep talking to her, trying to spend more time to look at her beauty. She came closer to me that it scare me a little bit so that I stepped back, she kept going and I finished with my back against the wall. She pulled me again it and smelling around my face, she started talking with a sexy cherry scent. I'm friends with Marion, she told me you was a cutie but she didnt said all the true. I smiled and looked at her like asking what she was trying to do with me like holding me back like that. She came closer and gave me a soft kiss, it felt so good I let her kiss me a little big longer, she open her lips and I could feel her tounge trying to touch mine and in that moment I felt my pussy connected with my tounge, I felt her getting sticky and wet.
I heard someone stepping in and I pulled her back and started talking like nothing happened. So where you met Marion then? I asked her. In that moment Jasmine would enter in the kitchen asking for the ice. I was about to bring it! I rushed to tell her. Dont worry, let me do it so everybody gets some before the night is over. she laughed and walked away looking at Kate with a certain suspicious look. I was about to walk behind Jasmine as she asked me for a tissue. Jasmine looked at me and turned her eyes into the skies walking into the living room alone. I turned around and I knew that they only reason to stay behind was to taste more of those lips and the excitement that we almost got caught. As we took a break after having eat each others lips, she asked me. When can I see you to continue this and bring it to the very licky end? I felt my cheeks blushing, I never had been there before and having now almost a date with a girl was taking me out of my world. I could risk and give me the honor of or say no and forget every thing I felt while it was I looked at her and I said, well on Friday I dont have major plans...Perfect! she said. Let's meet at the bar around central Av. and we see from there! I smile and we left the kitchen happy like little girls. Everybody was so busy into that room that we werent missed at all, we kept watching at each other for the rest of the night. Around 3am everybody left the party and she was almost the last one standing, another two were there but she didnt know what I had in mind for my birthday and soon she left.
Dave took my hand and started dancing with me a sexy tango, I was already a little dizzy from the few vodkas I had and the rush Kate gave me in the kitchen, I didnt saw where George was standing until I felt him, right behind me a hard dick. There was s he hold my long hair and pull me back, he said I saw you little bitch getting horny with that lesbian girl. I started laughing and looked at him. Did it make you horny George? I asked him. Damn yeah it did! he said and kissed me. Dave was rubbing his dick on my cunt while George was pulling my dress down my shoulders, I felt Dave hands holding my butts while Georges were now massaging my titts all the way around. At a poiint these guys had me on the air floating and soon I was on top of the dinner table laying along. Dave continued dancing and rubbing his dick against my wet panties, my pussy would not hide the joy she was feeling. I loved George kissed me and the way our tounges played together, it was telling me I was about to have some good fuck, if not two. I felt Dave pulling my panties to the side and putting my lips aparts, I heard his breath getting deeper. He started playing with my clit and George started sucking my titts. I got so horny I told George to give some dick to suck and didnt hesitate to prompt stand in front of me with a huge curved dick on his hand. I started sucking on it like it was made of sugar. Dave would now suck even harder around my vagina so that I had that cramp, I always call it the dick-call. I had to hold it because I would get it twice in a raw and these guys were about to fuck the hell out of me. Dave got up and pull the panties and my dress off. I heard his belt falling, that was telling me he was standing in front of my spreaded out pussy with a hard dick in his hands. I felt the warm head, I had again another cramp and as he felt it, he stick a little deeper. I started moving my pelvis up and down to get him fucking me wild, but he would go slowly giving George time to enjoy his blowjob. After a couple of nice strokes Dave started giving me some good dick, he started breathing hard every time he stroke the pussy hard and harder. I squizzed my pussy to make him come hard and so it was as he released a scream out of his deepest ohhhh shiiiiitttttttt.
George got all excited seeing his boy standing like frozen, trembling all over, sweat running like water down his head. That's crazy yo! Dave said with his last breath. She's great! Dave looked at me coming closer. You are out of this world girl. He said and kissed me. George used the time to go under and I felt his hands turning my hips around so that I ended up with my ass up.Right again in front of Daves dick. George big curved dick got in one stoke all the way in! I felt a cramp up to my brain. George started fucking me doggie style like a fucking pit. Wanna taste your pussy? Dave asked me as he put his dick in my mouth. Hmm I love it. I said licking it up and down until it was clean. George got all horny by the look of me sucking Dave's dick so good, that he could not last much longer and put his dick on my tummy to gave me a crazy long hot shot of cum.
We sat around naked in the couch looking at each others, having a drink and rolling up a blunt. We started smoking and laughing, the boys started talking to each others and they asked me if I would like to do this more often and very exclusive. I started laughing as I said, why not!
I slept all the day after, I think the last I remember was that I locked the door as George left the place around 4pm. I had to go to work on Friday since I had to give a report and Sales forecast for the CEO meeting, I was so fucked up I could read properly. I took hot bath and got my stuff ready for work, put the alarm for 6.15am and went to bed as fast as I could.
