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Me and My Boss

By Marlee - Nov 1, 2009 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 49858 I just started this waitressing job, i was really nervouse and scared that i wouldn't fit in or be liked. it turns out my boss really liked me, he made sure i was ok everyday. after about a week of waitressing one of my new friends pointed out at how different he treated me. i said "maybe it's because i'm new." she replied "i think thats why, i think he really likes you." "what?" i said. "yeah, i've never seen him care so much about a employer." she said. nervousely i said "but i'm only 19." "and he's only 23." she said. i didn't say anything, was this true? did my boss really have a thing for me? i've never had really serious relationship. it scared me to think that my boss might like me.
one day i was closin and desided to go to his office and talk to him. i knocked on his door "come in." i stepped inside and sat down in a chair across from him. "yes?" i said nervosly "some of the other waitresses have noticed that you treat me different is there, um, a reason?" he sat there for a moment and then said "well yes i do treat you different. why you want to know, it's because of how sexy look in your uniform." i sat there for a moment in panic. i didn't think i looked any different, we all wore the same mini skirt that came up to about the middle of our thigh and our v cut shirts. did i really look that different?
as i thought about that i noticed my boss had got up and locked his office door. i paniced, "i uh really need to get homehe said "no stay for a while." he started to rub my shoulders, i shood up quickly. "what are you ok?" he said. i replied "yeah i'm fine but got to get home and take care of my mom." he said she'll be fine." i walked pass him and got half way to the door and he said "if you leave i'll have to fire you." i was in a though chose, i went and at back down.
"if you listen to me then you get to keep your job but if you don't you loose it, ok?" he said. i didn't answer. he said louder "ok?" "ok" i said. pulled the chair that i was sitting in. pulled off my shirt to reveal my white lace bra. "take off your bra." i did as he said. from behind he grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples til they were hard. he then came in front of me and started to suck my nipples and nibble on them. he started to slide his hand up my skirt to my thong. he started to rub my virgina. i could feel tears starting to fall from my face.
he stopped sucking my nipples. "what's wrong with you?" he asked. "i- i'm still a virgin." i told him. he said "it's ok don't worry." he pulled off my panties. he took my legs and spread them and put them over the armrests. he started to rub my clit. i could feel myself getting wet, i couldn't believe that i was getting wet when i was going to get practicaly raped.
he started to kiss my thighs. i felt him getting closer and closer, i was waiting for him to get to my pussy but it seemed like he was taking forever. i took my hand started to rub it through his hair. he said "see i told you it would be ok." i couldn't wait any longer, i pushed his face to my pussy, inches away. i could feel his breath but he wasn't doing anything. "please do something. anything" i pleaded. he took his tounge circled my clit with it. he then started to flick my clit with his tounge. i stated to climax. i couldn't stay still, my hips started to roll. i had a orgasim. he licked up my juices.
he stood up and cam over to my side his hard cock was in my face. he just stood there. "suck it!" he said. i closed my legs and turned and put his cock in my mouth. i went down and then came back up and tasted his precum. i kept going up and down his shaft. i finally deep throated his 10 inch long and 2 inch wide cock. i started to gag. i looked up at him he had his head back. he put his hand on the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth and throat. i could feel his cock swelling. he finally pulled it out.
he told me to stand up and i did. he shouved everthing off his desk. "put your hands flat on my desk." i did so. "spread your legs." i did. "wider." i did. he rubbed his cock on my throbbing pussy. he put his head in my pussy. i moaned. he pushed in six inches. he started slowly fucked me. "here we go, all the way." he pushed his cock in more, i thought it all wouldn't fit. he thrusted what i thought wouldn't fit in. i scream. he started to fuck me with his whole 10 inches. he got faster and harder. i had a orgasim.
he pulled out his cock. i turned around to see what he was doing. he sat down on a foot rest. he waved his hand for me to come to him. "get in my cock now!" i looked in shock. his attitude changed a lot. "Bitch do what i say!" i went over to him and got on his lap. he spread apart my lips with his thumb and index finger as i slid on. i once again thought it wouldn't fit bounced up and down and it went even deeper. i let out a screach. "stop." he grabbed both of my 38 D tits. he squeazed them. he started to suck on my nipples again my heal rolled back and my hips started to roll. his cock felt good as i rolled my hips along with him sucking on my tits. i had another orgasim. i couldn't believe how much i was having orgasims.
"bounce bitch. bounce! i wanna see your tits bounce as you ogasim on my cock again." i jumped on his cock fast i moan. the faster i bounced the happier me and him got. "UHHHH!" i screamed as i wasing to have a massive orgasim. my boss pulled me off so he could eat me. he barely made it suck up all my juices before the came shooting out. "my got girl you taste so good. now get back on my cock so i can release my load in your pussy." i got back on his cock and bounced hard and fast. he was moaning along with my moans.
"here i go!" he yelled just as i let out a orgasim bigger than my one before as he cummed into my pussy. it was the best feeling i've ever had. "bend back over my desk. i'm goin to fuck you in the ass" i said "what?" "you heard me bitch do!" he demanded. "won't it hurt?" i worried. he replied "not if you relax." i did so. he took a finger and put it in my ass. it felt ok. he pulled it out. he told me to stay put. i was scared and had my eyes closed. i heard him walk to the other side of his desk and the draw open. i opened my eyes. to see what he was doing, he was looking fo rsomething in his desk.
he finally pulled out a little vibartor. he came back behind me. he started to lick my ass hole. how discusting i thought. then shoved his toy in me with out warning and turned it on. suprisingly it felt good. "this will help relax your muscles til i want them tight.he the shoved his dick back in my pusy and started to fuck my hard. i thought is he going to be this rough on my ass? he pulled his dick and viborator out and put his cock in my ass. my muscles tightened. he moaned. he started to fuck me slowly. he put some lubraction on my ass and started to fuck me harder and faster. suprizingly it felt good. he finally cummed in my ass and the collapsed onto me. we fell asleep on his desk til the next morning. i woke up to him fuckin me again.

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