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Pussy Fingering at the High School Dance

By Sexy and Horny - Oct 1, 2009 - From lesbian-erotic-stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 159475 Hi, My name's Venessa. This is my story of my senior year in high school. It starts at a party/dance at my girlfriend's house... I walked in the door of my friend’s house and immediately smelled the scent of hundreds of grinding bodies and heard the deep bass of the music. As I entered farther into the house I pulled up my bra to cover more of my ample yet tight 36C breasts.
I was wearing a very low cut tank, and a loose bra. My skirt barely skimmed the top of my thighs, and just hearing the moan of hundreds of gyrating teenagers caused my nipples to harden into erect points.
My long blonde hair hung loose and wavy about my head. The lights in the house were dimmed, and I could just make out couples kissing and rubbing violently against one another.
Suddenly a boy I hardly knew came up behind me and began pressing his body hard against me. I could feel the hard bulge of his cock rubbing against my ass, but I quickly escaped him... what I really craved was the touch of my girlfriend Jess.
After about ten minutes, and many approaches by boys that I didn't want, I caught sight of her. Jess' light blonde hair danced around her as she rubbed her body against another girl who, I had to admit, sported a perfect set of huge (about 46DD) breasts held up in a big, white, and lacy bra and tank.
Jess was about three inches taller than her, at five foot six inches, but when we were together we were face-to-face and breast-to- breast. I felt my nipples harden even more in bra as my gaze roved over her perfect, slim, and shapely body. She was dressed in a light and mostly transparent golden silk dress, and I could see her nipples protruding from the round bulges of her 40C size breasts. Her slightly curly black hair was halfway pulled back, and the rest fell around her face like a dark veil.
As I came up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist I could feel a slight wetness and knew that her juices were leaking out of her delicious shaved pussy and were forming a wet spot on her short dress. We swung our hips to the beat of the music, and as I began rubbing my hands over her shaved thighs she moaned and whispered over her shoulder to me, "God, I thought you'd never get here. I need you so bad. I'm more horny than you can imagine."
I giggled into her ear and said, "I feel the same way, baby." She swiftly extricated herself from the other busty chick's embrace and we moved into the thick of the press of hundreds of other horny bodies. It was perfectly normal for girls in my school to dance together, and after a quick look around to make sure that no-one was giving us any special attention I slowly slid my had up from her thigh and up under her dress. My other hand massaged her abs as it roved up her body to gently squeeze her breasts.
My hand down by her crotch slipped into her panties and I felt her become even wetter as my upper hand stroked her throbbing boobs. I slowly caressed her shaved pussy and then slid my finger between her wet, juicy, and throbbing lips. As I moved my finger in and out of her pussy my thumb massaged her button, and I could hear her breath coming faster and more ragged.
I increased the speed of my penetration, and I felt Jess suddenly arch against my body as an orgasm wracked her body. I kept going, and her body continued to convulse against mine as I ripped orgasm after orgasm from her delicious horny body. Finally I felt her relax against me and I removed my hand from her crotch and stroked her breasts with my hand that was covered in her sex juices.
Jess sighed and turned in my arms until we were face to face and her rock hard nipples were brushing against my own through our clothes. She whispered in my ear, "Your turn baby…" She immediately dropped one hand down my skirt, and lightly pinched my already hardened nipple through my bra with her other hand, making it even harder. By now my tank had slipped enough that one of my breasts were almost totally revealed to everyone around us, covered only by my skimpy and half transparent bra. However, I didn't care at all as I moaned quietly in her ear and she ran her fingers through the thatch of golden hair that covered my pussy.
She pulled me closer and her lips found mine and before I knew it my tongue was intertwined with hers. Meanwhile I could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy as she rubbed my button. My cunt throbbed and I felt myself cum as her hand continued to work the outside of my pussy.
Suddenly, as she began to reach her hand down inside my bra she slid her finger into my slit. She quickly rotated it around inside my pussy and I felt an orgasm building within my cunt. Her upper hand had found my bare breast and was now lightly massaging it and rolling my rock hard nipple between her fingers. As she continued to work my pussy with her hand I pressed my body up against her and let myself go as two orgasms right in a row wracked my body as I slid my nipples against Jess' body, and I heard myself groan in ecstasy as I came all over her hand.
Once I had finished, she removed her hand and lifted it my bare breast that she had been caressing. I gasped as her hand that was covered in my cum touched my breast. She then removed her mouth from mine and sucked my cum off of my bare boob!!! As I groaned again, she nibbled at my nipple, and I hugged her against me. Finally she finished and pulled my bra and tank back over my breast.
She gave me a long look and said quietly, "God, you do things to me that I can't get in any other way. I hope I do the same to you." I looked at her beautiful face and then dropped my gaze to her large round breasts and to her pussy that was still slowly dripping cum onto her dress.
I looked back up at her face and said quietly, "You can only imagine baby, you can only imagine what you do to me."

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