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Give The Ladies What They Want

Give The Ladies What They Want

By Timothy McCorkell - Feb 24, 2008 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 8763 It was five minutes to nine pm and I thought I might get away without another call before my shift ended in five minutes. But it was not to be. I got a call on my radio to pick up a woman outside the French Cafe at seventh and Concord."Could you take me to Sky Castle, ?"she asked."Sure, but thats about an hours drive and my shift ends in five minutes. I have a half hour gig to do in five minutes at the Club Wild, "I said."I've heard about that club. They have male strippers there. What kind of gig are you doing there, ? she asked."You guessed it, I'm taking it all off for the ladies at a bachelorete party I'm doing there, " I said."I'd wait a half hour extra to see that, " she said."Really, you wouldn't mind waiting? All drinks on me if you're game. You'd save me from getting red faced with the cab company. They don't know I'm a sometime male stripper and I'd like to keep it that way, "I said."No problem, I don't drink, but you can buy me a coke if you'd like. So how much of you do you show at the Club Wild, ? she asked."At Club Wild it all comes off, " I answered."You mean everything? Even your jock strap? No, you wouldn't. Would you, ?" she asked."Yes, even the jock strap comes sliding off. Thats what the ladies want and I'm there to give them want they want. But before that jock strap comes off the ladies pad it stuffed with money. That and driving this cab are helping me pay my way through college, " I answered."Oh, so you're an educated male stripper. Good looks and brains combined. Now I'm getting interested. Will you write you're thesis on male stripping, ? she asked with a chuckle."Were here, wow quite a few cars parked in the lot. Let me escort you to the bar and buy you a drink. I'll just change into my outfit quick and get this thing going, "I said."Why not just take it all of right here and now, ""Not allowed to. I'm told I have to tease them a bit first. Thats what the outfit is all about." I said."Okay go change. I'll be fine. I'll be looking forward to seeing you. Seeing all of you, " she said with a smile."Hope you won't be dissapointed. There have been rumors that I'm not really a Greek God you know, " I said laughing.Now with my stripper outfit on the music that started to play was my cue to go into my act. I danced over and threw my shirt off. Slowly I started to pull my tank top up my waist letting my abs show. After a little more teasing I slowly lifted my tank top above my nipples and pulled it all the way over my head and off. I could hear the ladies screaming wildly as I let my muscles flex.A few more dance steps and it was time to undo my pants. I undid the pants button and slowly pulled the zipper down. I let my pants slide down past my naval and then just held them there for a few minutes. Then I kicked the pants off and did a few more dance moves. As the music played louder I began to let my jock strap slide my down my thighs. First I turned my back to the girls and pulled my jock srtap down below my butt giving them an eyeful as I wiggled my butt to the pace of the music.Now it was tip time. I pulled my jock strap back above my butt and danced over to where the ladies were gathered. Now facing them directly I rocked my thighs back and forth as they reached their hands in and stuffed money down my jock strap as they coped a few good feels.Now the last song for my act started to play. So now it was time for me to lay myself down in front of the girls and wiggle out of my jock strap for them.As I wiggled my jock strap down to way below my naval the girls were stuffing me with money as they helped my last bit of modesty slide off my thighs. One girl asked "can I keep the jock strap, ?" as she touched me and pulled my jock strap down to my kness."Yes, keep take it, its yours" I said as I watched her slide the jock strap completly off me."Okay bacholerate, here's your last chance to take advantage of a totaly naked guy while you're still a single woman. Go ahead, feel me up, take advantage of me, I can't resist. Do with me what you want. I'm all yours, " I said as I threw my arms back over my head.Sliding her hands down my chest she stopped at my waist and said, "I love to touch your muscles." she said."Go ahead and touch it, its your last chance to touch a man there as a single woman, " a voice cried out from the crowd."Do you mind if I touch it?" she asked pointing at my cock."Go ahead touch it, thats what I'm here for. Its your day and I'm here to give you what you want today, "I answered.The woman cheered as the bachelorete started to stroke my now throbbing cock with her hands. Then the bachelorete gripped her hand around my cock and said, "lets get a picture of me hoding his cock with my tongue hanging over it."Her hand started to move quickly up and down my throbbing cock as the cameras clicked away."Okay, we have enough pictures now, he's all yours girls" the bachelorete