Today as I woke up I checked my phone and saw 5 text messages, after I had my shower and my Yoga training, I took the phone and check the notes. George's was an invitation to dinner for two, Daves was to watch a movie and have some smoke, one was from my mother that I should go home for the weekend and two from Kate. She said on the first that she would like to spend some quality time with me and she wouldnt mind if I want to go for a drink, but she would rather spend that time at her place with me. The second she said that she could come to my place if it makes me feel better, but she cant wait to see me later tonight. I had totally forget after what happened with these guys and I thought finally it was a kick for me to make me feel sexy to bring over the 3some I wished the year before on my Birthday party and came true, I was single and my ex-boyfriend and actual lover at that time without knowing each others promised me to do it for me and so I asked them as I started planing the party if they would like to help me out and they did it very well.
I had a busy day at work and not much time to think of what was coming, I had in my mind I would meet some girl at my place and have a girls night, drinks, movies and 2.30pm I realized that I didnt have anything to offer my guest, all I had to do was to rush to the Supermarket and get something prompt ready before she would be there. I logged off my computer at 3pm and ran out of the door and I walked out of office. I arranged a few strawberries, champagne and got a nice pan pizza with extra cheese. By the time I got home it was already 6.30pm and she wanted to come by 7pm, but at the moment I put down the shopping bags I heard the door bell, she was more than in time or she was impatience...I went to open the door as I saw a wonderful sexy woman dressing a strech trenchcoat, wearing beautiful black Gucci heels holding a bottle of Moet. Hello Honey, sorry I'm so early but I dont know time when it is about you. she said sounding very happy. You look georgous! I said checking her up and down like a piece of good meat. That's my belated birthday gift for you. she said. I wont take it off until I think you are ready. she added. I looked at her a little bit lost and guide her to the living room. Would you mind if I go for a shower and change before we have some pizza? I asked her. She looked at me like I asked her to steal horses. Oh just go ahead! let me here I take care of everything! she would said and started pushing me way to my room. I went into the shower and started relaxing from work, I checked if the wax was still keeping it or I need to shave my pussy before finishing it. After everything was properly checked and validated, I wrapped myself into the rope and rushed into my room. I opened my closet and there I was standing trying to pick a dress to date a girl. A girl waiting on my living room. I discovered that I wanted totally different type of dressed than those I would dress dating a guy. I felt so much femenine, so much woman.I rushed back into the bathroom as I heard her voice coming from the other room. Are you ready soon? I still need to do my hair! I yelled back. Oh Take you time! she yelled back.
I looked at the mirrow and was attracted to my own beauty, I never saw me sexy like that ever before. I walked down the aisle to the living room as I saw her sitting with her legs up , no panties on. Oh here you are! she sat back down. You look delicious! she exclaimed. She walked over to check me out from all sides, I would like to rather eat you know that anything else you could offer me. she said while she put her fingers under my dress touching my pussy through my thong. My breath started getting heavier. I ordered some sushi while you was under the shower. she said as she was leading me taking my hand around the couch to the table. She started feeding me, piece by piece. We started laughing and drinking sake, after a while she took a little bag out of her clunch and started rolling up a blunt. I started filling up the cups with more champagne and we started smoking and drinking, laughing and touching. She started running her fingers down my chest touching my breast and playing my nipples in circles, she went down to my tummy and start playing with my nibble, down to my lebgs and with her nails she would draw on my legs her name. We started kissing each others and she open her legs slighty. As I started touching that body which caused so much curiosity, I felt the need of touching her pussy, feeling it. I let my hand run down in between her legs as she took my hand away and said. Now you are ready.. and she got up and took off her trenchcoat, she was literally naked.
She went down on her knees and spread my legs away, start with her tongue licking my leg up. I came here to give you pleasure, that's my gift. She would said before she took care to kiss my clit before she lick it like it was always hers. I felt my body trembling I could not even get air and she was not to stop the good job. she was eating my pussy dry, she was moaning like a kitty was turned me more on as I felt that she put 2 fingers in my vagina as she started licking it with a wide tongue like it was a lollypop, it made me came so hard I saw my cum all over her tongue mixed with her saliba. She was moaning and playing with her pussy as I turned over to her and started sucking those perky titts that called my attention from the first night, she was my kitty. I couldnt wait to taste her. I didnt waste time licking and tasting her body. I just wanted to suck her pussy, make her cum.
I slided down on my knees and open up her legs, she started breathing faster...waiting, desire. I blowed the pussy to see her reaction, as she got up her head and looked at me with a devilish look, I guess she knew at that moment that I wanted to lick on her as bad as she wanted me. I put my tongue for the first time on that sexy woman's pussy and I thought I would never get enough, I sucked her for hours and I didnt care of much she screamed I wanted her to come over and over again. We rubbed each others cunts until we came togethers, all sticky and wet we felt asleep.
As I woke up the next morning Kate was gone, she left a message on my board. She want us to make Fridays our girls night out.
Being single is incredible sexy.

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