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High School Fantasies Pep Rally With The S.C. President

High School Fantasies: Pep Rally with the S.C. President

By Mike O - Jul 28, 2008 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 7731 The gym was packed with screaming students. This was going to be the pep rally to remember. I took a look over at Katie, the student council president—basketball captain, humanitarian, and local hottie—and we both had a beaming smile. We were the ones who set up almost the whole thing. It was a busy week so we stepped up to take care of this while the rest of the student council took care of the rest of the week’s events. When it came down to the final result, we no longer had to do anything, just stand by and watch. I walked over to her to talk through all the noise.
Regardless of how proud we were to put the whole rally together, we were both exhausted and needed some down time. I motion to her if she wanted to step out, so we went out the door to the change rooms. We the door closed, we went from a deafening thunder to a white noise.
She sighed, “Wow, I can’t believe we pulled it off. And in such short notice too!”
I roll my eyes over, “I could’ve shot Deb when she said that we should do this! But it was so worth it.” I put my arm around her shoulder and led her up the stairs to the stage and cafeteria because the teams had to get into the gym through the door we just walked through. We got into the cafeteria and there was a silence that was beyond relaxing.Katie moved away saying, “Oh God that’s better! I need to sit down.” I looked at my arm to see blue and yellow all over it (she had the school colours on all over, even the ribbons in her hair). She laid back on the table and said “Oh that feels good.” She looked up at me, “Come on and join me.”
I laid down on the table too and then she rolled on her side and put her arm over me. Since her head was placed lower than mine, she had to look up at me with those big brown eyes and said, “We’ve done an awesome job today!” I agreed. Then she added “Can you believe our year is almost over? Like prom was quite a while ago.”
I nodded my head, “Yeah it was. Good times that night.”She looked and said, “Yeah I heard you and Kristel had a pretty good time.”
“Oh, you had to bring that up did you? It’s actually been a long time since I heard someone talk about it. I gotta tell you, I didn’t think I’d hear the end of it that first week. Man word spread fast.”Katie then shifted and said, “Well… girls talk.” I thought Kristel never told and that it was people at the party who had spread the story around. Once I asked what she meant she said, “Well after everyone knew what happened, there was no point in hiding it. And I have to say, I heard some pretty good things from it.” She rolled over on top of me and gave me a wink.
“Well… what kind of things?” I was curious, I wanted to know her opinion.
“Hmm, not like it was spectacular, but she pretty much did say it was worth looking into.” She shimmied up to bring our faces closer together and said, “I think I am going to look into it.” She pushed her dark hair over one side and brushed her lips against mine. She held onto my shoulders like she was anchoring her position before she kissed me harder. We continued to kiss deeper, almost impatiently, like we were in a big rush—albeit we did have a time limit since lunch was right after the rally.
Our mouths parted ways and she sat up, straddling my waste. She pulled her #19 jersey off and her bra slipped down in one smooth motion. She gave me that big smile and I sat up to suck and nibble her nipples. She seemed to enjoy playing with me hair as I did this, just running her fingers through it. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt from behind and pulled it off of me. We pressed our half naked bodies together and kissed, she still ran her fingers in my hair and I held onto the side of her neck—under the cheek—with one hand.She fell back and I kissed down her body and over her jeans. She let out a deep breath of air and I undid her jeans. I rubbed her now exposed her pussy and kissed it. I licked around and in between the lips. It was almost like she got herself ready before this because she was already so close to cumming when I was just warming up. She wasn’t a very vocal girl during this, just moaning and saying, “Hmmm, mmm, yeah…oh, oo.” Then came the moment of truth, I gave it all I had and she had her orgasm, “Ahh, Oh God!” I couldn’t see from there but I knew her eyes went VERY wide at that moment.She propped herself up on her elbows and said, “Wow, Kristel didn’t quite give you justice there. I wonder if the rest is like that.”I stood up and started to take of my pants when I said, “Well seeing as how I have a name to live up to now…”
Katie crawled along the table and pulled down my boxers. She laid on her front and reached for my dick to suck it. I was already semi-hard and just one lick from Katie changed that. Her lips wrapped around the head and she slid down the shaft, further and further. Her hand came to my testicles and she massaged them gently yet firmly. Up and down went her head, I kept my hand on top of it to follow her motion. The whole time she was looking up at me. She pulled her mouth away, smiled and said, “Hmm, I taste pre-cum! You know what it’s time for now?”
Obviously I knew, so I walked around the table as Katie stayed right where she was. She was about to roll over until I said, “No, no, no, no. This works.” I gave her a wink and she laughed and brought her ass up into the air. I slowly but my cock into her pussy and made it reach all the way in. I pulled it out most of the way and back in, bringing in a rhythm. Instead of leaving it up to me, Katie moved back and forth to help it along. I could feel her getting even wetter as she white-knuckled the table.
She finally got more vocal. “Oh yes! Oo, give it to me! More! MORE! Ah God!” I pulled her hair for a bit, but she didn’t seem so interested in that, so I held onto her shoulder. She arched her back so that we could kiss again. I grabbed firmly onto her breasts and necked her. She rolled her head around and reached back to run her fingers in my hair—again. She fell forward again and begged, “Fuck me harder! PLEASE! Come on, I’m going to CUM!”
True to her word, she had her orgasm climax. I felt that I was going to too but I felt that I should make sure she was com completely finished. I knew she was done and I pulled out and jacked over her ass.I figured I’d just let a little bit out on the small of her back but I underestimated how good it was. I felt myself burst and saw myself shoot up the middle of her back and some of it landed in her hair. She felt it hit the back of her head, “Oh wow! Kristel and me both have to let girls know about that!” I grabbed a paper towel to clean her back up and she got dressed. As for the hair, she just flipped it up and hid it with a different hair style. She gave me a kiss and we walked out to the gym to see the rest of our pep rally.For more from this author, check out "After Prom Party", "End of Exams" and "Studying Tips" in the short story section.

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