said as she let go of my cock.As I felt several hands now groping my butt and genitals I gracefuly eased away from the girls while I thanked them for their generosity. As I got up I noticed that the girl that came here in my cab had been standing where she must have gotten a close up view of all of me. And noticing the big smile on her face she seemed pleased by what she had seen.All the loud music had given me a headache. I just wanted to get my fare to her destination now and call it a day. I threw my clothes on and headed out to my fares destination. It felt a little strange driving with no jock srtap on but I was more concerned about my headache."You've got a real nice bod." my fare murmured."Thank you. Did you think the music was a bit loud, ? I asked."Yes it was, I've got a headache from it, " she replied."My heads splitting, " I answered."No need to suffer, take these two pills, it will help, I'm taking two myself, " she said."Thanks, you're a life saver, " I replied."Did you have an extra pair of jock straps, ? she asked."No I didn't, but I didn't want to say no to the woman that wanted my jock strap as a souviener."I answered."You're kidding right. I mean you're not really driving without a jock strap, ?" she asked."I wish I were kidding, but I'm not and it feels kind of strange, " I said.Suddenly I felt her placing her hand on my zipper. I glanced down to see her hand pulling my zipper down my pants with one hand while her other hand pulled my cock through the zipper opening."Oh, you weren't kidding, no jock strap, but maybe you don't need it now. It looks as if youre cock has shrunk back down to size again from what it was at Club Wild. I guess I don't excite you like the woman did back at Club Wild, " she said."If you're asking me if I think you have a hot bod, the answer is yes, but I try not to have sexual thoughts while I'm driving, so thats why my cock is limp right now, " I said.She reached under her blouse and undid her bra throwing it on the dash board and pulled her blouse up over her breasts and asked "would these give you a sexual thought while driving?"Her breasts were beautiful. They were a nice size and very firm. Her nipples were very large and very suckable. I couldn't help but to get an instant erection. I watched as she pulled her blouse back down again and then pulled her dress up to her waist and slid off her panties exposing her pussy to me."Oh look at that, a throbbing erection and I thought you didn't think about sex when you were driving. We'll have to do something about that throbbing erection before you have an accident or something, " she said.Suddeny I started to feel a sense of euphoria. As I wondered what was happening I could feel her tongue teasing the shaft of my cock."What are you doing, ?" I asked."I'm running my tongue up and down the shaft of your cock and you're asking me what I'm doing. What kind of a male stripper are you. If you must know I'm about to give your cock a good sucking." she answered."But why? Whats going on? And what kind of headache pills did you give me? I'm starting to feel very weird." I said."I want to blow your wad so you can bop me. I decided to lose it to you and your way to hard so I got to soften you up a bit, " she said."Why me, ?" I asked.I picked you because I want to have meaningless sex with someone that means nothing to me but is very good looking. You're perfect for the job. You can give me the bop I need and no strings, no commitment, then we can both go on our merry way, " she said."What makes you so sure that I would even want to bop you anyway, ?" I asked."Do you know of one single male any where that would turn down a chance to break the cherry of a good looking virgin, " she answered."No to be honest I don't, myself included, " I said."You just answered your own question as I'm a virgin that needs her cherry boped. And I need your cherry boping services, thats all. Now shut up and drive while I give you a blow job that won't soon forget, " she said.She was right. I had answered her question for her. No red bloded male would turn down a chance to break the cherry of a good looking woman. As I tried to grasp what was going on I could now feel her tongue moving up from the shaft of my cock to the head of my cock. After several tongue swirls around the head of my cock her lips went to work on me. As she sucked the head of my cock up and down I got more and more excited. I was afraid that I would soon shot my wad and that it might be a bit mezzy so I figured I'd better talk to her."If feels real great but I'm gonna blow my wad soon and make a mess all over if you keep sucking me, " I said."Don't worry, I'm gonna swallow it down when you come. I read a magazine article that said swallowing that stuff helps make my breasts grow bigger, " she answered."Okay, if its gonna make your breasts bigger suck away, " I said.As she sucked ever harder my cock was getting rock hard. It was getting harder and harder to pay attention to my driving. I deicided I better let it go pop before I have an accident."Get ready I'm going to explode any second