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my google chat logs

my google chat logs

3:49 AM me: hahah.. dude.. read this ad.. I fucking LOVE the lunatics that just type exactly whats going through their heads.. Im looking to meet a guy, fuck piss.. I swear sometimes... I want to meet a guy, chicken pot pie.. My last boyfriend was bad, let the dog out, im farting. milwaukee.craigslist /w4m/959232026. milwaukee.craigslist /w4m/959232026
fucking awesome
3:52 AM Officer: I love just being around things that I love.
being around stuff that sucks, sucks
3:53 AM me: i love kermit.. i hate chocolate..
Officer: fucking manic depressive nut job
me: I love prozac
3:54 AM Officer: wow
kind of a nut job
me: kind of
Officer: you'd hang out with her
3:55 AM i have seen that kind of girl in your past
me: oh cmon
3:58 AM Officer: man you deny? some of the crazy ass hookers you befriended and shit, the stripper that you shved out the door naked when melissa came over
like those weren't nutjobs
3:59 AM not saying i am far either
me: that wasnt my fault.. she had my soul in a little box.. that was satan incarnate
Officer: HAHAH
4:00 AM i do believe the satan incarnate part
me: she and fernando could smell each other..they were from warring cults and I swear to fucking god they knew it
yeah.. she was fucking scary man
she told me she was taking me to hell
Officer: ohh that's right
me: remember the tattoo on her back?
Officer: vaguely
some demon shit
4:01 AM me: fuckin eh.. she had all the other strippers too scared to talk to me.. i remember one saying "look i dont know if its a coincidence or not, but she asked me to wear her boots once and i broke my leg and she said you are hers.. so no offense but i cant hang with you"
then she attacked Tiffany
started choking her when everyone left the room
you and rocky came over.. it was fucking chaos
so, yeah.. ok.. i will conceed this issue
youre right
4:03 AM god i do miss some of those times.. it all seemed so normal..hahahah
couldnt make that shit up
4:04 AM fuckin crystal.. amazing
Officer: yeah some crazy shit
funny i n hindsight
4:05 AM me: so.. you want some O.C's or anything?
for pain?
my friend is paying some 19 yr old chick toe over and do shows for him.. apparently shes an oc addict
4:08 AM Officer: yeah i would take a couple
just let me know how much
who you bank with?
4:10 AM me: usbank
4:11 AM love em
Officer: i could wire it to you i guess
i don't have checks
me: do you have paypal?
Officer: oh i hve a paypal
i have only used it once
me: yeah.. ok.. well when i run across them i will pick them up.. ill let you know
Officer: cool
me: try what i sent you.. it might do the trick
4:12 AM Officer: i will
me: its not gonna kill you.. i may have been a little extreme.. it just packs more of a punch than most people espect
ned vice grips?
woot woot
pair for $10
not bad
4:13 AM i need a stud finder and a laser level
Officer: oh a laser level would be nice
me: yeah they make abo stud finder laser level
the stud finder finds wood, metal, and wiring
4:14 AM got a guying over today to quote me on hanging my tv
Officer: would be nice to have
15 minutes
4:29 AM me: This dude is going in the Rolodex check it milwaukee.craigslist /bar/984627442. milwaukee.craigslist /bar/984627442
4:31 AM Officer: amazing what a laser tech can have
cool toys
obviously you don't have much work or you wouldn't be browsing craigslist
or should i say trolling
5 minutes
4:37 AM me: im a very busy man.. you never know when youre gonna need a laser guy
25 minutes
5:03 AM me: milwaukee.craigslist /forums/?forumID=200269milwaukee.craigslist /forums/?forumID=200269
5:06 AM Officer: dino the kinkosaur sez "NO PERSONAL ADS PLEASE!"
5:07 AM krazydad asciicamkrazydad asciicam/
make your own ascii art from a photo
me: bookmarked
5:08 AM Officer: has to use your camera on yourp
14 minutes
5:23 AM me: ok..last one, but this one just made me totally thing of you milwaukee.craigslist /msr/978356559. milwaukee.craigslist /msr/978356559
5:24 AM Officer: HAHA
i can only say wow
"so, you ever watch any gladiator movies?"
Has a genuine interest in people. He is also a fan of recognizinginnovation recognizinginnovation

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