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HardJoes Roadside Stroke

HardJoes Roadside Stroke

By HardJoe_007 - Mar 25, 2009 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 8948 I was driving back from a video shoot when it happened. I was thinking about the fun I had had with the girl the night before. I remembered as she took my cock in her mouth and worked my shaft up and down with her fingers as her tongue swirled around my throbbing head. I was hard as nails and she was taking my shaft and pounding me for all I had!Of course, as I drove and fantasized about that encounter, I got a major hard-on! I really could not help it as my hand crept down and unzipped my fly. I slid my hand inside my jeans to free my cock into the open! As I drove down the interstate I kept gently rubbing my cock up and down while my mind recalled the way she pushed me back into a standing position beside the bed. I stood up and began to stroke my dick right in front of her as she licked the tip of my hard-on with her red tongue.
By this point I had begun to stroke my cock in the car as I drove. I was lost in erotic thought when I noticed the white SUV next to me was driving at the same speed. Embarrassed, I looked over to see two guys and a girl in the SUV watching me stroke my cock! The guys were laughing, but the girl in the back seat had a look in her eyes that told me she was enjoying the view! My first reaction was to cover my bulge with my shirt, but as I looked at her look of disappointment, I went ahead and slid my hand up and down my shaft as she continued to stare out the window. About that time she said something to the guys and they quickly stopped laughing. Now they looked at me and did not laugh, but I saw the jealously in their eyes. I'm not sure what she told them, but they decided not to let her have any more of my show! They sped up and took the next exit! Oh well!
I had to turn about five miles later onto the road that lead to my town. Since it was a deserted road, I thought I might just pull off onto a dirt side road for a little relief! As I brought the car to a stop I looked around -- no one for miles. I had the place to myself and since this was a small rise in the road I would be able to see in anyone approached.
I took off my pants and shirt, stripping down to just my bikini briefs and tennis shoes. As I stepped out of the car, I felt the cool air on my chest, giving me a minute's pause before I began to feel the blood flowing into my swollen cock. I am always aroused to be outside and naked! I grabbed my cock through the material and began to rub. Since I already had my gear with me, I thought I'd go ahead and set up for a shoot. So I got the video camera and tripod and set them up as my member throbbed with anticipation! I knew this would be good... and I was right! Turns out I did not know just how right I was!The video camera was set up on a tripod outside as I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my body. My mind kept drifting to the night before as she grabbed my cock and began to really pound it as she licked the swollen red head, which was rock hard and covered in pre-cum. Suddenly everything went dim and she paused her stroke while the cum built up to a volcano inside my prick. Then she moaned and licked the tip of my penis with her tongue -- causing me to erupt in an earth shattering explosion of semen flowing in to her mouth in great spurts which leaked out of the corners of her mouth and she rubbed back on my throbbing member. She stroked until I thought my knees would buckle, and I begged for mercy!
As my thoughts were drifting back to that experience the night before, my hands were drifting to my cock, which was rock hard again. I started the camera, and focused on my tight bikini briefs, which I began to slowly peel off. Here I was outdoors in the open, with a video camera set up to record my jack off session, and stripping down nude. What a risk! It got me even harder!
I kept my ears open for the sounds of any approaching cars, but never heard a sound as I allowed the camera to focus on my hand as it slid over the bulging veins in my swollen cock. I put a drop of lotion on my finger and began to work on the tip of my cock. The feeling of watching my own cock on camera, and being totally exposed was so intense. I also knew that I would edit this jack off session and post to the internet where men and women alike could watch and perhaps fantasize about my dick!
I kept stroking and began to feel the cum building deep in my penis when it happened -- I heard a voice speaking to me from directly behind my car! It scared me to death... and I spun around to see a person standing there watching me with my clothes off, my video camera running, and my dick in my hand.... Busted!
But I would have never guessed what was about to happen!So there I was standing naked in a field with a video camera set up as I jacked off my hard cock outdoors. What could I say as I spun around to see a guy on a bicycle looking at me from about 10 feet away! He looked directly at my swollen cock, and then followed my nude body up until our eyes locked. It took me a minute to realize that he had spoken to me. “What did you say?” I stammered.
“I said, nice technique, ” He replied.
Okay, so what do I do now? Here I am embarrassed, and at the same time I am beginning to get turned on being caught and exposed like this. I gulped and reached over to the camera and turned it off. He did not say anything, but I could feel his gaze on my body as he sat on his bike behind me. “Are you making a movie?” he asked. I thought I heard a bit of fluster in his voice, and I told him that I was just having a little fun, no big deal.
“Well it looked big to me” he said as he locked eyes with me. I could feel my cock twitch to attention, despite my wish to get out of this uncom comfortable situation. He got off his bike and I could not help notice the bulge in his tight bike shorts. As he came closer my cock really began to twitch. I was frozen – somewhere between excitement, arousal, risk, and uncertainty. My rod was hard as nails by now. “Well, are you going to finish?” he asked as he walked behind the camera.
I could not speak, but my hand gave the response as it grabbed my penis and began to slowly stroke up and down for him. God it felt good! I grabbed some lotion, and just poured it all over my cock and began to stroke it hard!
He began to moan as he watched my jack off session through the camera. I was way beyond the point of no return when I felt the load begin to build in my balls. “Oh, that feels so good”I opened my eyes and saw him stroking his rock hard penis next to the camera as he watched me stroke my rock hard penis on the camera! He was following along with me – I cupped my balls, he cupped his balls. I twirled a finger around the tip – he did too. Finally I could not take it any longer!
My balls tightened up as I felt the excitement of the entire experience – the memory of last night, the girl watching my cock on the highway, the exhibitionism of being nude outdoors and then the thrill of getting caught only to have him join me in jacking off – all while I am being video taped!
I gushed a load that must have shot 10 feet, and just kept pounding as cum was flying all over! I kept up the milking of ever last drop of cum as my vision blurred! I leaned up against the car for support as I felt suddenly drained of all energy. As I looked up my friend was just about to cum too, his eyes locked on my cock. He came over to about three feet from me and I watched his beautiful dick getting a pounding. He began to say something, but it just came out as a loud moan as he climaxed! He shot a white-hot stream of cum onto my chest, and down on my penis which twitched with arousal. It was a hot feeling, and one I had never experienced before. I just stood there rubbing the warm cum all over my body as he drained it out of his dick.
It was so intense, I slid into the front seat of my car, and I guess I fell asleep. The next thing I knew I awoke com completely nude in the front seat of my car, with the camera still rolling on the open plains. My mystery biker was nowhere to be seen. I began to think that perhaps I just fantasized it all, until I stood up to get dressed. I felt the cum all over my body and I saw the stream of cum on the ground next to the camera. No, it definitely happened! I never even touched him, and yet I had one of the best sexual encounters of my life!

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