now, " I told her.A few more sucks later and I exploded inside her mouth. As promised she swallowed up every last drop."That should put a few more inches on your breasts. Thank you, I really enjoyed that, " I said."Just hope you got enough left to bop me now, " she said smiling."Give me about a half hour and we'll find out. You'r sure now that you want to lose that cherry. Its hurts the first time you know." I said."I know it hurts the first time, thats why I wan't it to be with someone that doesn't mean anything to me. Anyway I need to lose it. Besides becoming twenty next month, I'm planning on seducing someone and I don't want to seduce this guy as a virgin. So yeah, I'm sure, I'll give you a half hour and then I want you to do me or else I'll tell everyone at the cab company that you're moonlighting as a male strpper" she said."Okay then you're on. I'll do you if thats what you really want. I just hope I can make it seem like more fun than going to your dentist or something. In a half hour I'll pull the car over and make you a woman."I can't understand this. You just did me ten minutes ago and I'm feeling super horny again already, " I said."I'm feeling super horny too. It must be those pills the girls gave me at the Club Wild, she said."What did they call the pills, " I asked."They called them Ecstasy. They gave me four of them. They said take two and give him two and you'll both be horny beyond your wildest dreams, " she said."Oh Ecstasy, no wonder I'm so horny. I wish you had told me. One pill can make you feel like fucking all day, but two pills, oh shit, I never even heard of anyone taking two pills at once. I'm ready to pull over now and do you if you're up for it, " I said."Are you sure? You're really ready to do me after only taking a ten minute rest." she said."Yeah, I'm sure, thats how Ecstasy works. I can screw the heck out of you all day long if you wan't me to, " I said."All right lets do it then. Pull over now and do me Leader Of The Pack, I'm ready, " she said with a lustful smile."Okay, its show time. I guess this place is as good as any. I'll be as gentle as I can. We'll take it nice and slow."So is that all this is to you? I'm just someone to burst you're cherry. No emotion, no feeling, no passion. I don't if I can do this, "I said.She unbuttoned my shirt and started to bite my chest, but I didn't respond. Now she had my pants undone and she started to stroke my cock, but I still felt nothing."Sorry, I just can't do this, " I said."You're not even going to undress me to see what you're missing, " she said."No, I'm not. I just don't know how to have meaningless sex, " I answered.I watched as she removed her blouse and skirt. Her very endowed breasts filled a very fashionable bra that looked like it was a Fredericks Of Hollywood. When I glanced down at her bottons I noticed the heart shape deseign covering her pussy."You have good taste in lingere, I can see that thats a Fredericks Of Hollywood, "I said."It is. How did you know, ?" she asked."Oh, I love all their lingere, its very striking, "I said."And how many women have you slept with that were wearing my lingere? Now I'm wondering if I should do this, " she said."Oh, I only slept with a few million women wearing you're underwear. Yeah, we better forget about this, I'm just a super bad boy. You don't want me to take your cherry. I might be in such a hurry to get to screw someone else I may only have time to pop half you're cherry. Then you'll still be a half a virgin.You know, I have a busy schedule, "As her fingers undid her bra I watched as it slid off her tremendous breasts. With a develish smile she looked at me and said, "now tell me you don't have the time to touch them."I could no longer resist. I always had a weakness for big beautiful breasts. Not only was I touching them now, but I was also twirling my tongue around her giant sized nipples. As my eyes feasted on the site of her bouncing breasts my hands started to wander up her very firm and sexy thighs. Now with my cock rock hard I knew I was ready, but now I had to get her ready.I gently slid one hand underneath the heart shaped thong that was covering her pussy and touched it gently and slowly. I could feel that her hymen was solidly firm. As I continued to run my hand under her thong I could feel her thighs start to shake with excitement. I knew she was now ready to be deflowered. I pulled her heart shape thong down her thighs and off.I spread her legs apart and then gently placed her arms back over her head and grasped them. "I'm going to make you a women now, " I said as I mounted her.I could hardly concentrate as I felt her breasts rock wildly below my chest. I kept slipping out of her little opening. I wanted to go slow and to be gentle but her opening was just too small. At last I told her, "this is going to hurt, but just for a few seconds.""I know that. Just do it. Do it right now. Please now, ? she asked.I gripped her arms and held her down tightly and stuffed myself hard into her. She screamed as her hymen started to break."Is that it now? Is it over, ? she asked."I'm