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Last Longer in Bed - 9 Masturbation Tips

Last Longer in Bed - 9 Masturbation Tips

Masturbation is one of the best ways to understand how your body responds to sex in order to train yourself to last longer in bed. However, not all masturbation will help you and in fact it can train you to orgasm faster if done incorrectly.
Here are 9 tips to make sure you don't sabotage yourself:
1. Never masturbate without lubricant
The fact is, your hand does not feel the same (or as good) as a vagina. That means if you masturbate with a dry hand then you are training your body so that it doesn't require very much stimulation to orgasm. That's obviously a bad a thing...
The key is to give yourself the same or even more stimulation when you masturbate so when ites time for the "main event" you're mentally and physically prepared. You can simply use lubrication, or if you want to get as close to life-like as possible, then you can invest in a pocket vagina.
There's really no better tool than a pocket vagina if you're serious about learning how to last longer in bed.
2. Never rush masturbation
If you're goal is to last long in bed, then you can't rush masturbation. That will only train your ejaculatory reflex to orgasm faster and faster over time.
Try to set aside at least 20 minutes every time you feel the urge to masturbate. Then if you feel yourself about to orgasm before 20 minutes, you should take a break, relax, and focus on your breathing until your arousal levels fall back to normal.
3. Always masturbate relaxed without distractions
For me, I find it's best to masturbate at night before I go to bed. That way I know I have plenty of time, I am relaxed, and there are absolutely no distractions.
If you are going to be rushed, then it's always best to NOT masturbate and wait until you have enough time.
4. Don't get too aroused before you masturbate
Here's a classic example of what not to do. Many men watch a porno until they are really excited and then they masturbate, which inevitably makes them orgasm within a few seconds.
Instead, you should masturbate the entire time so you can train yourself to remain calm and to not get overly aroused.
5. Don't over visualize
Over visualizing is a bad habit to start so if you can maintain an erection without it, then I suggest not visualizing at all. You want to train your mind to stay calm during sex and if you constantly focus on arousing thoughts during masturbation, then you will have a hard time staying relaxed with a partner.
6. Remember to breathe
Breathing is the best way to stay calm during sex so you want to practice deep breathing when you masturbate. Simply focus on breathing deeply and you will be amazed at how relaxed your mind and body will be even as you increase your arousal levels.
7. Don't flex your perineal muscles
Perineal muscles control your ejaculatory reflex so if you can keep them relaxed, then you will last longer during sex.
As you masturbate, try to keep these muscles completely relaxed. As you gain experience, then you will want to try the "hold it in" technique, which requires you to flex these muscles just before ejaculation. However, if you're just beginning then focus on relaxing rather than the more advanced "hold it in" technique.
8. Thrust, don't just jerk
Let's face it, no girl is ever going to do all of the work so there's no point in training yourself to just sit there while moving your hand.
It's best to thrust in real life motions while using lubrication or a pocket vagina so your mind and body grow accustomed to the strong stimulation.
9. Always urinate beforehand
Never start masturbating or having sex with a full bladder. This causes pressure on your perineal muscles, prostate, and seminal vesicles, which will trigger your ejaculatory reflex quicker.
Therefore, it's best to get into the habit of going to the bathroom before you masturbate or initiate sex.

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