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Flirting Led To The Best Night Of My Life

Flirting Led to the Best Night of my Life

By Devon Blake - Jul 28, 2008 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 11545 I've fancied this girl for ever. Chatting to her whenever I can; ringing her to talk about work related subjects and bringing the conversation around to social topics, and generally flirting with her. I knew she fancied me too, but although we were young she was married and I was in a long term relationship. We worked at the same company and it was at a company christmas party that we finally got it together. It was the best night of my life.
It was Christmas a few years ago and we'd all been working very hard in our manufacturing business. My name is Devon and the girl I fancied was called Nicole. She was french originally but had lived in this country nearly all her life. She was a beautiful young girl, much prettier than I think she realised, in a cute and sexy way rather than classic beauty from the movies. I fancied her from the start. She was just my type with flowing dark brown hair, green eyes and lucious lips. I'd imagined those lips engulfing my cock so many times I can't begin to tell you. If I'd had a pound for every masturbation fantasy that she was in I'd have been very wealthy.
She was about 5' 5", with a tiny proportioned body, with womanly curves where you needed them. A size 8 (UK) no more. A gorgeous bum that I got to see wiggling around in her short skirts, and bouncing breasts that made me dizzy with excitement. I also knew, because I had once gone through with her some holiday photos of a trip to Ibiza, that she liked to have a very trim little pussy, with dark hair neatly shaped above the vagina, and shaven around it. I know this because one of the pictures showed her in a white bikini (there is nothing quite like a white bikini on a beautiful tanned body) just coming out of the swimming pool, and the light was perfect to make it virtually transparent. I know, or atleast I imagined, that Nicole would have normally filtered that picture out of the set before showing anyone other than perhaps her husband, but it was left in for me to see. I know why she did that! She was a little minx when it came to flirting. She was an expert at it. Just enough to keep me virtually permanantly hard, but never ever crossing the line.
So the build up to this particular party was the usual. We flirted. At lot of the flirting had been about what she would be wearing and we joked about all sorts, but it always got round to what type of underwear she might wear. It was never ever answered. I joked that it would have to be large unattractive knickers because her husband would see what she packed, but once again, no telling from her side. I did establish that her favourite colour was red.
When we arrived at the christmas party we had separate tables at a gala dinner. I was dressed in a dinner jacket and Nicole had a stunning long flowing cocktail dress in red, figure hugging and absolutely stunning. It had a slit that left little to the imagination and it cupped her breasts perfectly. She had tied her hair up and was walking about in 4 inch heels. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I was hoping we would get some time to chat and flirt tonight, but everyone from the company was there and it might prove difficult.
Nicole headed straight for my table the minute the dinner was finished. for the next hour she hung around, laughed and joked with me and with the other people at the table and was having a great time. I was being punished looking up at this vision and smelling her perfume. At one point she was leaning down and talking to me and turned to whisper in my ear, very quickly so as not to be noticed, and she said "red g-string tonight". I gulped and pretended nothing happened. A little later she came up to me and said "come with me". She grabbed me by the hand and led me through the party hall. It was late enough into the party that a lot of alcohol had been consumed and we were able to be move without being spotted obviously, and Nicole then sat down at an empty table at the back of the hall and I sat next to turned the chair to be facing her. We started kissing, snogging, passionately. She really let go and and I was absolutely loving it. My hands were wandering a little and the dress had been pushed up around the open slit. I couldn't very well touch her breasts without it being seen but I could move my hand up her thigh and around her bottom without anyone seeing it because it was underneath the table. I was massaging her bottom and she was gently moaning while kissing me. I let my hand wander back and across the front of her thigh falling in between her legs. She parted them a little and I moved my hand up until it reached her panties. My heart was racing. I moved my hand so that it stroked across her pussy over the panties and then brought it back and down into the pussy lips. Her panties were absolutely soaked! I nearly fucking fainted at this point I was so horny for her. I was fearing that I was taking this 'kiss' far too far given that we were in public view, but I had so much pent-up sexual frustration about this girl that I could not stop myself. I pushed my fingers against the soaking panties and into the pussy. Just a little bit because it was restricted but it was a heavenly feeling nonetheless. It would have been better to have had my cock out and being wanked by Nicole but I had to be grateful for what I had at that point.
Nicole however did not disappoint. She started to rub my cock over my trousers whilst I was fingering her with her panties. All the while we continue to kiss and devour each other with our lips. Nicole pulled away first and looked deep into my eyes. They were probably saying something in a pleading manner, having lost all ability to be manly and reserved and cool at this point. Nicole looked at me and I swear she said these words "Devon. I'm going to suck you off. I'm going to love your cock and your balls. I'm going to let you tongue me, and finger me, and kiss me. I'm going to let you fuck me in any position you want. You can have my pussy, you can have my bottom. You can cum in any hole you want and tonight when I've finished you are going to be spent of all your saved-up spunk. I want every drop of it"
Jesus Christ I thought. We left at that moment. I held her hand and we walked through the party without caring who saw what. We went up to Nicole's room at the hotel and she rang her roommate's mobile. She told her to find somewhere else to sleep that night and rang off. She looked at me. I was about to say something when she put her fingers up to her lips. She moved over to the sofa in the room, bent over it, and pulled up her dress. She was baring her beautiful bottom to me, covered with the red g-string panties that were soaking wet. "I like being fucked from behind with my panties on. Get behind me Devon. Fuck my pussy. Please don't cum inside me"
I moved to behind her and dropped my trousers. I pulled her little panties to one side and pushed my erect cock into her. She was so fucking tight! I was in heaven with this feeling and I wondered how I could stop myself from coming to be honest. I started to fuck her and it was amazing. In and out, holding her waist and putting my hand on the back of her head. Nicole was pushing back and started to scream "fuck me Devon. Fuck me. I want all of your cock. I want the lot". I was pushing hard into her and the orgasm was building. "I'm going to spunk inside you Nicole" I said. "No" she said. "don't cum inside me Devon. You need to hold it back". "I'm sorry Nicole" I said and lent onto her so that she could not move. She didn't want to move anyway. I felt her pussy relax and open up at the very top, and at that moment the spunk exploded out of my cock. It must have hit the back of her pussy with force because she reacted to it, and to the three or four following jets. It was an amazing orgasm. "I wanted that in my mouth Devon" she said a minute later. "You had better get your strength back". Nicole went off and I heard her having a shower. She came back into the room with a sexy basque and knickers. Red lace but crotchless. Oh yes I thought. This is going to be fantastic. Nicole lay down on the bed and I started to gently kiss her pussy and play with her clitoris. I pushed one finger into her pussy and let my thumb rub across the clitoris. Nicole was squirming with an orgasm building. I started to go faster and Nicole was really bucking quite hard. I now used both hands. One rubbing across and around the clitoris while the other one had two probing fingers inserted in the tight and juicy pussy that belonged to the beautiful girl. "I'm going to cum on you" Nicole said. I put me head down to her pussy and carried on stimulating her but slightly slower. I knew this would bring the orgasm on and it did. She squirted cum out from a contracting pussy and my face was sprayed with her cum. I tasted her and then buried my face into her pussy for some more. She'd reached the end of the orgasm and didn't want more stimulation. She pushed my head off and turned over. The bottom was pushed into the air and her hands came round to part the fabulous cheeks of her arse. Oh my christ I thought. I'm going to fill this gorgeous woman's arse as well tonight.
To be continued.

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