only about half way through. Two or three more pushes and that should be it, " I answered."Do it then, just do it, " she said.As I pushed harder her hymen continued to break, but I could see that she was in pain so I gave one last super hard push to completly break through. As I plunged deeply inside of her I could feel her hymen completly break at last. I pulled out of her and said "It will never hurt again.""Come back inside me then, I want to feel what its like without the hurt, " she said.As I entered deep inside her again she smiled and said, "you're right, no more hurt, now it feels wonderful."Is that it now? Should I pull myself back out now, ?" I asked."Oh no. Please don't? It feels so good." she said."But I thought that this was supposed to be meaningless. I thought you just wanted me to deflower you. Just perform my little service and be gone, " I said."No. Please forget what I said before. Oh, its happening, I'm cuming. Don't stop now. Don't you dare stop, " she said."Okay then, I'll stick around for a while, but I can't stay for two long you know. I've got all those other millions of women that want to sleep with me, " I said."Yes, yes, oh yes, I'm cuming again, " she screamed."All of a sudden I could feel her vaginal walls tighten around me. It had been a while since I was last with a virgin and I had almost forgotten just how tight their clits could get the first time."Why did you stop thrusting, ?" she asked.I stopped because I'm not Superman. If I thrust anymore I'm gonna explode inside you, " I answered."So you're just gonna let it hang inside me doing nothing." she said."Yes, thats the plan for right now at least unless you're ready for me to explode inside you, " she said."I don't care if you explode inside me. Just start thrusting deep inside me again and let whatever happens happen, " she said."Okay, but you're pretty fussy about how you have meaningless sex. A few more thrusts and I'm afraid you may even show some emotion, " I said."Oh yeah thats it. You bringing me to orgasm again. Oh it feels so good, don't ever stop, " she said.As I felt her vaginal walls grip me ever tighter I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. I knew she didn't ever want it to end, but she'd have to realize that all good things have to come to an end at some point."I'm cuming, I'm cuming again, " she wailed."Im cuming with you, " I ansewered.Both of us exhausted now, I held her in my arms with neither one of us talking. We both felt a peaceful loving tranquility and we both fell fast asleep.
"Wake up, we slept all night, " I said shaking her.
"Wow, its morning time. I never slept that sound before. But I so need to bathe. Sorry if I smell all stinky." she said.
"Don't worry my nostrils haven't yet completly awakend, but I'm planning on taking a nice dip in that lake over there right now, " I said.
"Good, I'll join you. Lets go, " she said.
We peeled off our clothes and waded naked into the lake. But we soon realized that we were not the only ones wading stark naked in the lake. As we heard sounds of splashing in the water we saw a naked couple in the water at the same time that their eyes also came upon our naked bodies.
"Sorry, we would have went to another part of the lake if we knew that you two were here, " I yelled over.
The man with the women yelled, "no problem, we don't mind sharing this part of the lake with the two of you."
The woman he was with walked toward me and took a good look at my bod. And I guess I couldn't help but to give her a quick look over also. Of course I tried not to stare but she was really well stacked and was not in the least bit timid about showing off her body to me.
"The more the merrier" she said with a develish smile.
"Hi everyone, " my fare cried out from behind the cover of my body.
"Do you two swing, ?" the man asked.
"No we don't, " I answered.
"Oh too bad, " the woman said looking down below my waist with an admiring smile.
Now beoming suddenly emboldened, my fare stepped out from behind me, flaunted her naked body for all to feast their lustful eyes on and laughed.
"He's a male stripper and I've seen him getting groped by several woman at the Club Wild. I think he's a closet swinger, " she said with a big smile.
"Not to sound too Clintonesque, but, how do you define swinger, ?" I asked.
The woman with the man than pointed to my now full erection and said, "I think thats a pretty good explanation.
"I'm sorry, you're beautiful breasts excited me. Would you be offended if I asked if they were all natural, " I asked.
She took my hands in hers and then placed my hands on her breasts and said, "you tell me."
"They're real. And their very beautiful. Thank you, " I said.
"Better take him for a swim now and cool his breast-o-meter down a few notches now. See you two later, " my fare said to the couple, taking my hand.
"Okay, see you both soon. Were going to sun bath for a while. I'll leave the sun tan lotion next to that giant rock over there in case you two want to sun bath after your swim, " the woman said.
"Thank you, thats very thoughtful of you, " I replied.
The water was very refreshing. We swam for about a half hour and talked about the other couple and about what we thought swinging was all about. I told my fare that I could understand if she wanted to do it whith another man just to compare a bit after she just lost her virginity.
I explained to her that if you only have an experience with one person you will always wonder if someone else might be better. Its sort of like candy bars I explained. There is not much difference between a Milkyway and a Mars bar, but unless you've tasted them both you would always wonder. After that philosophical discussion of candy bars I was ready for a nice combination of a nap and a sun bathe.
"Oh good, she did leave the sun tan lotion by that rock. Lay down on your stomach and I'll spread the lotion on your back, " she said.
"Great, thank you. Let me know when I can do the same for you, " I said.
A few seconds after she started to apply the lotion on my back, she suddenly stopped. I could hear footsteps that sounded as if she were walking away. But then I heard footsteps come toward me and I could feel the suntan lotion being applied to my back again.
But this time it felt more like my back was being rubbed down. It felt good and soothing. But when her hands worked their way down my back to my butt, it started to feel erotic.
She kept gently rubbing the lotion on my butt in a very sensual way. I figured I'd just pretend not to notice in case she was trying to arouse me to have sex with her. I just didn't want to end up having sex with her and have the swinging couple walking in on us in the middle of having sex. The body rubb seemed to intensify as her hands moved down to the back of my thighs.
Then I felt her hands tilt my body to its side. As her hands held my thighs from rolling back flat to the ground again I could feel her tongue start to twirl around the helmet of my cock. I still pretended I was sound asleep figuring that she would soon stop, but she didn't.
Then I felt her throw her thigh over mine and slide my cock quickly inside of her. That's when I knew it wasn't my fare. I could feel the difference in experience by how my cock felt inside her.
Then of course I knew that my fare was off somewhere doing the same. I sort of expected that my fare would jump at the first opportunity of having a second experience after losing her virginity, but I didn't expect that I would be having a surprise sexual encounter while I was innocently sun bathing.
But here we were now. I was already inside her. It felt too arkward to reject her. And at the same time I didn't want to give her a sympathy fuck because her man was busy swinging with my fare. But then I figured that no matter what I did, I just really couldn't do anything that would be right.
So I decided to just make the best of the situation and enjoy the heck out of it and just said "okay, lets make love.
I ran my hands over her enormous breasts as I thrusted ever deeper inside her. I wasn't into swinging but she had a fantastic body and we were already there. She really knew how to screw. With her thighs in total control I quickly exploded inside of her. But after a few minutes of sucking the nipples of her tremendous breasts, I was ready for more, a lot more.
She seemed to press every turn on button I had. And by the way she was moaning I was sure I had all her buttons turned on too. After about a solid half hour of fucking our brains out, we were at last done. With both our bodies just about on fire we decided to cool down with a swim. After a few minutes in the water my fare and the man swam over to us and all four of us laughed and splashed water playfuly at each other.
At last we dressed and continued on to my fares destination.
"Were here. How much do I owe you for the cab fare, ?" she asked.
"Well lets see. I've had the company cab for two days now. The cab averages fares of about one hundred dollars a day, but since I'm sure I'll be fired anyway when I get back to the garage and you were such a great fare, your bill is zero. But I'll take a good bye kiss as a tip, " I said.
"Oh, but I was so looking forward to stuffing your tip down your jock strap." she said.
"But I'm not wearing a jock strap. I gave it to the woman at the club. But you know that. And why are you unzippering my pants?" I asked.
"You know how turned on I get by cab drivers without jock straps, " she said.
"But here, you want to do it here?, " I asked.
"Yes right here unless you can drive to some place private in a hurry, " she said.
"Okay, I know just the place, but you know they're really gonna fire me." I said.
"I wouldn't worry about that. My Dad owns the cab company, along with the rail road, the airline, etc., etc. And Daddy always gives me everything I want and I want you because you've got a way about you she said laughing."
"Well if you put it that way, lets stop off and buy a new pair of jock straps and bill Daddy for it." I said.
"No need to bill him. He also owns that Department Store just down the street. They all know I'm his daughter there so just pick out anything you want. And lets pick out some outfits for that vacation Daddy is going to be giving us to the French Rivera, " she said.
"Great. I think I'm gonna like your Daddy, " I said.
More of my stories can be viewed on my Journal Space blog called

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